Toronto: the old and new city

Toronto is one of the biggest city of Canada and popular city around the world. Normally we would think that as it is a big city, it must be crowded, full of traffic jam and have a big night life. No, Toronto is different. Toronto is for people who like to stay in big city, with a lot of shop nearby, but at the same time it is quite and calm. Here are few point why you should visit this city.

No crowd

With its 630.21 km2 and 2,731,571 population Toronto isn’t considered as a too crowded city. More exactly when you go out you don’t even see 50 people on the street. The best example to describe this state is China Town. Normally China Town looks like China, which mean it is full of people, you can’t even move in the crowd. China Town in Toronto is just like any other part of it. You can barely see 50 people in the area. If it’s not because of the writings on the shops are in Chinese, you probably won’t even realize that you are in China Town.
This makes living or travelling in Toronto more enjoyable as people don’t shove you over.

Old and new at the same place

Toronto has Old Town area, where the building, house are not made by glass, like the modern buildings. That gives you a Middle Age vibe, where you can experience how it feels like not living between the glass, modern building. Also many building even in the center of Toronto mix the old type architecture with the high, glass made building. To me this was a new and interesting experience that a big and popular city, doesn’t only shuffle the old part while building the modern area, but keep the historical part of it, makes it enjoyable for people who like historical city scene.

Old Town and modern buildings








 People are relaxed

If you go to Toronto you will realize that Torontonian are kind and relaxing. Unlike in busy city like New York, where people live in rush and are stressed, you won’t see anything similar in Toronto. As there is no crowd, there is no rush, so people look more relaxed. You rarely see anyone walking fast on the street either.
Also most of the population know both French and English, so even if you don’t speak English well, but know French, you will be fine.     

Traffic jam is another story

Although there is not that much people on the street, but there are a lot of cars. If you go to Toronto from Niagara Falls, when you reach Toronto you will probably need to sit in your car for a good 15 minutes as there are too much cars. When we were there by car we had to find a parking lot and leave the car there for the whole time we went sightseeing. Just like in any other big city, don’t try to sightsee with your car. Even if you can afford the parking fee everywhere you probably don’t want to deal with finding a parking lot or place.

The price of parking lot is different. In the weekend it is much cheaper than during the weekdays. We could park the car with paying 6 dollars for the whole day on Sunday. But on Monday we spent 30 dollars to park our car for 24 hours. Also you might want to go to parking lot by yourself to check if the price is really the way as it is shown on the website. For parking on Monday, on the internet the price was 12 dollars for the whole day and it turned out to be 30 dollars. I would recommend you to save more parking lot and check them in person before you pay to leave your car there.

The website where I searched parking lot:

Everything is in walking distance

Depends on how much you like to walk, but all the most important and popular tourist attraction are reachable by walking. It took us two days to see Casa Loma, Korean Town, China Town, Old Town and Eaton Centre. And at the same time we could spent time eating lunch in restaurant without rush.
So even if you don’t have car and you don’t want to pay for the public transport, you are good going around the city on foot.

Casa Loma
Shopping district

Affordable price

Although it is a big city in Canada, the price is affordable. If you look for accomodation much prior to your arriving, you can find a really good room with separate bathroom with relatively cheap price. Eating out in Korean Town and China Town would cost two people around 50 dollars with tax and you are full for the other half day. I would say comparing to New York, Toronto is much more affordable.


I hope with these information it will make you more determined and interested in visiting Toronto for your next trip.  🙂

Why being depressed is actually good for you?

Why being depressed is good for you? Kinda provocative and absurd question, right? A depressed state where human being feels like killing themselves how that state can be good or have any benefit for human kind. What is depressed state? A state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings, and sense of well-being. People with a depressed mood can feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, angry, ashamed, or restless. All negative things.

But I’m telling you being at lowest period of your life can actually bring you a new opportunity. How did I realize that? There was a time period in my life where I could even beat people up, because of their stupidity, but instead of doing anything against them, I turned inside and kept all the negativ thoughts to myself. And of course the other party was enjoying his life. When I didn’t work, I stayed at home in my bed, thinking why I always meet hopeless people. Once I got enough of this and I went for bike tour in the middle of nowhere in Hot Springs. From the resort where I worked there was a Waterfall with 15 miles distance, and as there were no cars or public transport I hired a bicycle and I rode there, all by myself. The road was full of ups and downs, it was really hard to ride when the road was going up. The sun was shining and it was incredibly hot. After 2 hours of riding a bike on the highway, where there was nothing but car, and green grass. I stayed at the Waterfall for 2 hours and then hardly brought myself to ride home on that way again. The return took 1,5 hours, because the shuttle bus of the resort saw me struggling with the bringing the bike, so he gave me a lift back to the hotel. I’m really grateful to him.

