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22-23th of July – Shopping in Seoul

22th of July

Shopping in Seoul

I arrived to Seoul and the next two days I spent with meeting friends, shopping and eatings. I’m not going to write about what to visit and see in Seoul as last year I have seen almost everything. You can find the posts here (Travel->countries->Asia->Arriving to Seoul -> the posts).

This time I didn’t really feel like going around too much as there are too many people and comparing to previous cities it’s busier so I don’t feel like going to many places by myself. Not to talk about the weather. It’s boring and it rains but more important it’s humid. Fortunately the humidity is not that high.

Today I met my friend and I asked him to take me to eat street food at Gwangjang market. I thought I would be eating a lot but turned out not. I ate a plate of Japchae and Chanjikuksu. Both are sort of noodle. There wasn’t too much to see at the market so we went to another place to eat Jajangmyeon. I was craving for the food. I was almost full after the two noodle and the bowl of Jajangmyeon (black noodle) was huge. Still I managed to eat it all. After eating we went to find cosmetics.

I had to buy some cosmetics for my friend and mum, so my day’s mission was this. We went to Myeongdong and asked around in Lotte department store and other smaller stores. Lotte department store is a mall where each floor is specified for one kind of products. For example the first floor is only for food, the second floor is for cosmetics, the third is for casual clothes and so on. It’s pretty huge, around 7 floors.

Since we asked around and couldn’t find anything we went to specific brand shop like Innisfree. There are Oliva, Nature Republic, Aritaum kind of shop where they sell many brand’s cosmetics. Most of them can be found in Myeongdong, Gangnam, Yeongdeungpo area.

After getting tired of asking around the products I got tired. It was really hard to find them. We went to eat Green tea bingsu. I heard it was delicious so I definitely wanted to eat it. It wasn’t bad. But it was huge. I was still full since Jajangmyeon but once I paid for it, I had to eat it. Finishing the bingsu was very hard and after I got sleepy. I would prefer to go home but I also wanted to visit a Toastmaster club.

Green tea bingsu

Toastmasters in Seoul

This time I got to a Korean club. If you want to know what Toastmasters is, you can read more about it here.

The system was similar to the one in Busan. The difference was that there wasn’t quiz at the end. The other significant difference was that the participants had to pay the room fee after each meeting. It was surprising for me that in Korea it works like that. In Hungary the membership fee already includes the room fee, but here it’s different. Once you attend you are supposed to join the room fee. However the mood was very pleasant and nice. There were only 8 people so during the impromptu part everyone had to give at least 1 minute speech, including me. The only person who doesn’t speak Korean well. Still it happened. Fortunately I got an easy topic (we knew what the topic was as it was distributed beforehand), which was about telling “my small achievement”. I survived and could conclude my speech with a simple sentence that “if we want to have something, we have to work to achieve it.”

I arrived back to the guesthouse at around 10pm. The day went on pretty smooth.

23th of July

Today morning I went to Yeongdeungpo to keep searching for the cosmetics. Yeongdeungpo was near to my place so I chose that. I managed to buy one more products and after 3 hours of wandering I went home to take shower and have a rest.

In the afternoon I met another friend and we went to eat in Pojangmacha. It looks like a tent at the side of the street. People eat street food there and have some drinks with their friend. I saw this too much in the films so I wanted to try it out. It was a nice experience. I ate udong noodle, egg roll and we had a kimchi pancake as a service which fortunately wasn’t spicy. My friend had a bowl of ramen noodle. I can’t tell if it was expensive or not but we paid 28000 won for all that. Plus a bottle of alcohol that was similar to soju but better than that. The place was near to Yeouido metro station.

Then we went to Han river park near to Yeouido. I didn’t know Seoul would have an amazing view and place like that. The place was full of light decoration in shape of heart. There were places for people to lie down. Many people took their mat there to have a picnic. Being near the river the weather was cool and breezy. The lights from the building made the scene much better. If you want to relax after a busy day of sightseeing Han River Park near Yeouido is a good place. Another place is at the Banpo bridge that I can recommend. There is a Rainbow fountain from the bridge where the colour changes and it looks amazing as well.

I arrived home around 10 again. The day went on smooth again. The next day I visit DMZ and I hope it will be amazing.

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