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7th of July – Hiking day

This morning my host invited me to see the Christianism church where she goes regularly. I thought it was a cathedral but instead it’s a building that functions as a church. At first it was a service for the children, break then for the adults after came the lunch.

I thought I would just go to see how it looked like. But people knew about me beforehand as my host told them. They welcomed me wholeheartedly and I was surprised by this warmness. I was a bit confused and felt strange. However I could talk in Korean a lot. I didn’t stay for the adult service and lunch as I wanted to go sightseeing. Moreover I didn’t understand the preaching in Korean either.

Temple at the sea

I left for Haedong Yonggungsa. It’s a Buddhist temple opened to the sea, which is interesting as normally the temples are surrounded by the mountain. Haedong Yonggungsa is backed by the mountain but the front is the open sea. The temple is big and you can also do a little bit of hiking. On the way to the mountain there are stalls where you can buy food and Buddhism bracelet and other products. I liked the place. It’s so breezy, but so many people go there so it was harder to enjoy.

Temple at the sea
Bathing the Buddha

Haeundae, the blue sea

After that I went to Haeundae. Haeundae is the biggest beach in Busan. It’s surrounded by tall buildings. The sand is white. The water is crystal blue. I have never seen a beach that has this clear blue colour. No wonder it’s one of the most favourite place for swimming. From Haeundae I walked along the coast until I saw Gwangan bridge. This is the longest bridge in Busan. It’s beautiful but I was suggested to sea it in nighttime. The water was crystal blue with the sunshine made it all wonderful. Since there were 3 hours until it darkened I went to Oryukdo.

Gwangan Bridge in the far

Oryukdo, the rock with beautiful scenery

Oryukdo is right at the edge of the ocean. It contains few more islands which in fact was a rock. The place is famous for the skywalk. However it was no big deal. The deck wasn’t that long, so even if standing at the edge you still the huge stones under but barely the water. Which means, if it breaks, you are still safe.

What you can see at the peak of the deck

The more interesting part was when I hiked up the hill. The whole area plus the open ocean could be seen, make it to be the best view I could ever see. There was also a chance to go down near the ocean. However it was extremely windy. I think if I didn’t weigh 52 kg the wind would blow me away.

The area was very beautiful. I wanted to hike on the hill around it, but I was too tired to walk for miles again. From the other side of the hill you can see Gwangan Bridge from the high point. At night watching the bridge, ocean and the lights of the buildings from there would be wonderful. I didn’t go there. But I could imagine the scenery while standing at Gwangalli beach watching the bridge. After looking around, taking hundreds of picture I decided to go back to Gwangan Bridge.

Gwangan Bridge

I didn’t buy the Korean sim card, so normally I don’ have wifi. However sometimes I could catch free wifi in different area for few minutes, so I searched the way back. I arrived back there in 30 minutes and had to wait another 30 minutes until the sun goes down. Around 8pm it was dark enough for the lights to turn on. The bridge was so beautiful in its light. It kept changing, making it to be a sort of choreography. It was at Gwangalli beach which was surrounded by shopping malls, tall buildings and cafés. The light of the building, the light of the bridge plus the not fully dark sky gave the best view and feeling one could ever imagine.

Gwangan bridge

A guy from Arab country offered to take a picture of me when he saw me trying to take a selfie. Then he invited me for a coffee, but I didn’t feel like staying and talking so I kindly refused him. It was one thing I realized from myself. I didn’t really want to talk to people, especially not in English. I have a hard time with Korean too, but speaking in Korean at least give me sense of challenge. If during travelling you feel like you don’t want or want to do something, bravely express it. This was a lesson I experienced the next day and I will tell you tomorrow.

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