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2-4th of August – Journey in Da Nang and Ba Na Hills

2nd of August – Leaving Lang Co and Hello Da Nang

Today we left Lang Co and the tour bus took us to Da Nang Airport. From now on only me, my aunt, uncle and their grandsons travelling. We waited for the hotel shuttle bus to come for us. My cousin booked us a 5-star hotel. It was Da Nang Golden Bay. Everything was covered with gold. It was truly amazing. But everything comes with a price. The place is amazing but far from everything. We had to either take their shuttle bus to go to the city center or take the taxi. Da Nang has Han river that separate the two side. The side we stayed was the modern side where foreign investors like China, Korea invested in.

A part of this side belongs to Korea, another part belongs to China. Even the restaurants need to have Korean, Chinese writing on their board.

The hotel had a rooftop pool so we went up to swim. It was amazing to be in the water and see the river and the mountain around it. I could stay there for the whole day.

It got darken so we went out to eat something. We took the shuttle bus to go to Vincom mall and from there we tried to find a restaurant. We hardly found one and went in there. The service wasn’t the best. The food was overpriced comparing to the quality. I mean we ordered a fried noodle and the noodle was made from ramen noodle. And the whole dish cost 109.000 VND which is a lot comparing to Vietnamese proper food. You can find much tastier dish with cheaper price.

We went back with the shuttle bus. The bus had to go for another guests too so it took a tour around the river. We could enjoy Da Nang at night. It was wonderful with all the lights sparkling on two side of the river. Da Nang looked modern. As soon as we arrived back to the hotel I went to the rooftop to see the view. Even our room was on floor 24th so the we could see the city from the high. It was all amazing. I loved panoramic view of the city.

Next to the hotel there are even the monuments that represent the wonders of the world. It’s almost similar to Las Vegas but it’s not hotel, only the monuments. There are still many constructions going on so I guess in few years time Da Nang will become an extremely modern city.

3rd of August – Went to a lot of place but saw nothing

Today was like a good for nothing day. I mean it was nice as I got to visit one of our relatives.

The breakfast was a buffet style. The choice of the food was huge. As I love trying all the kind of food I tasted everything. That everything meant at least 20 different kind of food. I only took 1 piece or a small amount of each. The main food done. Traditional Vietnamese cakes done. Pastry done. Fruit done. Smoothie, yogurt, drinks done. I couldn’t breath after. I had to go to the toilet to release some of it.

We went back to our room and I couldn’t move for an hour. My aunt and the others also didn’t move so we stayed in our hotel room until 11am. I had to go to the toilet again to feel better. Fortunately my stomach could digest the food otherwise I would have died.

We finally went somewhere. My aunt contacted the relatives who lived here. So we had to take the taxi to go the meeting point. It was ridiculous how hard it was to meet each other. Then my cousin invited us to his house. We had lunch again. I didn’t want to eat as I still felt sick since the breakfast. It was hot pot with different kind of seafood as well. I had been eating that for 4 straight days in Lang Co. But for respect I ate it. Actually I could still eat a lot without any problem.

We talked and stayed there until 4pm. It was already pretty late. We took a taxi to go to Son Tra peninsula. On the way the taxi bumped into a huge stone so the gas tank broke and the petrol was leaked. We had to wait for another taxi to came for us. This meant we arrived to our next destination at 5pm. Son Tra peninsula had Ngu Hanh Son stone mountain and Linh Ung pagoda (it is said that after the pagoda was built Da Nang had much fewer storm and flood. The feng shui worked). I wanted to climb up to the mountain but it was already 5 pm and they didn’t let anyone go up to the mountain after 5pm due to the safety reason.

I was totally frustrated. For straight 5 days I literally did nothing challenging. I tried to calm down and see the better side of the whole trip. I got to visit Suoi Hoa village where I could have a glimpse into Tay Nguyen ethnicity’s life. I didn’t have to spend too much money to enjoy the luxury. I should be grateful for everything.

We went to the beach. The sand was white and the sea was blue. With the mountain near it, it was a nice place. Da Nang is famous for My Nghe art which means they make giant Buddha statues from stone and any other accessories like bracelet from it. Here you can buy real stone accessories in many different colours.

We took a taxi to go home but before that we stopped at the night market to eat. The night market was near to Dragon bridge. The Dragon bridge is famous for the ability to blow fire. Every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm it blows fire for 10 minutes. I stayed here alone to see it. At first it blowed small fires. I could feel the hot. Then it started to blow water. I was wet and people around the area were totally wet. It was short but really fun.

I took Grab xe om to go back to the hotel. The price was 50.000 VND which was pretty affordable. I talked to the driver and turned out he was a student who worked part-time as Xe Om driver. My day finished like that. We went to places that took many time but in reality we did nothing worthy. Only the Dragon Bridge was interesting.

4th of August – Trip to Ba Na Hills

My uncle was so frustrated by the previous day doing nothing adventure so today at sharp 6am he woke everyone up to have breakfast. After breakfast we took taxi to go to Ba Na Hills. It is almost similar to an amusement park which is situated on the mountain of more than 1000 metres high. On the way going to the cable car station we passed a long road that they designed it to look like the Old town of Hoi An. It looked lovely. Arriving there we took a cable car to go up.

French village in Ba Na Hills

It was really huge and the whole forest was below. The entrance to the cable car and to all the entertainment facilities in Ba Na is 750.000VND which is around 32 USD. It might not be cheap but I think it was worth it. People invested a lot into this hill. It was like a whole new city. There was flower garden, maze, arcade games, 4D, 5D movies and bobsleigh track. All this could be tried free of charge as the entrance fee already include these prices.

The Golden bridge was situated here. It is a bridge that two hands hold it. The bridge itself was covered with gold. I only wanted to go up here because of the bridge. Then we moved to another hill which was French village. The place was designed to look like a medieval European city. The music and the ambiance was similar to it. We could see the performance performed by 200 international performers. It was an amazing show.

Golden bridge

Then we could try different arcade game and 4D and 5D movie. The difference between 4D and 5D was that in the 4D you feel like you are in the film. The effects like water splashing, wind blowing, the sounds, the movement of the chair make you feel like you are in the scene. In 5D movie you can also play. My film was a cowboy film where we had to shoot the bandits. So I held the gun and shot during the film.

Then I tried the bobsleigh track. It was my first time doing it and it was pretty fun. However they designed these games at easy level so everyone could try and enjoy it.

I walked around the hill. At the end of French Village is another pagoda. It was a spiritual area. The Buddhism teaching was played through the speaker about life. It would be nice if I had more time to enjoy it and immerse myself into that environment.

There are many hotels and restaurants there. They said it is advisable to spend the night there and then go down next day morning. You can see the sunset, sunrise from the hill. I guess this is for next time.
We went down in the evening and saw the city sparkling in its light. We found a restaurant to eat then went home. It was an eventful day that I could finally enjoy.

The next day we were leaving for Hoi An and coconut forest. Check out what to see there! 🙂

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