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My last post was about how USA helped me to be grateful for this life again. In this one I will share how I found out what I really wanted to do.

Realization as a financial advisor

I came back refreshed from the USA with a big motivation to study hard, work hard and go back to stay in the US. I earned money by working in the Asia shopping centre and teaching. My brother asked me if I wanted to work at his workplace where I could earn as much as I worked. The only one thing I needed to know was how to talk. The work was selling financial products. I didn’t really know what it meant. I thought it was a fixed payment per hours and the more hour I worked the more I earned.

Of course it wasn’t like that. On the interview I knew it was something different. Before the work I had to pay registration fee of 10.000Ft (40 USD) and attend 2-day training course in a different city. I didn’t know what to expect, but since my brother also worked there, I guessed it wasn’t something bad. The course was really interesting. It felt as if I was in a totally different world.

What they said was the thoughts I always had. Such as “you don’t have to work 8 hours a day for the whole week to have money. You can work less and earn more. It all depends on you.” It was almost like I found a place where I belonged to. I was very excited and fascinated by the course so I went home with being motivated and wanted to work right away. Little did I knew what came with it.

I had to call my friends, acquaintance to do a questionnaire with them, where the main point is to make them buy a financial products, such as insurance, saving account and ask for commendation so I have people to work with. It was uncomfortable but I wanted to try. Of course I encountered many rejection, refusal, humiliation. But what I learned from it was the positive thinking and not giving up easily attitude.

One year of motivational conferences

In order to work and communicate well I attended many courses. Both at the company, both outside at motivational conference. The thought was mainly about finding your own mission, your own goal, think differently and work hard to achieve it. I also attended class about how to communicate, how to sell. During the conferences one saying really inspired me:

“You can earn living with everything. The main point is to love it and to consistenly work hard for it.”

My childhood dream was to be a writer and motivational speaker. But I didn’t know there was a job like motivational speaker and my brother said I can’t live with just writing, so I gave it all up. However, since that time I decided to go for it no matter how long it takes to reach it. That’s why I’m writing a blog.

I kept going to motivational conference, I got to know more and more people. I mainly found them on Facebook. That way I found Invisible University (Láthatatlan Egyetem), a non-profit organization, who teaches university student about how to manage their time, money, etc. I joined them so I could teach a class and 2 years later I had my first speech about solo travelling in front of 70 people on stage.

I also met a lot of talented people who were at my age, but they already had their own company. I met interesting method about how to understand people (Eneagram). I received a lot of idea and help from them which helped me in my teaching career and everyday life. I even joined a company called where I was intern and I got to meet another people who later became my coach.

I read a lot of book. Both self-help and business related. The book that inspired me a lot was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It changed my view about money. I realized there is a way to make the money work for me and not me working for the money. I get to know about passive income and since then I was searching how to generate passive income, so I don’t need to work but still have money. This is what I’m still working on.

I knew I wanted to go in this direction. I want to motivate people to go for their goal. I believe when we were young we all had a dream, but growing up we forget them. So we need to go back to our childhood to realize our dream. My students are still young who have a lot of idea so I want them to accept and go for it. Therefore I don’t only teach English to my students but I also make them think about what they want to achieve. I make them plan what they want to reach in a school year. I make them write down their goal and plan how to achieve it. Of course it will change, and it’s normal to change them, but at least they have a direction.

Going on my way


I spent 1 whole year to learn more about myself, people and life. Then I reached to the point, where I realized it wasn’t enough to just listen to these thoughts and not doing anything. So I decided not to go to the trainings anymore. As for the financial company, after a long consideration, I quitted after 1.5 year. So far that was the longest time I could spend in a company. It was difficult to quit because I needed an environment where I have the like-minded people around me. I was afraid I wouldn’t have more supportive, positive people around me so I relied on my leader at financial company a lot. However I didn’t work and I didn’t want to work, I even knew that wasn’t the way I wanted to go. So I talked to the founder of, who was my “boss” and he told me:

“Do you like working there?”
“Yes, but only because of their opportunities.”
“If it’s just because of the opportunities, you can find it somewhere else too.”
“Yes, but I can earn a lot there. And if I quit now, doesn’t it mean I give up too easily?”
“If you didn’t earn money with it, would you still work there?”
“No.” – I said after a long consideration.
“Then it’s not for you.”
“But if I quit how would I earn money?”
“You will figure it out. New opportunities will come.”

That gave me an idea that it wasn’t the end of the world if I quit the work. So I stayed for 3 other months until I got fed up and I quitted.


I even changed my major at university. I knew French wasn’t what I wanted to study, moreover the subjects made me crazy. So before an exam I got totally fed up and in a moment in the middle of the night I decided to change major. The next day I took my exam then I asked the teacher how to change the major. I got approval both from the French department to let me go and from the Korean department to accept me. I already finished 1.5 year at French department and changing major meant I had to study all over again. But I would rather study more and learn what I’m interested at.

I got into a big fight because of this. My mother was angry because I quitted without trying harder. My sister-in-law blamed me for not discussing this with the family. I didn’t understand either of them. It was my future.
Even my student kept bringing this matter up. He said “You told me not to give up, but now you gave up on French.”

Well, it has to be defined. It’s not good to just easily give up on anything without trying hard. However, if you have tried hard and realized it wasn’t something you want to do… You have to let it go. Otherwise you will become depressed. French had never been a major I wanted to study. I was accepted with scholarship. Why would I not study if I didn’t have to pay? However it made no sense to graduate with mark 2. So liked it or not, I decided to change major, study well, have good grades and graduate with mark 5 (the best grade in Hungary).

It is said: “It’s hard to get, it’s hard to keep but it’s even much harder to let go.”

When something doesn’t work out it’s pointless to keep hanging on it. Let it go and let the right opportunity to come.

Since then I concentrated on teaching and for two summers I went to the USA to work. USA helped me using practically all the things I learned during that one year at the conferences. I realized theory itself helps you nothing until you understand and use it. The next post will be about what USA taught me for two summers.



I decided to post a new post every 2 days. So my post will be up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

I hope you enjoy and I would be glad if you share with me your experiences too. 🙂


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