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25-26th of August – Sleeping on the water of Ha Long bay

I arrived back to Hanoi on 24th after Hue. After a short visit to my grandmother, the next day I left for Ha Long bay. Ha Long is a place I have always wanted to see so this time I couldn’t left it out.

My cousin booked me a tour where I could spend a night on the boat. The best choice ever. In the morning I took Goviet motortaxi to go to the office. It was in Hang Ga street. When the time came I got on the tour bus that brought other tourists too. All of them were from Europe. But not a lot of us were there. The road from Ha Noi to Ha Long was 5 hours long. We stopped once at an embroidery workshop where I could see people embroided. I was always amazed how people could sew such a nice picture all by their two hands. The workshop was also a shop where they sold traditional clothes and snacks. We stayed there for 15 minutes then continued the trip to Ha Long.

Embroided picture of the farmers in the village

After arriving to Ha Long, in Quang Ninh province, we had to wait for 1 hour to get on the cruise. On the cruise I got a separate room for myself and I loved the view. Ha Long is famous for thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes. We headed to the bay where the water is still so the cruise could stay there for the whole night safely. We had lunch as well. Then we went to Sung Sot cave. We could go into the cave to see the inside. It was on one island. The view was just simply amazing both in the cave and the rocks on the sea. No wonder that the whole bay is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sung Sot cave
View from the cave

However, the number of tourists wasn’t a joke. There were at least 500 of them. Not to talk about the number of boats along with it. After the cave we headed to Ti Top Island. A huge statue of Russian cosmonaut Gherman Stepanovich Titov who, together with President Ho Chi Minh, visited the island in 1962, already welcomed us at the port. At the island we could climb up to the summit of the mountain by stairs. It was a long way. But worse was that hundreds of people also climbed up and the weather was extremely humidly hot.

Statue of Titov

I felt nothing but my sweat and when I accidentaly touched someone, all what I felt was a sweat. Eww. At the top there was a lookout to the whole bay. The scene itself was amazing. What impressed me the most was the emerald green sea water. However, the number of people pushing themselves to the edge just for a photo was annoying. I couldn’t stay long up there.

View from the summit

When I went down I had to go into the sea to cool myself down. It would be a sin not to go in there as the water was so attractive. I didn’t stay for long as I wanted to dry myself as well. We had 1 hour in total there until we went back to the cruise. There was 1 hour free beer and a party before dinner. But I had to take a shower first.

After that I joined. There was supposed to be an octopus catching part but I wasn’t a fan of these, so I only sat on the lying chair and enjoyed the view. Out of many calming moments this was the most special one. Sitting on the deck surrounded by the green sea with rocks around. Being in the nature where there was no wifi, lot of people, building was wonderful. I would be ready to sleep out there as well. Maybe next time if I have a chance like this I would sleep on the deck. This time I didn’t really dare to, though there was no reason for my fear.

26th of August

On the 26th we had breakfast then we went to visit the pearl oyster farm. A tour guide showed us around the farm and explained how they bred the pearl and the oyster. We could also buy some products made of pearl there. After we could do kayaking. I got to pair up with a Korean man so I could speak in Korean a little bit. It was good to speak Korean again.

The pearl in the oyster

I was afraid of kayaking as I didn’t want to get wet due to the woman’s problem. But I guess I couldn’t resist either as who knew when I could do kayaking on the green water of Ha Long again. After all adventure is still a priority. After an hour we went back to the cruise and I had to take a shower. We had lunch then we headed back to the land. At the port we had to wait another 1 hour until the bus came for us.

On the bus I couldn’t do anything except sleeping. We stopped at the embroidery workshop again and this I bought some embroided picture as well. They said the money they got from the product will be used for the handicapped people who embroided the picture. The company employes handicap workers to embroide the pictures. So the money they get from it will be used to buy more food for them. I think it was nice that they give these people a job and the profit they get will be turned back to them.

I arrived back to Hanoi in the afternoon and waited for the next day so I could leave for Sapa.

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