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1st of August – Environment needs to be saved

Today as the group doesn’t have any schedule I mainly stay at home which bores the hell out of me. I started travelling in Vietnam since the 29th of July with my aunt, uncle and their grandsons. We go with the group of university professors who work with my uncle. To be honest if it wasn’t because of the places they visited I would never follow this group.

I had been travelling alone for 20 days, exploring many places so now how could I handle arranged program like this? The hotel is booked, the food is provided and the bus takes us everywhere. Challenge is nowhere. I feel demotivated and bored as I don’t see any meaning in this trip. For the few days before, I ate any food they provided and followed the tour, took pictures but I felt all of them were so meaningless. It reflected well on my pictures.

Today, the group doesn’t even have schedule so I felt even worse. I decided to do something different.

Time to change what you don’t like

The first day I walked along the sea shore which was nice in the beginning but I arrived back with a mixed feeling. The seaside was full of trash. Cigarette butts, plastic bottle, plastic bag, even diaper of child. I felt so bad and really wanted to pick all of them up.

So today I asked for a big trashbag and went out to collect the trash I saw. In the beginning I thought I would need like 5 trashbag to collect all the trash along the shore, because they didn’t look much. But I was wrong. Only one was filled with the amount I found near the resort. I started to pick, pick and pick and there were more coming out.

After 30-45 minutes a man came to me and offered me a bottle of water. He was an employee there who was in charge of cleaning the beach. It calmed me down to hear that they clean the beach every week.

The man told me to take a rest because I cannot pick everything up. He was grateful for my work though. I do agree that all the trash cannot be picked up by myself. Even if the man and his team do it, all the trash cannot disappear either. But the main point is not that everything is collected but the more can be picked, the better. Even if it’s just in a small area it still matters.

It’s our responsibility to make the Earth liveable

One person’s work might not be seen but many people’s work is. It’s not only my or that man’s job to collect the trash. But every person’s responsibility who visit the beach. Everyone wants to enjoy swimming in the sea but not everyone wants to take care of it. If no one wants to take care of it then until when can we have fun in the sea?

The beach is not going to be clean because there are cleaners in charge of it, but because of everyone who join the effort to keep it clean.

I only had one bag which might not be too much. But at least I felt I did something. Of course I’m going to continue it next time at another place. I know how it feels to walk on the beach and you want to enjoy it but you have to think about the environment. It’s uncomfortable. If you pick a trash up, you might wish no one would see that. I had the same feeling.

But after filling up one, I felt much more motivated. I felt there is a sense of challenge and I want to do it better and bigger. Finally I feel like this trip has its own meaning.

A challenge that matters

If you have read this post, I hope that everytime you go to the beach you will throw your rubbish in the bin and pick up the trash you see on the beach. There is a challenge circulating on the internet, saying whenever you go to the beach pick up at least 3 trash. If you think, this doesn’t make any change then bring / ask for a trash bag and collect the trash in it until it’s full.

If you have seen the #trashtag challenge then this can be your post to motivate others to do it as well.

We can make a difference and we can still save the Earth. The key is that everyone needs to join the effort to do it. No matter how many people live in a country, it can always figure out the system to protect their environment.

For example in Singapore they even made an island made from trash that is not harmful to the environment. Moreover it made it better. This is one out of many example we can learn from. But the main point is that it’s not only certain people’s responsiblity, not only government’s or cleaner’s but everyone’s who is living.

Make sure you belong to those people who throw their garbage in the bin and whenever you see trash on the beach, make an effort to pick it up. Let’s make an effort for a better environment, for a cleaner beach that we can enjoy!

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