8 things you need to know before travelling to New York


New York in one of the biggest city in the United States America. Many movie has been filmed there and it became one of the well-known and popular city in the world. I was excited when I first went there in 2014 but then in 2016 when I returned there I got a shock. So in this post I will share in what you need to prepare yourself before travelling to New York, since the real world  is not always like in the movie.

It is crowded

Of course, since it is one of the biggest and most well-known city it is normal that people keep coming here to find a job, to study and to live here. Especially during the lunch time and rush hour, you will see people everywhere all around. If you are not get used to the crowded place it might be scary. I was shocked after spending 3 months in the middle of nowhere, where there wasn’t a lot of people and then one day in New York I found myself in the middle of the crowd full of people. But the good side of it is that people in New York don’t do any harm to you. They are busy with their work, so if you ignore the crowd you will be fine.

There is life at night

If you are a party-hard person you will like New York, since it is a never-sleep city. In the morning everybody is so busy with work that they don’t have time for their personal life, so of course in the evening they will have a party, go out at night for a drink. Streets are noisy and if you stay in a hotel that is in the city center you might feel annoyed. So when you are there make sure your accomodation is at a place where it is not so noisy.

Security comes first

The first time I was there a woman told me that “Never go to the park alone at night.” I also heard people saying that do not go out at night. Since it is a big city it surely not the safest place, but whenever I was outside at night nothing serious happened. Once when I was going through Central Park a men even asked me if I know where I was going. I said yes I know and he kept going on his way. Though we all need to be careful when we are outside when it is dark especially at places where there are not lots of people moving, but it is not as scary as people say. I feel important to write this section because everybody are freaked out saying that going out at night in New York is really dangerous, but if you are careful and only go to place where there are lots of people and with someone, you will be fine

Streets are not as clean as you think

During the afternoon you might don’t realize that but if you are outside in the early morning like at 6am-7am, you will see the dirty side of New York. Trash is all over and it is smelly. I got totally shocked when I first saw this scene. As I mentioned above people are partying at night, so of course bottle of beer, paper, tissue after eating a gyros will be all over the street. In the morning possibly around 7am-8am, people clean the streets, so by time population are out to start their day they will find themselves in a clean environment. If you go out in the early morning, prepare yourself for the dirty scene.

Skyscrapers and tall building

You might find it exciting to see one of the world’s tallest skyscraper and you will be amazed by the huge, tall buildings on the street. But the more time you spend at those place the more suffocated you will feel. Buildings are tall and they are near to each other, so the streets are narrow, you might feel being closed in a box. If you can’t handle narrow streets with tall building on the both side, you should avoid these place and find an accomodation outside the city center like outside Times Square.

New Yorkers tend to be stressed

As you might figures out, New York is not only a big, but also a lively, fast and crowded. People don’t have their own space and they are always busy, so you might find yourself seeing tired, angry, annoyed faces that don’t have any life in it. Don’t judge New Yorkers because of that, but try to understand their environment, and if a shop assistant doesn’t greet you with smile then you initiate that first.

Underground is hot, but the metro is not

When you go down the underground to take metro, it is really hot. The scene is not as modern as you might think, instead it can give people a feeling like they are in a gangster world. There are many metro line and gateway too, so you might get lost. Make sure to read the boards showing direction or ask local about your way. The underground is not in the best condition, but the metro, the vehicle is an opposite. In the metro there is air-condition which is set to be really cold. Don’t be surprised after waiting in a sweaty hot metro station, you enter in an almost freezing cold vehicle.

Everywhere is air-conditioned

This is common to all USA, everywhere is air-conditioned. In summer it can be really annoying and also refreshing. In summer during the hot weather you enter a closed place, shopping center, car, public transport, you will find yourself entering a fridge. They set the air-condition in a really high temperature . If you are not used to it, you will get shock and maybe ill, but once you are used to it, you will always find a building to escape when you get enough of the unbearable heat.



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