When I arrived back home, I told this story to my friends, and all of their reaction was like “Are you crazy?” Well, not really. Looking at their reaction I felt really proud of myself. Instead of feeling sorry for myself because some idiots ruin my summer, I stood up and do something that I have always wanted to do. After coming back from that road I felt much happier and more balanced. I didn’t only felt better, but I also changed my image in other people’s eyes by changing my attitude toward problems.

It was the same when I had a lot of family problem, and instead of cursing life giving me this family, I left for the USA and I came back with a grateful mind for having this family. When my friends left Hot Springs, leaving me there as an only Asian, I felt isolated and outcasted for no reason, and I asked for second job and my day looked like starting at 3am till 6:30 and continue my work in housekeeping from 8:30  till 17:00 and sometimes I stayed for doing turning down from 17:30 till 21:00 or 22:00. It was a hard time period, but people started to recognize me and acknowledge me. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, stressed or depressed state I always need to be active and move a lot, so my mood will improve. It is very tirin being in a negative state, so it is better to move on and do something extremely fun.

Whenever I did something extraordinary that a “normal” people can’t imagine doing it, people realize me and changed their view on me. And this is what staying outside of your comfort zone mean. Is it hard? Yes, it is hard. Is it uncomfortable? Yes, it is uncomfortable. Does it pay off? Yes, it does pay off.

Why did I tell you all this, when the topic is about depressed state? This is how we behave when we are depressed. We don’t get over that state and we keep feeling sorry for ourselves, we blame life… . And we enjoy it, we don’t change. Why? Because it is uncomfortable. We think that if we are being lethargic, other people will feel sorry for ourselves and they will come and comfort us. NO!! People will come to those who is happy and cheerful, not to those, who is complaining and whining that life is terrible. Look at my situation! If when I was at the lowest point of my life and I only stayed in my room, who would know who I am?! But I went out and showed the world my strenght, and people recognized me, because I did something extraordinary and something I wanted to. And this is the benefit of being depressed.

When you are at the lowest point of your life, everything is stupid around you, then nothing matters anymore, right? If nothing matters, then why would you care what other people might think of you? If you don’t care what other would think of you, then why wouldn’t you do something that you have always wanted to do? Remember you are at lowest point of your life, you can’t go more underneath, then leave it all and do things that you have always wanted to do, but you couldn’t do before, either it is because you didn’t have time or opportunity for it.

OK, that sounds good, but what should I do? I already don’t care about anything, I can’t think of anything, what should I do?

Well, do you have a bucket list? If yes, do one point from it.

If no, then write one!

What is bucket list? Bucket list is a list that contains all of the things, activities that you want to do/try in this life. I do recommend to everyone to have a bucket list with themselves. Write down everything you want to do or experience in life. Don’t care whether it is achiveable or not, whether you can do it or not, write all of them down. And once you could accomplish any of them, tick it out.

Why should I write bucket list? How can it help me?

It helps you stay focus on things that you want to do in your life. Whatever you do, wherever you are, if you are serious about your bucket list, you will always seek for opportunity to accomplish any point in it. People might have a bucket list, but they don’t put any attention or effort to it, maybe because they don’t have time, or they just don’t have that opportunity to accomplish it. This is the reason when you are depressed, take your bucket list out and accomplish any point of it.

Remember, you don’t care about anything while you are in lethargic state. Instead of staying in bed, do one thing that is on your bucket list. The moment you can put a tick next to it, you will feel, that if you can do one of it, you can do the whole list. After accomplishing one, you will feel not only proud but you positive will come back again. It is like 2in1, you cure your state and success to do something that you dream of experience it.

So once again why being depressed is actually good for you? Because it gives you a chance, a time for you to do something that you have always wanted to do.

What do you need for that? A bucket list, that you can create with a single paper or even two, and a pen.

Now it’s your turn? Do you think this is a good way, to make the best out of your sad mood? How do you overcome negative time period? Comment below!


How to bring yourself to go on solo travelling?

“I want to go to Hawaii so much, I also have enough money, but no one has time to go with me…” This is one of the most common sentence people say as an excuse not travelling when they are craving for a holiday and adventure. But if we tell them to go alone, then they are surprised how we can say something like that to them. Most people are afraid of going to see the world by themselves, but why and from what they are afraid of. This is the first reason we need to identify and accept in order to face the challenges and overcome the fear that possess and hold us back from realizing our dream.

You are afraid of not being able to express yourself in stressful situation

Yes, this is common, especially if you don’t speak that country’s language, or you don’t have enough confidence in speaking in English or when you are afraid you can’t understand their saying. Not being able to understand each other, especially when it is needed, can be a stressful and annoying situation. But come on, there is activity game, if you can’t speak, then show it.

You are afraid of getting lost

Well, this is an unavoidable part of travelling. You are in a foreign country, of course this can happen. But remember there is always map, and you can ask the local there. In case the local doesn’t understand where do you want to go, always make sure you have that destination’s name written down in your notebook, or your phone. If you don’t understand what they are saying to you, you can ask somebody else, or as I mentioned before, ask them to show it to you. If they are going a same way ask them to take you there, but in this case always be careful.

