2020 – 3 lessons learned

2020 was a weird year. It literally turned the world upside down. However, as for me, it was a good year. I have always dreamed of a lifestyle where I can stay at home and still earn money. Since the 7th of March (my birthday) I worked from home. To my surprise, my work went even better than before. Not to talk about I didn’t have to change my clothes, go out, spend hours traveling from point A to B. I could comfortably get up an hour before to get ready for work. The only thing that made me upset was the fact that I couldn’t travel. I really missed discovering a new place and the feeling of adventure. During this time I also realized a lot of things among which I will cite three with the hope that it can help you to cope with the next year.

No matter how the next year will turn out, as long as you have a plan, you have a direction to go, therefore you have the control to make the most out of the year.

Less is more

This is a wisdom that I heard many times but could never do. For many years when it comes to planning, I always had a long list of goals I want to achieve in a year. During the pandemic, as I spent a lot of time with myself in my room, I thought I would be able to tick all the goals I set for myself. Things didn’t work out that way. After work, I didn’t want to do anything but relaxing. By the time I started to stress out for not accomplishing anything. No matter what kind of timetable I write for myself I couldn’t stick to it.

In the end, I decided to set fewer goals, and I make sure I can get it done properly. For the next year I have only two goals: develop my language skill and read a book every day. As long as I stick to this for the whole year, I’m successful.

You don’t need a goal of 10 points to show that you have a vision. Even if it’s just one, as long as you have a goal that you are willing to achieve, you are on the right track. You don’t need to go fast. You need to make sure you achieve what you set. Less goal helps you to make that happen.

Choose a field and dig deep

When I look at people who receive a lot of job offers, I always wonder why. How could they reach up to the point that other people, companies look for them? How could they even hold their own workshop where they teach a new skill to other people? The answer is they dug and are still digging deep in that field.

You cannot succeed in anything unless you become an expert in it. During my school year, I only did things until it was enough. I just wanted to survive. Needless to say, life doesn’t work with this attitude. I realized if I keep doing my work with this mindset, I can never reach far. If I want to reach far, I need to be the best in at least one field. 2021 for me is about being the best in one field.

You don’t need to know everything to be successful. You need to be the best in one thing to grow. When you are already an expert in the field that interests you, then you can go for the next one. Before that, focus on the first one.

Acquire a skill when you don’t need it

A not long time ago I interviewed a successful person who brought Toastmasters to Hungary. He said a lot of things that stuck with me, but the thought that impacted me the most was “acquire a skill when you don’t need it”. Because when you need it, you won’t have enough time to get it. As a student I often procrastinated learning with the excuse “I don’t need it. I will learn it when I need it.” I have experienced the consequence of it many times. In 2021 I will pay attention to my excuse and not procrastinate things more.

So for 2021, whenever you say, you don’t need to learn this yet, tell yourself to learn it. Or when you think you don’t need to save money for an emergency situation, start saving! As you will never know suddenly when you will have to use that skill or need that money. 2020 has proved this fact clearly.

If you are planning your 2021, I suggest using the year compass booklet (click). I have filled it since 2017 and it helps a lot to organize what you want to do in 2021. While filling it, remember the 3 tips above:

  • Less is more
  • Be an expert in one field
  • Acquire a skill when you don’t need it

With a plan, you can get anywhere no matter how the situation changes. Without a plan, you stay in one place even if the situation goes smooth.

I wish you a prosperous, successful New Year! 🙂

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