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29-31th of July – Lang Co, Hai Van pass, Suoi Hoa village, Hue city

29th of July – Arriving to Lang Co

This morning we prepared to leave for Lang Co. This is tour trip organized by the university where my uncle teaches. It was their the end of year meeting and they organized a 4-night trip which I find pretty amazing. Anyone of the family member could go. So I went with my aunt, uncle and their 2 grandsons.

We took a plane from Hanoi to Da Nang. Then the tour bus took us to Thanh Tam resort in Lang Co. It’s a beach city near to Da Nang and Hue city. The bus road was around 1 hour. The landscape was amazing. It is surrounded by green mountains and sea. The resort looked amazing too. We had lunch which was full of seafood like squid, shrimps, mussels. Then the others had a rest. I didn’t want to take a rest so I walked on the coast. Near the beach there were mountains, hills so I walked until I reached one. It was a pretty long walk. I can’t tell if it was worth it because I came back with a mixed feeling.

The area near the resort was clean. But when the area is not at the resort anymore the garbage appeared. There wasn’t a lot of garbage but it was all along the coast. I think if I collect all of them at least 5 trash bag would be full. Everyone wants to swim in the sea but no one wants to take care of it. I wonder if no one takes care of it until when can the people have fun there? My emotion is swinging around this topic so I wrote a totally seperate one that you can read here.

When I arrived back it was already dinner time so we had it. It was almost similar to lunch. In the evening we did nothing so we only went to sleep.

30th of July – Hai Van pass and visiting Suoi Hoa village and Tay Nguyen ethnicity

Hai Van pass (Deo Hai Van)

The breakfast at the resort was a buffet style. After breakfast the tour bus took us to Hai Van pass. It is a road to the mountain with many curves. One side is the mountain and the other side is the sea. The view looked beautiful, however, I think going there on motorcycle would be more amazing. We got to the peak and took some pictures.

It is said that half of the pass belonged to Laos long time ago. Then during the war Vietnam occupied the area so the whole mountain belongs to Vietnam now.

Suoi Hoa village (Khu du lich sinh thai Suoi Hoa)

The next place is the Suoi Hoa village. Not exactly village though. It’s more likely a touristic area where they show how Tay Nguyen ethnicity live. Vietnam has more than 50 ethnicity in many place all around the country. Tay Nguyen people live nearby.

They chief and the people welcomed us. Then they performed their dance which represents their lifestyle. The area is designed with the statues (similar to Jangseung in Korea) that protect them and houses that is high from the ground as they live in forest and they are afraid of wild animals.

The area is full of green and the mountain is surrounded. It is a pretty secluded, I wonder how people get to know about this place. But it’s beautiful. They prepared lunch for us which is a typical food of Tay Nguyen people.

Rice in bamboo (the best rice I’ve ever tasted)

We stayed there until 1pm then went back to Lang Co. At dinner time we went to a nearby restaurant (Be Than restaurant) to eat seafood. It was sunset and we got to eat outside to enjoy the view and the breeze.

The day was much better than yesterday but for some reason I still felt like something was lacking.

31st of July – Trip to Hue city

Thien Mu pagoda

Today in the morning we had nothing to do as the professors including my uncle had a meeting. I mainly stayed in the hotel room to write blog. I didn’t feel like going outside to swim in the sea or anything. The area doesn’t seem have anything interesting either.

At 2pm we left for Hue city. Hue city was a capital city long time ago. It has Old town area which is preserved properly. Here we visited Thien Mu temple. The temple is famous for having the heart of monk Thich Quang Duc. During the reignation of Ngo Dinh Diem Buddhism was controlled and in order to protest against the system monk Thich Quang Duc set himself on fire. All of his parts of body was burnt to black but only his heart stayed the same without being burnt. This shows the dignity and the sincerity of Buddhism.

The car that monk Thich Quang Duc used before he set himself on fire

The temple doesn’t keep the heart anymore, it is transferred to National Treasury to store the heart in proper way. The temple is simple but the garden area is big enough. It has the old style and one would say it needs renovation. However it wouldn’t be an exciting place if it’s renovated right?The temple is situated near the Song Huong river that has a beautiful view.

Imperial city

The next place is the Imperial city. Almost similar to Forbidden city in China. We had a tour guide here who showed us around the palace, introducing every part. The entrance fee to the city for adults is 150.000 VND which is around 7 USD. The area is pretty big, however a part of it is under construction. You can watch the history and the construction of the palace through VR glass. There is also a TV that explains the history of the palace using 3D animations (similar to Korea in Gyeongju).

The palace contains the Thai Hoa area where the king reigned and the shrine of the kings of Vietnam. Not all the kings’ shrine could be put there. Only those who died during their reign therefore only 7 kings’ shrine could be found. In these areas you can’t take pictures. About the outer place, yes.

Floating restaurant

We had dinner on a floating boat (huge boat in shape of lotus flower) but it stayed in one place on Song Huong river. Here you can take a smaller boat (in shape of dragon) and cruise around the river while having dinner.

From the boat the bridge could be seen and it changed its colour which looked amazing. The food was much lighter than before. It wasn’t full of seafood.

We arrived back to Lang Co around 10pm. Our trip ended like that. The next day there is nothing in the schedule so I will write about my thought about protecting environment.

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