Also always prepare yourself before you leave. Find that destination on map and get enough information about how to get to that place by public transport.

You are all by yourself

Boredom can ruin a holiday. If you are going alone, this will be a part that is hard to overcome. Thinking of there is no one to share your happiness, your sadness, your pain arising during a trip, it can be scary. Also when you need to go to toilet, you need  to take all of suitcase, bagpack with you it can be uncomfortable. When you want to take a picture you need to ask someone, or if you have a selfie stick then only your upper body is captured. Yes, these are all uncomfortable, inconvenient… and so on. But think differently. This is a good chance for you to make new friends. Wen you are at your accomodation open up yourself and speak to people staying there. It will be uncomfortable at first and you might think only you are the one who is so deperate to have an accompanion, but believe me, everybody there is opened for a new friendship.

So if you feel lonely during your stay, be open-minded and talk to people that are near to you. After 3 sentences you will feel easier to open up yourself to the other.

“What if something happen?”

Accident is everywhere, robbers might appear… In this case it is better to have someone that is near to you and help you contacting hospital, police or your family at home. Make sure before you leave home, that you have a proper insurance, so at least your medical issue can be solved. When you arrive to a hotel, make sure you have the hotel’s number so if in case something happens, you can reach them. Get enough information of the police office and hospital at the area of your staying, so it can calm you down by knowing there is place to survive.

Always be careful and avoid going to place where there is not too much people. If you go at those ways make sure you have someone reliable going with you that you get to know during your trip. When you book your hotel, make sure that hotel is not so far from the city center (around 10-15 minutes by walking should be okay or there is a lot of public transport station near to there). Also get enough information through blogs or travel website of dangerous place and avoid it when you are by yourself.

I assumed most of the excuse of not travelling alone when you want to and the solution how you can overcome it. But the most important part of all is coming now:


Yes, you need to decide and confirm that you want to travel. Your desire for adventure must be bigger than your fear. You have to decide that you want to go, you want to explore. You need to prepare yourself for the fact that, you might need to give up on things like, comfortable bed, clean bathroom, everything needed in everyday life is around you, delicious mommy’s food… . Things that were like normal to you will become special and hard to reach. And yes it is hard to give up your comfort zone, but you know the quote: “Your life starts at the end of your comfort zone”. So if you desire for something, can be like travelling even without someone, then decide that you want to have adventure.


Beside mental preparation, prepare physically too. Know the lenght of time you want to go, where you want to go, you want to experience the wildness of nature, or the luxurious service. Prepare your suitcase according to it. If you want to have a luxurious holiday shorter than 1 month, bring a luggage, where you can keep your dress and high heels neatly. If you are planning for a long rough, adventurous trip, then get a backpack that you can put all your things needed in it.
But clothes that I will advise you too bring wherever you are planning is: comfortable long and short trousers, comfortable sport shoes, a slippers, at least 3 pair of socks, 3 underwears/panties, 3 bras (for women), 2 T-shirts, a thick and a thin sweater, raincoat. In women’s case I advise a lot of hair tie, pad for periods. And of course all of your madication if it is needed.


Weather, safety, public transport system, police office, hospital…. Know ALL of them. Internet is full of information regarding this, so make a little research before you leave. Police office and hospital might seem to be overreacting and I’m not saying you will need to use those information, but for your safety and tranquility, if you know these place you will feel more safe.
About the weather condition I truly advise you to look for it before you leave. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of rain and wind in summer if you are going to Brussels, or London.
Public transport system, everything can change and the internet is not updated yet, but knowing which metro goes where can save you time.

Make connection on your trip

If you don’t want to feel lonely connect with people who travel alone same like you, or get to know the locals. It is always exciting to speak with people from different country, you will have an insight of their tradition, habit. Find a community, groups like Couchsurfing meeting, travellers meeting in that country, so you will also have a program and accompanion on your travel.

I hope this post can help you and give you strenght to make your dream or desire come true. If you have any more advice you want to share feel free to write in the comment below. 🙂

How working in camp help you in overcoming stress?

Children, motivation, inspiration… I had all of these when I worked in camp for 3 months in 2014. I remembered that time I had a lot of stress because of family issue, of the school, of the money and I just wanted to escape from my hometown and go somewhere far away for a long time. Accidentally I found an opporunity… an agency in Hungary, called Campleaders, brings university students to the USA to work during summer in camp (now also in resort). The opportunity came to me at a good time, and I applied for it. At first my only purpose was to escape from my family, but later I got more than I expected when I was at camp. Working with children, my problem wasn’t just vanished, but I learned how to appreciate what I have and how to stand up and work more for my goal. Here are few points what camp taught me about overcoming stress and appreciate life:

Everybody has talent

It was a camp for poor children, whose parents cannot afford paying much, but still want their children to experience society. The children stayed there for 26 days and nearly in the end there is a talent show. I was surprised by their talent. Some of them sang like a professional singer, some of them rapped like Eminem, some of them danced like a professional dancer. And we are talking about kids at age between 8-17.

