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9-10th of July – Leaving Busan and hello Jeju-do

Still Busan

On the 9th I didn’t do anything special. My flight to Jeju island was at 7pm so in the morning I only stayed at my accommodation and wrote a blog. My host made me breakfast then she was working while I was writing. I also packed up my stuff. I could have visited Taejongdae park but I was too lazy to move out. However my host told me it was a beautiful place so if you are in Busan I would recommend to see it as well.

At 2pm my host left the house and gave a short ride to the bus station. I took the bus number 8 to Sasang station from where I change to the Light Train to Gimhae airport. I flew with Jinair to Jeju island. The chech-in desk of Jinair opened 1,5 hour before boarding. I waited at the airport. I thought there was a souvenir shop there so I could buy magnet. But I was wrong. At the domestic terminal there is NO souvenir shop. I guess only at the international one.

When I finally boarded the flight I fell asleep as soon as I sat down. I was so tired. After 4 days of walking, hiking with a less sleep I felt I was at my limit. From Busan to Jeju it only took 1 hour.

Finally in Jeju island

When I arrived I picked up my car at the car rental. I will write about my experience with the car rental and car insurance in another post later. They didn’t have a small compact car that I reserved so they gave me a bigger one. It was KIA something. It already had GPS so I didn’t need to ask for a separate one. I drove back to my accommodation. The road took more than 1 hour. It was already dark, I was tired but still I managed.

I finally arrived to my hostel which was right in front of the sea. I got out. A strong wind hit me and I heard some strange noise. One was the wind and the another sound was from the animal. It was dark so I couldn’t see what was in front of me and the car. But the sound and the wind were so scary. I went a bit closer. I realized it was the sea. There was some strange animal in the grass. The sound of the sea meeting the wind was so strong that I thought it would eat me and the car. I was so scared. I hurried into my accommodation.

The state of the sea the next day I arrived

My host already waited for me. He asked me if I had eaten anything and when I told him no, he was surprised. He took me to my room. I supposed to share my room with another 5 people, but no one was there. Only me. I was like “YES”. I could have the whole room for myself. However it was scary as well. My window opened to the sea where I got out of the car. The sound of the wind and sea was already scary. But through the window it was creepy. It had a shrill scream sound. I felt as if I was in a horror movie. I was so tired so I just wanted to lie down. My host suddenly knocked my door and gave me a plateful of watermelon. He gave it to me as I hadn’t eaten anything yet. Though it was cold, I felt so warm that they took a good care of me. The day ended up like that.

10th July

The next day it was raining. I woke up at 6am and was totally creeped out because of the sound from my window. I felt bored as I planned to hike but in this weather where could I hike? Before the breakfast time I was doing some work I still had from Hungary. At 8am I went down for the breakfast. My host prepared a Korean style breakfast, rice with fish cake and some side dish. He advised me to go to Aqua planet to see some fish. The price was too high for me so I skipped. I don’t write in detail what you can see at each places because there are tons of article about them. I just mention them as my route of the road trip.

Seongeup Folk Village

I took the car and first went to Seongeup Folk Village. At first it was only windy but no rain, so I thought I can check the village out. It was full of houses where people lived long time ago. Here you can see how life was when the electricity hadn’t existed yet. There wasn’t fence. They used 3 woods to indicate whether people were at home or not. If it looked like the one in the picture below it meant they were at home. If all 3 woods were in horizontal position, it meant they weren’t at home. They designed it to be against the wind. Jeju island is famous for 3 things. Wind, stones and woman.

Wind is because it’s an island and it is windy every year. Stone because of the volcano lava after eruption left a lot of black lava rock from which people made a wall. Woman is because long time ago the men had to go to land to work, only the women stayed at home. They had to eat somehow so some female became a diver (called haenyo) who later ruled the whole island. Without them the island probably wouldn’t look like the way it is today. They played a big role in the history of Jeju and Korea.

Seongeup Folk Village

(I was so lucky that in front of my hostel there is not only the sea but the house of Haenyos. I can see them almost everday and see how they do their diving and work. More about them here.)


While visiting the folk village it started to rain so I went back to my car. I drove to Aewol to see G-Dragon’s café, Monsant. I didn’t find it more exactly I didn’t realize it as it was on the hill and I didn’t go up there in the strong wind and rain. However it is right beside the sea, so if you happen to visit it, you can have a cup of coffee with an ocean view. I bought some snack and the magnet there, then hurried to my car.

Sanbangsan and Buddha in cave

The next place was Sanbangsan and the Buddhist temple in it. I didn’t climb the mountain or anything, only visited the Buddhist temple. A bit further up there is a small cave where the stone Buddha is. To go up there the entrance fee is 1000 won. However the distance wasn’t long so I gave it a chance. It was really short however a tough one. Or maybe I was tired due to the long drive and bad weather. Fortunately right at that time the rain stopped so I could enjoy the view of the ocean on one side and the Buddha statue on the other side with the prayer played from the recorder. But it was really calm.

Stone Buddha

Seungsan Ilchulbong

After Sanbangsan I went to Seungsan Ilchulbong. With this I drove around the whole island. From A to B it always took around 1 hour or more. So I was kinda fed up with everything. I can’t even drive long distance in a row too much as I start to feel sleepy. This time wasn’t different. I bought mandarin (Jeju is famous for mandarin) to eat on the way. But there was a point I couldn’t handle it, so I had to stop for a while and sleep.

Finally I arrived to Seungsan Ilchulbong. It is also called as Sunrise Peak. Down the cliff you can see the Haenyo diver show. (Next post is about them). It was right next to my accommodation. I checked how it was there but couldn’t get out of the car due to the rain. Then I found a place to eat. I ate sea urchin noodle. It was quite bland and it had the taste of the sea. But it was edible. I arrived back to the accommodation at around 6pm.

Seungsan Ilchulbong with the house of Haenyo’s from the rooftop of my hostel (next day)

I called my mum but talked to my niece for hours. It was alreay late so I didn’t do anything else. Only planned my next day then went to sleep.

The rain didn’t stop and the creepy sound was still on. However I was so tired that I had to sleep.

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