2019 – what we do now will affect our future

Lately I have just finished a Korean drama called “Sketch”. The plot is about a detective who can foresee the future incidents and she draws them down. The whole team tries to prevent and solve the incidents before it happens based on the sketches. However, no matter how they try, things that appeared on the sketch comes true. Unless they change their mindset and action.

It’s the principle of causality. Everything in life has a cause and effect. Whatever we do, it has a consequence of it. Whatever we did in the past has its effect now. We are where we are because of our act in the past. Therefore if we want to change our next year and future we need to start the change in the present. Because whatever we do now affects the future.

Planning 2019

2019 has just started. Now is the best time to plan for this year in order to achieve our goals. It’s advisable to sit down for few minutes being with only ourselves and think deep what we really want to do. One of the technique that I also use is to fill in a booklet of YearCompass. It’s a booklet helping you to reflect on your last year, close it and plan the next year. You can download the booklet for free here.

While writing this I set a plan what I want to have in term of my work, my studies, my personal life and my long term goal. However, after a few days I probably won’t remember any of this, so I write them on post-it notes and stick them on my wardrobe. I divide them into three categories.

  • Mission. What I want to achieve in long term. What my final goal is. What I want to give to the world.
  • Short-term goal. What I want to achieve in 3 years time.
  • Everyday task. What I am going to do everday to achieve my goals both in short-term and long-term.

Most of the time we might not know how to achieve our long-term goals. In my opinion it’s not a big problem either. Because if we keep doing what we are supposed to do, sooner or later the opportunity will come. As for the short-term goals, it’s clearer how to accomplish them. So if the method to achieve the long-term goal is not clear, design your everyday task to achieve a short-term goals.

For example my goal is to become a blogger that many people follow and they can find useful information on my blog. In order to achieve this, I need to write every day. I might post these, might not. But I need to practice and improve my writing skill. Every day I need to search for informations how to have more viewers, how to set up newsletter etc. I write all these “small” steps down on the post-it and stick it on the wall so I know what I need to do every day.

If you feel your goal is too big, divide it into small task so you don’t feel too overwhelmed to accomplish. Once you are done with some of them tick it. The more tick you have, the closer you are to your goal.

How to keep yourself to the task

Self-control is a must. I stick all my small task out to remind myself today I need to do it. It’s also important to note that we don’t have to spend hours on each one. For example, I set a goal of doing sport everyday. To be honest doing sport to me means doing push-ups, planks and some stretching exercises. At first I do a few in each of them and day by day I increase the amount of it, then later on do new exercises as well.

Just like what I mentioned before. Divide the big tasks into the small one. Start little then keep increasing it day by day. That way it’s not overwhelming.

“I will do double tomorrow”

Sometimes we are too lazy or tired to do the task today, so we give ourselves an excuse to do them tomorrow with double amount. Let’s admit it! It’s not going to happen. Instead of procrastinating do fewer amount of the task you are supposed to do. For example instead of 15 push-ups I will only do 6.

It’s true that we need to have a self-control. But it’s not necessarily need to be strict. Instead of sticking mercilessly to the set amount of task, be flexible and do the same task with less work. Only when we are flexible enough to adjust the task to our lifestyle, we can achieve the set goals.

In conclusion

It’s advisable to …

  • sit down for a few minutes and write down your goals for this year,
  • divide them into small tasks and sticks them to your wall, or anywhere that you can see them every day,
  • do the tasks on it everyday.
  • In case your life situation change, be flexible to change the amount of your work as well.

I wish you a successful and happy new year! 🙂

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