What made me surprised is that it didn’t really matter whether they sang or danced  well or not, the moment they stepped on the stage and performed everybody congratulated them and gave them a round of applause. That made me realized that it doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, the moment you dare to show yourself to the world you are the King.

Everybody has a dream

When you ask a children what is their dream, they will tell you an anwser. When you pose the same question to an adult, they it’s not sure they can give you answer. Seeing the children didn’t hesitate answering this simple question, made me realized even I have a dream, but I suppressed it as I thought it is not something I can accomplish and that caused stress in me. Those children in camp awoke the suppressed dream in me, and when I arrived home I decided to study and do what I have always wanted to and I won’t do things that I don’t like just to impress other people.

You know what bringing joy to other people mean

I worked as kitchen staff and after a dinner one of the camper around 11 years old came to the kitchen and told us “Thank you for the lunch, it was very delicious.” This one sentence gave me and us more strenght and motivation to work hard and provide the best service for our campers. Then at the end of our contract during a campfire, the camp director came to us and thanked us for our work, as it had been a few years since he didn’t have a good staff in the kitchen like us. This recognition made me feel like every second of the hard work was worth it. The moment you can bring happiness, joy to other people with your work, that is when working become enjoyable.

Money is not everything

Yes, you read it correctly, money is not everything. I acknowledge that without money you don’t have roof over your head, you don’t have food to fill your empty stomach, you don’t have clothes to wear during cold days. Money is important and most of us work to earn as much as we can. And most of us make a mistake at this point. If you look at people around you how many of them enjoy their job? Why don’t they enjoy it, because they only work for the money. And they don’t believe that they can earn money while doing something they like and enjoy, and this is how stress appear in their life. Whether you believe it or not, you can earn money while doing things you love to do. I you haven’t found your dream job yet, then think how your work can help people, that way it is easier to work.

Working in camp taught me about this. I’m not saying I enjoyed everytime of it, but rather than thinking of money, I was thinking of how my work could help the children and the staff. Seeing the children happy face after eating a delicious meal and the satisfied expression from the staff after eating was enough for me to enjoy this work and even work more than my payment was. If you think in different way about earning money, you won’t feel stressed. Rather than thinking how you can earn enough to pay the bills, think how you can help the other while earning the amount of recognition. This way will help working to be easier.

Nature is where we find silence

If you come from a capital or big city like me, you will find yourself wanting to escape to a silent place. This is how working in camp helped me in changing environment. Like most of the camp, this camp was also in the middle of nowhere, there were only tree, grass, ground around. The living condition is not like in Hilton Hotel, everything was harder to reach, there was no stong Wi-Fi connection. And that’s why it is the best place to relieve your stress. The main factor causing stress is that we are overwhelmed with electronics, buildings and we have nothing that can be called natural. That’s why if you want to relieve stress and calm yoursefl down, go to the woods… go for hiking in the hills, spend a time in a camp, where electronics can’t find you, and turn of your phones. When you are relieved you can slowly turn back to your “normal” life.

You will appreciate things you have

As I mentioned above, camp you are in the middle of nowhere and the living condition is harder than your usual life. You might find spider at corner of your bed, you find mouse running behind the wardrobes and you can also find snake under your bed. The bed is not as comfortable as it is at home, you won’t eat things you want. So when you arrive back home you will appreciate everything that you have. Your room might not be the cleanest, but there is no spider, mouse, snake in it. Your room might not be the biggest, but at least it is all yours, you don’t need to share with anyone, you do whatever you want in there. Your mom’s cook might not be the most delicious, but at least it is from original vegetable, not a frozen food. When I arrived back to Hungary after 3 months away I literally bursted out crying the moment I saw the Hungarian writings at the airport. I was happy that I was back and I could see my parents. The moment you appreciate what you have and you don’t crave for what you don’t have you will feel relieved since you realize that you have everything you need in life.


These are the main things that camp taught me and helped me in overcoming the stress that I had at that time. I hope you will try working in camp if not for 3 months then at least for 1 month to experience the same things. Or you can go for a simple hiking for 2-3 days if you feel overwhelmed in your everyday life.
If you have any other tip on overcoming stress, feel free to share it in the comment below. 🙂

How does Washington make you feel?


What is the capital city of the United States America? At first maybe New York will come to people’s mind, as it is one of the most vital and popular city of the USA. But the capital is Washington DC, and as I spent 3 days in Washington in summer 2016, I will write about how this capital city made me feel and probably will make you feel while you are there.


Unlike to New York, it is not a crowded, busy city, at least not from a point of view of a tourist. When I was there, probably only the China Town area was more crowded than the other part. The National Mall area, where you can find a lot of historic monument connecting to American history, even makes you feel a bit empty since there are not many tourist there, comparing to other capital cities I have been to.


