Why being depressed is actually good for you?

Why being depressed is good for you? Kinda provocative and absurd question, right? A depressed state where human being feels like killing themselves how that state can be good or have any benefit for human kind. What is depressed state? A state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings, and sense of well-being. People with a depressed mood can feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, angry, ashamed, or restless. All negative things.

But I’m telling you being at lowest period of your life can actually bring you a new opportunity. How did I realize that? There was a time period in my life where I could even beat people up, because of their stupidity, but instead of doing anything against them, I turned inside and kept all the negativ thoughts to myself. And of course the other party was enjoying his life. When I didn’t work, I stayed at home in my bed, thinking why I always meet hopeless people. Once I got enough of this and I went for bike tour in the middle of nowhere in Hot Springs. From the resort where I worked there was a Waterfall with 15 miles distance, and as there were no cars or public transport I hired a bicycle and I rode there, all by myself. The road was full of ups and downs, it was really hard to ride when the road was going up. The sun was shining and it was incredibly hot. After 2 hours of riding a bike on the highway, where there was nothing but car, and green grass. I stayed at the Waterfall for 2 hours and then hardly brought myself to ride home on that way again. The return took 1,5 hours, because the shuttle bus of the resort saw me struggling with the bringing the bike, so he gave me a lift back to the hotel. I’m really grateful to him.

When I arrived back home, I told this story to my friends, and all of their reaction was like “Are you crazy?” Well, not really. Looking at their reaction I felt really proud of myself. Instead of feeling sorry for myself because some idiots ruin my summer, I stood up and do something that I have always wanted to do. After coming back from that road I felt much happier and more balanced. I didn’t only felt better, but I also changed my image in other people’s eyes by changing my attitude toward problems.

It was the same when I had a lot of family problem, and instead of cursing life giving me this family, I left for the USA and I came back with a grateful mind for having this family. When my friends left Hot Springs, leaving me there as an only Asian, I felt isolated and outcasted for no reason, and I asked for second job and my day looked like starting at 3am till 6:30 and continue my work in housekeeping from 8:30  till 17:00 and sometimes I stayed for doing turning down from 17:30 till 21:00 or 22:00. It was a hard time period, but people started to recognize me and acknowledge me. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, stressed or depressed state I always need to be active and move a lot, so my mood will improve. It is very tirin being in a negative state, so it is better to move on and do something extremely fun.

Whenever I did something extraordinary that a “normal” people can’t imagine doing it, people realize me and changed their view on me. And this is what staying outside of your comfort zone mean. Is it hard? Yes, it is hard. Is it uncomfortable? Yes, it is uncomfortable. Does it pay off? Yes, it does pay off.

Why did I tell you all this, when the topic is about depressed state? This is how we behave when we are depressed. We don’t get over that state and we keep feeling sorry for ourselves, we blame life… . And we enjoy it, we don’t change. Why? Because it is uncomfortable. We think that if we are being lethargic, other people will feel sorry for ourselves and they will come and comfort us. NO!! People will come to those who is happy and cheerful, not to those, who is complaining and whining that life is terrible. Look at my situation! If when I was at the lowest point of my life and I only stayed in my room, who would know who I am?! But I went out and showed the world my strenght, and people recognized me, because I did something extraordinary and something I wanted to. And this is the benefit of being depressed.

When you are at the lowest point of your life, everything is stupid around you, then nothing matters anymore, right? If nothing matters, then why would you care what other people might think of you? If you don’t care what other would think of you, then why wouldn’t you do something that you have always wanted to do? Remember you are at lowest point of your life, you can’t go more underneath, then leave it all and do things that you have always wanted to do, but you couldn’t do before, either it is because you didn’t have time or opportunity for it.

OK, that sounds good, but what should I do? I already don’t care about anything, I can’t think of anything, what should I do?

Well, do you have a bucket list? If yes, do one point from it.

If no, then write one!

What is bucket list? Bucket list is a list that contains all of the things, activities that you want to do/try in this life. I do recommend to everyone to have a bucket list with themselves. Write down everything you want to do or experience in life. Don’t care whether it is achiveable or not, whether you can do it or not, write all of them down. And once you could accomplish any of them, tick it out.

Why should I write bucket list? How can it help me?

It helps you stay focus on things that you want to do in your life. Whatever you do, wherever you are, if you are serious about your bucket list, you will always seek for opportunity to accomplish any point in it. People might have a bucket list, but they don’t put any attention or effort to it, maybe because they don’t have time, or they just don’t have that opportunity to accomplish it. This is the reason when you are depressed, take your bucket list out and accomplish any point of it.

Remember, you don’t care about anything while you are in lethargic state. Instead of staying in bed, do one thing that is on your bucket list. The moment you can put a tick next to it, you will feel, that if you can do one of it, you can do the whole list. After accomplishing one, you will feel not only proud but you positive will come back again. It is like 2in1, you cure your state and success to do something that you dream of experience it.

So once again why being depressed is actually good for you? Because it gives you a chance, a time for you to do something that you have always wanted to do.

What do you need for that? A bucket list, that you can create with a single paper or even two, and a pen.

Now it’s your turn? Do you think this is a good way, to make the best out of your sad mood? How do you overcome negative time period? Comment below!


