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12th of July – Accident and car insurance

I guess today was the day I was reborn. I decided to leave early and not watiting for the breakfast at 8am. I wanted to climb to the top of the Hallasan. It was a plan I made one year ago after I climbed up to Bukhansan in Seoul.

But there was a huge change. Right from the beginning I felt bad for being hungry but at 5am nowhere was opened. Then in the car I typed the address of the trail that lead up to the summit, however the GPS didn’t have the address. I tried many way but still no result.

If you plan to rent a car in Jeju-do with the in-car GPS, be ready for the fact that you can only type the address in Korean. Everything is in Korean. The only one thing that could be changed was the instruction sound. That can be in English. So I only found an address that was near the entrance of the trail. I already felt upset and felt that something wasn’t right but still I hoped things would be fine.

Car accident

Of course it didn’t. Yesterday after a whole day of driving and visiting places, I slept at midnight and woke up at 5 am in the morning. I wasn’t in the right condition as this sleeping cycle and travelling habit had been going on for 8 days. As it was in the morning I thought there won’t be too many people on the street so I got my reckless driving habit again. There was a road when I had to drive out to the big motorway and turn left. I only watched the car coming from the right side and paid attention to the GPS that I failed to pay attention to the horn that came from the left side. I did hear the horn but I didn’t realize it was for me. It was a big car, like a lorry, but a bit smaller than that.

When I was already out in the middle of the road I realized that car was coming onto my way so I stopped and turned a wheel to other side. The other car also tried to avoid. It was quite lucky as only my car’s nose was broken. The other person’s car didn’t get a lot of damage. I heard a bump and then continued to drive until I saw from the rear mirror that a piece of my car was fallen out. It did. The vase of the car broke out. The lorry woman came back and started to shout at me. She was surprised too. She was talking all in Korean and at that moment suddenly my Korean was fluent as well. I asked her what to do, if we should call the police. Because I didn’t know what car insurance meant.

She said she was alright, so after a while of screaming she told me to go. I followed the GPS to take me back to the hostel. I couldn’t go with that car anywhere. The woman also went back there with me. I didn’t understand why but whatever. She called her friend and asked what they had to do. She told me she would call the police and told me to go back to the location where the accident happened. I didn’t want to drive that car anymore, so I told her to call the police to go to my hostel. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I started to cry. She was surprised. I was totally upset, scared and I was worried about the cost of repairing and the consequence as I was the one at fault.

Car insurance

Here comes the story of the car insurance. I rented the car on where I bought a full coverance. However when I picked up the car at AJ rentalcar, a Korean company, they said I only had a normal insurance which only cover a half of repairing cost and I still had to pay 50.000 won plus. When I picked up I already felt something wasn’t right and during the road I was afraid something would happened. The law of attraction. Of course it happened.

If you plan to rent a car, make sure you rent it on the website of the car rental and buy full insurance there. If you rent a car on comparing website like, they have their own insurance that is not related to the actual rental company. What they do is that after the accident, you pay the repairing cost, then claim it on their website so they will refund you. The reality is that I couldn’t access to that website as it says the homepage is not safe. Anyone can have an access to my password… etc. So after all I hope in few weeks I can file the claim in.

Reflection after the accident

When the crash happened and I saw the car, I wasn’t scared because I almost died, but the first thing came to my mind was the repairing cost and how I would return the car. I was totally in shock but the woman kept talking on the phone and she was surprised why I cried. She kept asking me why I went out when she horned. I was like if I knew the answer all the things wouldn’t have happened. I was thinking how to solve it, but she kept questioning why it happened and asked people who didn’t have any relation to the case. She tried to call the car insurance but couldn’t find the exact number on the contract. After a while she left.

It was only 7 o’clock. I went back to my room as the breakfast wasn’t ready anyway. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how bad my skin was. Since I started travelling I didn’t eat or sleep well but was always on the road. I realized even if I have only a short amount of time to visit a place I should also take care of myself. I might have seen many beautiful places but if I’m not alright then would that be worth? Eating, sleeping and having a rest should still be the priority. Even if I consider myself as traveller and I need to write a blog to inform you, if I can’t take care of myself then how can I inspire the readers to do anything? Not to talk about achieving goals. Before I achieve my goal I would probably collapse first. So when you travel make sure to eat well, sleep well and take care of yourself.

Solving the accident

8 o’clock came I went down to eat. I met my host there. He asked what I would see that day. I told him nothing. And I told him what happened. He was shocked too and checked the car. His whole family knew the accident and they started to comfort me. My host called the AJ rental car. They would come to pick it up. My host told me to calm down and eat breakfast. I ate with them. Around 1 hour later the AJ rental came to pick up the car. I had to go with them as well.

The road was too long so I dozed off. When I woke up it was the case when the guy had to horn as other car was about to cross. The similar situation to mine. I almost had a heart attack. The drive was around 1 hour then we arrived to the rental company. I had to pay 107.000 won which is around 107 USD. I thought it would be much higher. Fortunately only that much. I went to the airport by shuttle bus and from there I took the public transport to the hostel. It was around 1 hour so I fell asleep again.

I started to question whether it was worth renting a car in Jeju. To be honest without the car I don’t think I would be able to go to many place. Especially on the first day when the rain was pouring down. The public transport system in Jeju seems to have improved, so I think there won’t be a problem to take it either.

Lessorn learned

After this case I’m extremely grateful to my host here at the hostel. Before I kept thinking maybe I should have booked a separate room in 4 star hotel which was only 6 USD more expensive than this, so the difference wasn’t much. But then I realized I chose well, because if this happened in a hotel, the workers wouldn’t be so kind to help me like my host. Not to talk about the landscape around the place.

Another thing I learned was that once we make a choice and we don’t feel that it bothers us, go with it. There is a reason why we feel like that. Our intuition never fails. I did doubt this place due to the rainy sea experience and hostel. But after all this was the best place I could have ever asked for.

My Airbnb stay in Busan and my hostel in Jeju have been the best accommodation so far. The hosts in both place were so welcoming and did their job from their heart. I do recommend these places for you. You can a find a link here. If you register with a link I put beside, you will get a discount from your booking. In case of Airbnb you will get a discount for registering.

Domingo guesthouse (Jeju-do):

Zen retreat (Siri_Lure_Bnb):

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