As I mentioned above it is a calm city, so for people who likes party and noise they might find Washington a bit boring, especially at night, as there are not many party at that time.  If you are at the center of the Washington, you won’t find a lot of people going back-and-forth, only a few tourist on the daytime. I was a bit surprised when I was there, because as a capital city it is not as vital as New York and I did feel a bit boring.

Broad and wide street

Unlike to New York, roads in Washington are wider and the buildings are not that near to each other. Maybe because the population in Washington (estimated in 2016: 681.170) is less than in New York (estimated in 2015: 8.550.405) or maybe because the city structure is different in Washington you don’t feel suffocated due to crowdy or narrowed streets. Instead in the center, around the National Mall, you might feel like you are in the middle nowhere as you can only see the monuments, the trees, the grass and the river. Also the distance between point A and B is big, if you want to walk, you might find yourself walking for hours before you reach your destination.

You get an insight to American history

At National Mall, every monument contains a part of American history, whether it is a contribution to the soldier sacrificed themself for America, or to a Prime Minister who made a huge influence to the country.  You can read Martin Luther King Jr’s quotes at  Martin Luther King Jr Memorial as well as Roosevelt’s quotes at his Memorial. A series of Smithsonian Museums are free of charge, so you can get an insight to American historical culture without paying a cent. In United States Holocaust Memorial Museum you can visually experience Daniel’s family’s (Jewish family) story during Holocaust. That exhibition made me realize how fortunate we are now and our current personal problem is far as bad as Daniel’s family at that time.

Authority is respected

Souvenir cap, T-shirt… all has the writing of FBI. Wherever you go you will find yourself facing with these letters. There is even an International Spy Museum, where you can find out the techniques and strategies of men and women behind the most secretive espionage missions in the world history. I haven’t been to this museum yet, but would like to, as I am interested in crime investigation, I believe this museum will satisfy my curiosity in this topic. If you are interested in espionage, investigation I recommend this museum to you, too. I have also always been interested in the work of police, but this was the first time in my life I felt it would be worth to be a police (in the USA), as their work and contribution is respected.

Politicians are respected

Doesn’t matter whether it is a Prime Minister, or a presidential candidate, as long as they appeared in politics, their face is everywhere in souvenir shop. I don’t take part in any side of political party, but I was surprised when I saw a magnet of Donald Trump, bobble dolls of Hillary Clinton or a calendar of Barack Obama. I got a culture shock when I saw these things in souvenir shop, because I thought these products can only be made with famous historical politicians not with the currents one, as it might arouse any annoyance.  But nothing like this happens in the USA, everything is evident.

This is why I respect the USA’s way of thinking, it doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you can contribute abundance to the country, you are respected.

How to visit Paris in 12 hours?


In June 2015 I made a little Europe tour visiting Brussels, Paris and Murcia. Since my goal was to reach Murcia and stayed there for a few days, I could just only pass by the other two cities. Luckily I still managed to stay in Paris for a day, more exactly 12 hours. I arrived there at night, so I spent a night in a hostel and the next day I woke up at 6am and I went sightseeing until 6pm. Although Paris is quite big, but I was succeed in seeing most of the famous attractions. Here is a few tips about planning your trip to Paris beforehand if you don’t have a lot of time.

Make A Plan

I knew I didn’t have a lot of time here, so I made a plan beforehand what I wanted to see. I made a priority about what I definitely wanted to see, but not which way to get there. I searched for the public transport, how to get from point A to point B, but it was kind of useless, since when I got to the place I found out that the real world was different than the Internet. Sometimes I just looked at the timetable of the bus, get on it and go spontaneously. That’s why when you plan your route, search for the tourist map on the Internet or buy a tourist guide book and draw the way you want to go, what you want to visit and if you follow that way you will find the public transport that can take you to your destination.

You Will Need A Tourist Map

I didn’t print out a map, instead I took many photos about the road, how to get from one place to the other. I watched the map for a longtime, nearly memorized all of the road of Paris (just kidding). But the moment I got there, I really wished I had a real map at least a tourist map. From Google Maps, I couldn’t find my way, so there was time I was totally lost. Having a map of the metro or bus line is also useful. If not then make sure you have mobile net, that you can use on your way. You can ask for a tourist map at the tourist information offices or go into a hotel and ask for one.

Buy A One-Day Pass

Paris is pretty big. If we just think about Champs-Élysées, it is really hard walking along it from la Concorde to l’Arc de Triomphe. It also consumes a lot of time just walking around, so you would want to use a public transport,especially the metro, since traffic jam is common is Paris. Since all of the tourist attraction’s names are also the station’s name, it will be easy to find your way.

One thing about the ticket machines in Paris. You can find them in the subway, before entering the metro. But most of the machines only accept bank card or coins, not a bank note. So if you buy a ticket or a daily pass from the machine, make sure you have at least sum of 20 euro in coins, if not you will suffer going to change your bank note. Or you can just simply use your bank card.

