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Hi! I’m Giang, pronounced as ‘Zan’. I’m a Vietnamese girl who was born in Hungary and spent her life in Budapest, but heavily influenced by Vietnamese culture. So far I speak Vietnamese, Hungarian, English, French and currently I am learning Korean.


As you see, I am a girl with two homelands. At first it caused me a problem, because I didn’t know where my root was. I am not Vietnamese, because  I have never lived there, but I am also not Hungarian, because my blood is full Asian. When I realized this, I was totally depressed, I didn’t know where I belong to, where my home was.

Later I realized, this is the best thing that life could ever give me. I can say, if I don’t have home, then it doesn’t matter where I live, or if I say I have two homes, then I can also have a third or forth one.. . And this is the beginning of the thought of travelling and seeing the world.

Why do I start the travel blog?

I have been travelling for 5 years now and everytime I visit a new country and meet new people, I learn something new that can be useful to our everyday life. The aim of this blog is to share the realization with the hope of having a better world with better human relationships.

My dream is travelling the world and share all of my knowledge, experience to people so to help them living a conscious life.

What can you gain from my blog?

Sure, you are here to get some travelling tips and advices. So far I had a chance to travel to some country and since I grew up in two cultures, I see things differently. On my blog, I will share not only touristic places but a lot of interesting experience that I have gained during my journey, relating to the country, culture, people’s behaviour, lifestyle, mindset as well as my views in different field.

I also started to travel solo more frequently and I realized how many mistake I make. Therefore I share them with the aim that you can avoid those mistakes during your travels.

With all the bad and good side of travelling, my aim is to motivate and encourage you to do things you have always wanted to.

You can find the following topics on my blog posts:

  • Preparation for your trip/solo trip
  • Things you can expect when you are in this country
  • Thing you can expect when you travel alone
  • How not to travel
  • Budget of the trips
  • Cultural differences

My work has been featured in the following publication:

5 ways travelling has changed my life

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