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3-5th of July – 31 hours without proper sleep – part 2

After I arrived to Busan, got my bag, I went to my accommodation which was another great adventure. I booked my accommodation on Airbnb and luckily my host sent me a detailed instruction how to go there with the pictures. I followed it. From the airport I had to change the metro three times. About how to use the metro you can read more here.

At the police station

I was carrying three bags. One huge hiking bag, one small bag and one laptop bag. It was a real pain as altogether they were heavy. Everytime I took the metro I had to go around 6-7 stations which was a lot. After arriving to the designated station where I had to catch the bus, I couldn’t decide which way I had to go. I was standing near the zebra, with all of my bags staring at my phone and tried to navigate. One man came to me and asked where I needed to go. I showed him the bus station I needed. He asked me in English but I wanted to practice Korean so I answered him in Korean. He thought I spoke the language well so he continued in Korean but I didn’t understand it. I asked him to repeat it, then he said it in English. The circle went on…

He asked my where I needed to go, I thought he needed the exact address, so I showed him the accommodation’s address. He was puzzled. He told me he was a policeman and told me to follow him to the police station and he helped me finding the way. I didn’t exactly understood what was happening but I followed him.

On the way he asked me typical questions like where I was from, why I was in Korea and who I was with. When I answered I was alone he was totally surprised. He looked at my bags all around my tiny body and laughed while being amazed by the fact that I travelled alone to Korea as a Vietnamese from Hungary (no confusion). We did arrive to the police station. It was a department of traffic accidents. I sat there and couldn’t figure what was happening, where I was. I couldn’t believe that I was sitting at the police station. The office looks like the one that is in the Korean films. Many thought came to my mind. “Will I be arrested? Is this a conspiracy against solo travellers? What will they do with me?

I felt hot due to the walking and the heavy bags. Luckily the weather wasn’t humid. Busan has a good weather. Warm but dry. I waited and watched what they were doing. There were around 4-5 people in the office. The man asked his colleagues to look for the address and the way to go there. I was sitting not knowing what I was waiting for. The police officers talked about me. They also wondered who I was, how I ended up there. After a while the man who was ordered to look for the address made me a coffee. I don’t drink coffee but I still accepted it.

Getting lost when I was already in the area

I saw that they were puzzled because of the address and I wanted to go, so I told them I only needed to go the bus station. They searched where it was then the man who took me to the police station accompanied me to the bus station. We went back to the exit where we met, only at the other side. So going to the police station made the way much longer than before. The road was even steep. I barely pulled myself up to the bus station.

He went back to the police station and I waited for the bus. I had to go until the last stop which was ‘Gudeok kkotmaul‘, the Gudeok flower village. It was surrounded by the mountain. It was so beautiful. I looked for the address. However the house number was missing. It only said third floor. But where was it? I walked around trying to identify the picture with the reality. I still couldn’t find where the building was. I asked an ahjumma (Korean word referring to an elder woman who can be your aunt) but she told me to ask the restaurant ahjussi (referring to an elder man who can be your uncle). The man showed me the place which was just on the side of his restaurant.

View from the window

Once again I was astonished. I finally arrived to my accommodation. The place was amazing. Silence, the design was calm and bright and the view opened to the mountain. It was wonderful being surrounded by the mountains. I took a shower and then wanted to sleep. But I was hungry as well. It was just 12 am. I decided to go down to eat something and I ate at the restaurant of the ahjussi. I had bibimbap, mixed rice with soup that looked like an egg soup.


First adventure

After finishing it I wanted to walk around to see what was there. I found the map that showed what was around the neighborhood. It was all green on the hills. I was curious so I went up. After going for a while I was even more excited. I decided to go back to change into my hiking shoes and I decided to explore the place. It was a good exercise on climbing. I walked up and down for 3 hours. Then I bought a water and went back to my accommodation to have a rest. It was still early so I continued my journey but at the other side. saw from the high hill that there was a Buddhist temple. I went to search it. It was big and very decorative with many colours. I walked around then at 4pm I went back. I had to take a shower again and I did laundry.

Naewonjongsa Temple

I could feel I was tired. I didn’t sleep properly for 30 hours. As I started my flight on the 3rd, which was 17 hours long. The next day I arrived to Vietnam and I stayed there for 12 hours. Then I had to walk around to find my way to the accommodation which was around 2 hours. I did sleep on the plane but it wasn’t a proper sleep. After 1-2 hours I woke up. At my aunt’s house I could only sleep a little bit. Still I went on hiking. After that I was exhausted and couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Finally I could sleep on a bed in a separate room where only I was with myself.

The next day I went to visit a Toastmaster club.

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