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5-6th of August – Short trip to Hoi An

5th of August – Visiting Coconut forest

After Da Nang we moved on to Hoi An. We took a taxi. Yes, in Vietnam you either know how to ride a motorcycle or take the taxi or xe om. There are buses but in Da Nang the public transportation system is not well-developed yet (I rarely saw any bus). Also we had children so it was better to take the taxi.

Luckily my aunt found a reliable taxi driver so we could leave our luggage in the car before arriving to the hotel and visit places. We went to the Coconut Forest (Rung dua bay mau) near Hoi An. The coconut forest grows on the river so we took a round boat (thuyen thung) and went into the forest. We had a sailor. Each boat maximum 3 people plus the sailor could fit in. It wasn’t only the boat trip but there were performance as well. Two women sang a traditional Vietnamese song. A man circled the boat around. I could also sat in there. After spinning around for almost 1 minute I was totally dizzy and felt like vomiting. It was more fun than a roller coaster.

Coconut trees
The round boat is what we took to go on boat trip

The boat trip around the coconut forest last 1 hour. I don’t exactly know how much it cost, but we had two boats and 2 coconuts to drink and all that cost 760.000 VND. Which I think is pretty affordable.

The tourism around coconut forest only started recently, but it helped to improve the life of the locals. The sailor said that his salary was only 3.500.000VND (around 150 USD) per month. The area was in difficult situation until the tourism came in. I can’t imagine how they can live like that. This shows that the world still needs to be improved. But above all it taught me that I should appreciate the life I have now.

The coconut forest was amazing. I was in the nature, saw interesting performance and could try amazing things.

Vinpearl land

The taxi driver came back with all our luggage and then we went to Hoi An Vinpearland. My cousin booked another 5-star hotel in Vinpearland so the kids can enjoy playing in amusement park. The entrance to the amusement park was 550.000 VND. I’m not a fan of these things so I didn’t go in.

More exactly I wanted to see Old town of Hoi An at night. But it also took time to go to Hoi An from Vinpearland so I had to call a taxi and all. I was tired as well, so in the end I accepted to stay in the hotel. I didn’t feel like doing anything, more exactly I was sleepy.

The area is beautiful though. It’s full of green. There is a pool outside the hotel and there is sea as well. The hotel room was also lovely. After all it was a 5-star hotel.

The view from my window

In the hotel I ordered room service to eat pho that cost 160.000VND. This was expensive comparing to the price outside. But I didn’t have a choice I had to eat something.

My day ended up like that. If there wasn’t a coconut forest trip I think I would have thrown a fit.

6th of August – A short trip to Old town Hoi An before leaving for the South

Today we left the hotel. In the morning after breakfast the kids wanted to swim in the pool so I just stayed in my room and did my translation work. At 12 we checked out and took the yesterday taxi. The driver dropped us in Old Town Hoi An. He dropped us on the other end of the town that’s why we didn’t have to pay the entrance fee. Otherwise entering the town required entrance fee. I don’t know how much as I didn’t see them on the board.

The town looks like the town in old times. No wonder it’s called Old town after all. The lanterns are hung all over the house and at night this looks amazing. I only saw pictures though 🙁 . We ate at the old town market here.

A bowl of pho cost 30.000 VND but if you want to have more pho noodle that cost 10.000 VND more. Here you can buy all kinds of souvenirs. They even sell straws made from bamboo. I decided to buy it and will try to bring it around and use it when needed. A 10-straw packet cost around 35.000 VND. In order to help the environment I changed to water bottle long time ago. Now I will continue with straws.

In the old town you can find many museums about the old Vietnam. There is also activities where you can learn doing crafts, like painting masks. We visited the temple bridge. It’s a bridge on what a temple was situated.

Temple bridge

The old town looked really lovely and it represented the old Vietnam well. I loved that they had activities where you can learn about Vietnamese hand craft which also has a colourful history and cultural traits.

Way to Ho Chi Minh City

After the old town we took the taxi to go to the airport. My aunt and her family went back to Hanoi and I went to Ho Chi Minh city.

My flight was delayed back and forth so I could only leave at 10pm. I arrived to HCMC at almost midnight. Luckily my aunt contacted her friend and he gave me a lift to my accommodation which is a homestay. I was glad the owner still opened the door for me.

I’m in HCMC to meet a friend before I move to Kien Giang and take an 12 days of electrical devices free challenge.

This was my last post until I’m back to using mobile and laptop. I will let you know how it felt living without mobile and laptop for 12 days.

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