Ask The Local

Paris is big, so its metro stations. There are many entries that will confuse you. For that reason if you can’t find your way, or the entry of the subway you want to take, ask the local. If you speak French, this is also a good chance to practice your language. But if you only speak English, people will also answer you kindly, so do not hesitate asking local people. They won’t look down on you.

Choose Your Accomodation Wisely

When you choose your accomodation, do not just go for a cheap one, but also for a convenient one. If you book your accomodation far from the centre it will also consume your time with travelling and of course you will also need to spend on public transport fare too. So if you know you won’t stay for a long time in Paris, book a hotel near to the tourist attractions, so you will have more time to enjoy Paris and you will also save your energy, since you don’t have to travel too much.

Listen To Your Instinct

Sometimes you might get lost and don’t know how to get from one point to another, but don’t get scared. In stressful situation your intuition will guide you if not to the right place, then to the place that will calm you down, satisfy you and it is going to suprise you a lot. I know if you don’t have a lot of time to spend in Paris, this advice might sound stupid, but remember that you are travelling to enjoy, not to run from point A to point B. So beside of wanting to see everything, listen to your instinct, enjoy it and laugh over your mistakes.

For the whole article read more here:

8 things you need to know before travelling to New York


New York in one of the biggest city in the United States America. Many movie has been filmed there and it became one of the well-known and popular city in the world. I was excited when I first went there in 2014 but then in 2016 when I returned there I got a shock. So in this post I will share in what you need to prepare yourself before travelling to New York, since the real world  is not always like in the movie.

It is crowded

Of course, since it is one of the biggest and most well-known city it is normal that people keep coming here to find a job, to study and to live here. Especially during the lunch time and rush hour, you will see people everywhere all around. If you are not get used to the crowded place it might be scary. I was shocked after spending 3 months in the middle of nowhere, where there wasn’t a lot of people and then one day in New York I found myself in the middle of the crowd full of people. But the good side of it is that people in New York don’t do any harm to you. They are busy with their work, so if you ignore the crowd you will be fine.

There is life at night

If you are a party-hard person you will like New York, since it is a never-sleep city. In the morning everybody is so busy with work that they don’t have time for their personal life, so of course in the evening they will have a party, go out at night for a drink. Streets are noisy and if you stay in a hotel that is in the city center you might feel annoyed. So when you are there make sure your accomodation is at a place where it is not so noisy.

Security comes first

The first time I was there a woman told me that “Never go to the park alone at night.” I also heard people saying that do not go out at night. Since it is a big city it surely not the safest place, but whenever I was outside at night nothing serious happened. Once when I was going through Central Park a men even asked me if I know where I was going. I said yes I know and he kept going on his way. Though we all need to be careful when we are outside when it is dark especially at places where there are not lots of people moving, but it is not as scary as people say. I feel important to write this section because everybody are freaked out saying that going out at night in New York is really dangerous, but if you are careful and only go to place where there are lots of people and with someone, you will be fine

Streets are not as clean as you think

During the afternoon you might don’t realize that but if you are outside in the early morning like at 6am-7am, you will see the dirty side of New York. Trash is all over and it is smelly. I got totally shocked when I first saw this scene. As I mentioned above people are partying at night, so of course bottle of beer, paper, tissue after eating a gyros will be all over the street. In the morning possibly around 7am-8am, people clean the streets, so by time population are out to start their day they will find themselves in a clean environment. If you go out in the early morning, prepare yourself for the dirty scene.

Skyscrapers and tall building

You might find it exciting to see one of the world’s tallest skyscraper and you will be amazed by the huge, tall buildings on the street. But the more time you spend at those place the more suffocated you will feel. Buildings are tall and they are near to each other, so the streets are narrow, you might feel being closed in a box. If you can’t handle narrow streets with tall building on the both side, you should avoid these place and find an accomodation outside the city center like outside Times Square.

New Yorkers tend to be stressed

As you might figures out, New York is not only a big, but also a lively, fast and crowded. People don’t have their own space and they are always busy, so you might find yourself seeing tired, angry, annoyed faces that don’t have any life in it. Don’t judge New Yorkers because of that, but try to understand their environment, and if a shop assistant doesn’t greet you with smile then you initiate that first.

Underground is hot, but the metro is not

When you go down the underground to take metro, it is really hot. The scene is not as modern as you might think, instead it can give people a feeling like they are in a gangster world. There are many metro line and gateway too, so you might get lost. Make sure to read the boards showing direction or ask local about your way. The underground is not in the best condition, but the metro, the vehicle is an opposite. In the metro there is air-condition which is set to be really cold. Don’t be surprised after waiting in a sweaty hot metro station, you enter in an almost freezing cold vehicle.

Everywhere is air-conditioned

This is common to all USA, everywhere is air-conditioned. In summer it can be really annoying and also refreshing. In summer during the hot weather you enter a closed place, shopping center, car, public transport, you will find yourself entering a fridge. They set the air-condition in a really high temperature . If you are not used to it, you will get shock and maybe ill, but once you are used to it, you will always find a building to escape when you get enough of the unbearable heat.


