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Toronto: the old and new city

Toronto is one of the biggest city of Canada and popular city around the world. Normally we would think that as it is a big city, it must be crowded, full of traffic jam and have a big night life. No, Toronto is different. Toronto is for people who like to stay in big city,…
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How does Washington make you feel?

What is the capital city of the United States America? At first maybe New York will come to people’s mind, as it is one of the most vital and popular city of the USA. But the capital is Washington DC, and as I spent 3 days in Washington in summer 2016, I will write about…
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8 things you need to know before travelling to New York

New York in one of the biggest city in the United States America. Many movie has been filmed there and it became one of the well-known and popular city in the world. I was excited when I first went there in 2014 but then in 2016 when I returned there I got a shock. So…
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