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11th of July – Sunny side of Jeju

After a rainy day the sunny day came. Fortunately today was very sunny and warm. Totally different than yesterday. Today I planned a lot for myself.

Bijarim forest

At first I wanted to climb up to Seungsan Ilchulbong. I read that it was 2000 won going up there but the reality was 5000 won. I didn’t want to pay that much just to climb up to a rock. So I wanted to see the Haenyo divers’ show which only started at 1:30 pm and 3pm. Only twice a day. However it was 9am that time. As I didn’t want to wait there for 4 hours I drove to Bijarim forest which was 30 minutes away. The entrance to the forest was 3000 won. I didn’t really want to pay that much but my host recommended it to me, so I gave it a try. The forest itself wasn’t a big deal. There were many trees, plants which names were written there. That’s all. However it was really calm and chill. It was like a treatment to find back your inner self. I felt sorry for the fact that I just hurried up through it until I realized “oh I should slow down.” If you plan to visit Bijarim forest in Jeju island, I recommend you to take your time there. It can really help people to calm down and reflect on themselves as well as observing little things around us. Moreover the air is fresh.

Bijarim forest

The driving road with full of trees

After Bijarim I drove to Manjanggul cave which was a 15 minutes drive from it. The driving road was wonderful. The green trees on both side made me feel like I was in the nature. A place how I imagined an island. I loved driving on the road that reflected the nature a lot.

Manjanggul cave costed 4400 won which I think was too much so I left and checked out Gimnyeong maze which was 1 minute from it. The maze was 4000 won. If I didn’t pay for the cave I didn’t pay for this either. So I went back to Seungsan Ilchulbong to wait for the Haenyo’s show. I still had 1 and half hour until the show started so I walked around the area and asked people to take a picture of me.

Driving road

Seungsan Ilchulbong and Haenyo divers’ show

It was really uncomfortable to ask people to take picture. I wish I had selfie stick, but of course I forgot it at home. On the way I hardly found any. When the show started, the Haenyos gathered and sang the cheer song to have a good harvest under the sea. Then they started their dive. I would say the show part was only the song. The diving wasn’t that much special. Moreover right in front of my place is the house of Haenyo’s. So I can watch them diving every time I’m at home. I have to acknowledge they are very strong and skillful. All of them are in their 50’s yet their strength is endless.

Seungsan Ilchulbong
Under the cliff where the Haenyo’s show were
Haenyos starts diving

Jeongbang waterfall

After that I went to Jeongbang Waterfall. This is the only fall in Asia that its water flows into the ocean. The entrance to the fall was 2000 won. The fall itself was amazing. The scenery around was breathtaking. Endless blue ocean with a blue sky plus the white waterfall that was refreshing if I went near it. Not to talk about the green plant on the shore. The sea water was so clear blue and when I look from the top the whole place’s colour matched really well. I was amazed by that colour and could watch it for hours. But of course there were more things to see.

Osulloc tea museum

As I still had time I went to visit the Osulloc tea museum. Osulloc is a green tea. I didn’t watch a lot of things in the museum, I was rather curious about the food made from green tea and what product they had. I felt sorry for my money so I didn’t buy any product even though I wanted. I only bought a green tea roll with maybe a cheese filling. I was very hungry at that time so I just ate the food as fast as possible.

Outside there is a whole garden of green tea leaves. The garden was very beautiful as the leaves were green, the sky was blue. Altogether made a pretty combination. I took some picture then left.

Drive pass Hallasan and Mysterious Road

I was exhausted by that time. I wanted to go home right away, but according to the GPS I had to go around Hallasan and took 2 hours to go home. So I decided to stop at Hallasan. After 1 hour of driving I arrived to one of the trail of Hallasan. It was 7pm so I didn’t go up there as I wouldn’t make it back before it darkened. The weather was already much cooler. The road going up there was a steep road but it was amazing.

I didn’t stay for long. Going down the road I accidentally found the Mysterious road, which I had a hard time to search for. It is said the car would go up by itself on the uphill even if the car is stopped. I misunderstood the writing so I didn’t stop my car there. What I did was that I kept going on the downhill before it. Then slowed down the car to see if it would fasten. Actually it did. But I realized it wasn’t a big thing as the car was in the flow and the uphill wasn’t that steep so of course it would continue. I didn’t try to stop the car though. Maybe that was a the problem. However according to the research that all was an optical illusion due to the geology of the mountain.

From there I went straight home which was 1 hour. I was very hungry so when I arrived near to my road I was looking for a place to eat. I ended up eating kimbap roll. It wasn’t fulfilling of course since I didn’t eat the whole day. But at least I had something in my stomach.

I arrived home, talked to my host about my day and before sleeping I decided the next day I would climb up to Hallasan. Things didn’t work out the way I wanted but I will let you know in the next post.

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