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5 reasons why you should travel alone

Many of us only want to travel with our friends, our family members, because we are afraid of the new environment, we are not sure whether we can cope with the language difference and we are afraid of getting in the situation that we don’t know how to handle. And of course we also want to share the experiences and the memories with each other. Usually these are the reasons that we don’t want to or are afraid of going abroad alone. But have you ever thought that going abroad totally by yourself can also give you a wonderful experience and memories? Here are 5 reasons why it is worth travelling alone.

You Have A Freedom

Have you ever had an experience like you would like to see this place more and that more, but since your friends or family members weren’t really interested in it and you guys didn’t have a lot of time, so you just left without visiting your place? And then the excuse is “there is nothing interesting to see there…” . In this situation you also didn’t want to leave alone because you didn’t want to ruin the harmony of the group. If you have experienced this before, then you should try to travel alone!

I am a kind of person who doesn’t like to accommodate to others while travelling, because there are places I’m not really interested in and there are places that I can also stay for a whole day. That’s why I decided to go on a trip totally by myself to Brussels, Paris and Murcia. The freedom that I could experience was amazing. I could go anywhere I wanted, with the speed I wanted. In a day I saw almost the whole Paris. I could do anything without accomodating to the others. I could organize my day,  eat wherever I wanted so to taste the local foods.

You Find Nice People Everywhere

If you think that people are hateful, then travelling alone will prove you the opposite. When I travelled alone, since I was there by myself, of course, I also wanted to have someone that I can talk to or rely on when a stress situation arised. That’s why I gathered my courage and talked to the locals. For the first time, I only asked a man, how to get to the Manneken Pis and he showed me the way getting there so precisely and he was kind. Next time, when I travelled long hours by bus, I talked to the person sitting next to me. Of course I had to make sure it didn’t bother him/her.

I realize people around us are actually nice and helpful, the question is whether we recognise them or not. I learned how to trust people when in need which was a hard thing for me, since I hardly believe in people. But when I overcome this feeling I feel more relieved, because I know I am not alone anymore.

You’re Not Controlled

You have a freedom to do what you didn’t dare to do at home, in your country. In an environment that you know noone, you are more free than ever to try out new things that you didn’t dare to do before. There is a quote that says „What happens in America stays in America”. So relax yourself, be creative and let your dreams come true. Do or try out things that you have always wanted to. Of course only do what is NOT considered as a crime!

You Get To Know Yourself Better

Have you ever felt like you feel so good with many people around you, but then you also feel exhausted and stressed? It is because you don’t give yourself a „ME TIME” to organize your own life. Travelling alone can actually help you to reflect on yourself, on your actions and on your personality. It helps you to clean your head, so you will be able to concentrate on your work better when you get back to your daily routine and you will know what you really love and want to do. You realize your limit is not limited. You can do much more than you think.

Your intuition is growing

In a strange environment you will automatically pay attention to your intuition.

When I was in Korea, I climbed a 836-metre high mountain. I didn’t have proper equipment and I don’t do any sport either. My friend also told me to be careful. I even got lost going to the mountain. I was a bit discouraged but my intuition told me to just go. When I was climbing it was really hard. I wanted to go down, but my inner voice told me to take a rest instead. Then suddenly a woman appeared suggesting to go together. It was strange to climb a mountain with an unknown person. But I felt I could trust her and eventually she helped to climb up to the top. Going down she even bought me ice coffee. I can never tell why I believed in her, but it was a good thing that I did.

Your intution surprises you, but also helps you and gives you what you really need at that moment.

Of course you don’t have to travel alone. However, I recommend you to do it once in your lifetime. It’s not easy to travel by yourself but once you do it you prove yourself that you can do everything. You can also start it by going to the neighborhood city in your country.

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