What working in resort taught me about attitude

As a university student in summer I worked in a 4-star resort as a housekeeper and while cleaning the rooms I learned a lot of things that changed my attitude and view. Honestly to say, as a student we don’t have that much sense of responsibility. Like if we fail a subject in college we can retake it next time or next semester. That failure doesn’t affect hugely anyone. But in the world of working or real life, it is not like that. If I have to describe the world of student and the world of worker, I would say school is like a playground where you have fun and the effect of failures are minor. The world of working is like battleground, whatever you do it will have a remaining consequence and effect and you have to take responsibility for your act.

Here are 6 lessons I learned, while working abroad, in order to do a good job, create a good impression of myself in other people’s eyes and satisfy my guests.

There is no I, there is we

As a student when you fail or success people only say “She is such a good student!” That time other people only see you. In the world of working people don’t only see you and have an opinion of you, but they have opinion, an impression of your family, of your nationality. Which means if you do your job well, people will think like “Wow that vietnamese girl is really good, her parents raised her really well, I guess vietnamese people are all hard-working like her and this place must treat their employee really well!” And of course if you do a poor job, people will have a negative judgement of you, of your family and of your country and of the place where you are working too.

Personal life vs professional life

All of us has a day when we don’t want to go to work, when we are tired, sad, angry, but the moment you step into your workplace all these emotions cannot take place in you, until you get off work. Before the guest, client always maintain your positive attitude and your smile. It doesn’t make sense letting your anger at your coworker neither. Since we are all humans, we tend to see only the surface. Clients and coworkers will only see that you are an a**hole, and they won’t make time to understand your inner problems. So whether you have a bad or good day, always maintain your positivity when you are at work.

“If I was the guest, would I be happy to have a room like this?”

Whenever I was lazy to wipe the table or to put the toilet paper in a wrong side, I ask myself whether I would be happy if my hotel room was like this. Whenever the answer was “no” I went and wiped that table and changed the toilet paper into the correct side.  Whatever you do, however you feel like behaving think first before you take an action. If you don’t want that other people to treat you like that that don’t behave like that. It is true from the opposite: however you want other people to treat you, treat them like that! It is not something that is easy to do, but with practising and self-controlling we all can make it.

Smiling is contagious

People who smile more are more likely to be liked than those who don’t. For example during my work as a housekeeper, whenever I saw a guest I greeted them with a big smile. The feedback I got was like “you have a beautiful smile”. And like this they weren’t only satisfied with my job but also personally with me too. And I got tip from them. Whatever you, wherever you are, the moment you see someone for the first time the first impression is very important. And smiling is contagious. When you smile, the other person will smile too. When you smile even if you feel bad you will feel better and more energetic. And this is contagious too, the other person will also be in better mood. People will remember how you make them feel, so if you make them feel good, they will like you and support you.

Helping and getting help are the most valuable act

I will never forget the day when I couldn’t finish cleaning 7 check-out rooms and my manager, my supervisor and the housemen came down to help me cleaning. Their task wasn’t to make the bed or clean the toilet, but in order to finish all the rooms and make the guests have a wonderful holiday they didn’t mind doing stuff they don’t need to. At first it might make you feel awkward and shameful since you feel like you always need help from the others to end a task. But remember that is NOT a problem. We are working together one might be faster than the other, and it is a basic responsibility to help the others in need in order to give the best service for the guest or client.

Everything is connected

Remember that when you work, everything you do has a major consequence, it can be good or bad. Imagine if you don’t help your coworker to finish the task in time what will happen? Your boss will yell at you?! Not that simple! The clients won’t get their service in time, so next time they won’t come to your company, and they will tell this to their friends, and then their friends will spread this rumor and in the end what happens?! No customer, no work, no income, the company goes bankrupt and you are fired. And this is the same if you make time to help your coworker. Everything is done in time, the clients are satisfied, they will spread the good rumor of your company, many people will come to you, there a lot of income and then you get promoted. Today is the world of information, everything is spreaded fast, so make sure you have a trustworthy, reliable image for your clients.



4 things to remember when you prepare to travel alone

Many of us want to hit the world and see breathtaking places but most of us don’t get to achieve that. Is it because we don’t dare to travel alone or is it simply because we don’t know how to prepare for our solo travelling journey. Here are 4 points how to prepare for your first solo trip.

I used these points to prepare for my first solo journey and I do recommend this to those who travel alone for the first time. This was my first time going to the world totally alone as an ordinary girl, I was freaked out, so I needed to know everything about that city the more detailed the better.

Know Where Your Places Are Situated

If you don’t know where the places are and how to get there you will get frustrated, so search on different websites related to that country like how to get from the airport to the city and back. I use Google Maps to search how to get around in the city as well as the public transportation map and tourist map. Before you get on the plane to travel take photos of the maps with your phone since you don’t know if you can catch wifi in that country. When you arrive there ask for a tourist map. It is easy to find your way around the city with tourist map and of course you can ask the locals too.