How to bring yourself to go on solo travelling?

“I want to go to Hawaii so much, I also have enough money, but no one has time to go with me…” This is one of the most common sentence people say as an excuse not travelling when they are craving for a holiday and adventure. But if we tell them to go alone, then they are surprised how we can say something like that to them. Most people are afraid of going to see the world by themselves, but why and from what they are afraid of. This is the first reason we need to identify and accept in order to face the challenges and overcome the fear that possess and hold us back from realizing our dream.

You are afraid of not being able to express yourself in stressful situation

Yes, this is common, especially if you don’t speak that country’s language, or you don’t have enough confidence in speaking in English or when you are afraid you can’t understand their saying. Not being able to understand each other, especially when it is needed, can be a stressful and annoying situation. But come on, there is activity game, if you can’t speak, then show it.

You are afraid of getting lost

Well, this is an unavoidable part of travelling. You are in a foreign country, of course this can happen. But remember there is always map, and you can ask the local there. In case the local doesn’t understand where do you want to go, always make sure you have that destination’s name written down in your notebook, or your phone. If you don’t understand what they are saying to you, you can ask somebody else, or as I mentioned before, ask them to show it to you. If they are going a same way ask them to take you there, but in this case always be careful.

Also always prepare yourself before you leave. Find that destination on map and get enough information about how to get to that place by public transport.

You are all by yourself

Boredom can ruin a holiday. If you are going alone, this will be a part that is hard to overcome. Thinking of there is no one to share your happiness, your sadness, your pain arising during a trip, it can be scary. Also when you need to go to toilet, you need  to take all of suitcase, bagpack with you it can be uncomfortable. When you want to take a picture you need to ask someone, or if you have a selfie stick then only your upper body is captured. Yes, these are all uncomfortable, inconvenient… and so on. But think differently. This is a good chance for you to make new friends. Wen you are at your accomodation open up yourself and speak to people staying there. It will be uncomfortable at first and you might think only you are the one who is so deperate to have an accompanion, but believe me, everybody there is opened for a new friendship.

So if you feel lonely during your stay, be open-minded and talk to people that are near to you. After 3 sentences you will feel easier to open up yourself to the other.

“What if something happen?”

Accident is everywhere, robbers might appear… In this case it is better to have someone that is near to you and help you contacting hospital, police or your family at home. Make sure before you leave home, that you have a proper insurance, so at least your medical issue can be solved. When you arrive to a hotel, make sure you have the hotel’s number so if in case something happens, you can reach them. Get enough information of the police office and hospital at the area of your staying, so it can calm you down by knowing there is place to survive.

Always be careful and avoid going to place where there is not too much people. If you go at those ways make sure you have someone reliable going with you that you get to know during your trip. When you book your hotel, make sure that hotel is not so far from the city center (around 10-15 minutes by walking should be okay or there is a lot of public transport station near to there). Also get enough information through blogs or travel website of dangerous place and avoid it when you are by yourself.

I assumed most of the excuse of not travelling alone when you want to and the solution how you can overcome it. But the most important part of all is coming now:


Yes, you need to decide and confirm that you want to travel. Your desire for adventure must be bigger than your fear. You have to decide that you want to go, you want to explore. You need to prepare yourself for the fact that, you might need to give up on things like, comfortable bed, clean bathroom, everything needed in everyday life is around you, delicious mommy’s food… . Things that were like normal to you will become special and hard to reach. And yes it is hard to give up your comfort zone, but you know the quote: “Your life starts at the end of your comfort zone”. So if you desire for something, can be like travelling even without someone, then decide that you want to have adventure.


Beside mental preparation, prepare physically too. Know the lenght of time you want to go, where you want to go, you want to experience the wildness of nature, or the luxurious service. Prepare your suitcase according to it. If you want to have a luxurious holiday shorter than 1 month, bring a luggage, where you can keep your dress and high heels neatly. If you are planning for a long rough, adventurous trip, then get a backpack that you can put all your things needed in it.
But clothes that I will advise you too bring wherever you are planning is: comfortable long and short trousers, comfortable sport shoes, a slippers, at least 3 pair of socks, 3 underwears/panties, 3 bras (for women), 2 T-shirts, a thick and a thin sweater, raincoat. In women’s case I advise a lot of hair tie, pad for periods. And of course all of your madication if it is needed.


Weather, safety, public transport system, police office, hospital…. Know ALL of them. Internet is full of information regarding this, so make a little research before you leave. Police office and hospital might seem to be overreacting and I’m not saying you will need to use those information, but for your safety and tranquility, if you know these place you will feel more safe.
About the weather condition I truly advise you to look for it before you leave. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of rain and wind in summer if you are going to Brussels, or London.
Public transport system, everything can change and the internet is not updated yet, but knowing which metro goes where can save you time.

Make connection on your trip

If you don’t want to feel lonely connect with people who travel alone same like you, or get to know the locals. It is always exciting to speak with people from different country, you will have an insight of their tradition, habit. Find a community, groups like Couchsurfing meeting, travellers meeting in that country, so you will also have a program and accompanion on your travel.

I hope this post can help you and give you strenght to make your dream or desire come true. If you have any more advice you want to share feel free to write in the comment below. 🙂