Go Through The Prices

You don’t want to get in a situation like you think the bus ticket or the price of bread is as cheap as at home and then when you are there you realized that it’s double. The financing part is probably the most important part to plan. It’s even more significant if you go to places that is famous for there high cost. For example I live in Hungary and compares to Budapest, the prices are double or triple in Paris.

So before you go to a country check the prices there: the transportation, the meals, the price of the accomodation.. etc. And when you make your financial plan always count more than it is, so you won’t get surprised when something is more expensive and if it is cheaper than you thought you will be happy when after your journey there is money left.

Find Your ACCEPTABLE Accommodation

A good tips: when you are searching for the accommodation DO NOT go for the cheapest one, unless it’s a place that you are comfortable with.

In my case I only stayed in Paris for a night and a day, so I booked the cheapest room for three people in hostel. I stayed in the hostel for 8 hours, slept 5 hours, the room and the bathroom were so tiny, the bed was uncomfortable and the fact that I wasn’t alone I couldn’t sleep well. So in the morning I got up as soon as possible and then I left right away.

For this reason I tell you DO NOT go for the cheapest hostel, but go for the one that can make you feel comfortable and is near to places that you want to visit.

Know The Weather Of The Country

When I arrived in Brussels in June, I was totally surprised by the windy, cold and boring weather there. The temperature was approximately 15-18 degrees. Of course I didn’t bring any thick sweater and since I am afraid of cold, it was really chilly.

So remember to check the weather of the country that you are going to visit and prepare for it, so you won’t be surprised by the time you get there. If you want to go for sure then always bring with you a flip-flop/slipper, comfortable shoes, a thick hoodie, comfortable trousers, a raincoat and socks.

5 reasons why you should travel alone

Why are we afraid of going to another country alone? Many of us only want to travel with our friends, our family members, because we are afraid of the new environment, we are not sure whether we can cope with the language difference and we are afraid of getting in the situation that we don’t know how to handle it. And of course we also want to share the experiences and the memories with each other. Usually these are the reasons that we don’t want to or afraid of going abroad alone. But have you ever thought that going abroad totally by yourself can also give you a wonderful experience and memories? Here are 5 reasons why it is worth travelling alone.

You Have A Freedom

Have you ever had an experience like you would like to see this place more and that more, but since your friends or family members weren’t really interested in it and you guys didn’t have a lot of time, so you just left without visiting your place? And then the excuse is “there is nothing interesting to see there…” . In this situation you also didn’t want to leave alone because you didn’t want to ruin the harmony of the group. If you have experienced this before, then you should try to travel alone!

Actually I am also a kind of person who doesn’t like to accommodate to others while travelling, because there are places I’m not really interested in and there are places that I can also stay there for a whole day. That’s why I decided to go on a trip totally by myself to Brussels, Paris and Murcia. The freedom that I could experience was amazing. I could go anywhere I wanted to, with the speed I wanted to. In a day I saw almost the whole Paris. I could do anything without accomodating to the others. I could organize my day, I could eat wherever I wanted so to taste the local foods.

You Find Nice People Everywhere

If you think that people are hateful, then travelling alone will prove you the opposite. When I travelled alone, since I was there by myself, of course, I also wanted to have someone that I can talk to or rely on when a stress situation arised. That’s why I gather my courage and talked with the locals. I asked a man, how to get to the Manneken Pis and he showed me the way getting there so precisely and he was kind.

I realize people around us are actually nice and helpful, the question is whether we recognise them or not. I learned how to trust people when in need, and just telling you this was a hard thing for me, since I hardly believe in people. But when I overcome this feeling I feel more relieved, because I know I am not alone anymore.

You’re Not Controlled

You have a freedom to do what you didn’t dare to do at home, in your country. In an environment that you know noone, you are more free than ever to try out new things that you didn’t dare to do before. There is a quote that says „What happens in America stays in America”. So relax yourself, be creative and let your dreams come true, do or try out things that you have always wanted to. Of course only do what is NOT considered as a crime!

You Get To Know Yourself Better

Have you ever felt like you feel so good with many people around you, but then you also feel exhausted and stressed? It is because you don’t give yourself a „ME TIME” to organize your own life. Travelling alone can actually help you to reflect on yourself, on your actions and on your personality. It helps you to clean your head, so you will be able to concentrate on your work better when you get back to your daily routine and you will know what you really love and want to do. You realize your limit is not limited. YOu can do far more than you think.

Your intuition is growing

In a strange environment you will automatically pay attention to you intuition.

When I was in Brussels, I walked for 5 hours straight. I didn’t really know where I was going, I just found a street that looked interesting so I go that way. I arrived at a new places then I was going to return, but I still listened to my inner voice and kept going along that way, and then turned to another street that looked fun. This way I got to places that was so wonderful and exciting and at first I didn’t plan to go there.

This is how intuition works, it makes you surprised, but actually satisfies you and gives you what you really need at that moment.