Arriving to Seoul

Yesterday I left Hungary for Seoul at 4pm. My layover was in Dubai. I knew this wouldn’t be an easy road especially in Seoul, but I didn’t expect it to be this difficult.

Dubai airport

I flew with Emirates so on the plane there was screen where I could watch film. Of course I watched film rather than sleep, still I kept falling asleep, so in the end I barely understood the plot. I had meal and after 6 hours I arrived to Dubai. On the plane I sat next to a man from Australia and a man from Malaysia. The man from Malaysia had the same gate as me so we talked during the 4 hours layover.

Somewhere above Turkey

Dubai International airport is surely huge. From the airplane the bus took us to the gate and the road definitely took almost 10 minutes. But to my surprise it is a quite airport so there is no announcement, you need to know where your gate is from the board timetable and go to the gate in time. In the restroom there is even a place where you can wash your foot.

Getting lost in Seoul

I got on the flight to Korea at 3:40am. I wanted to sleep but I found good film on the screen again, so I watched and then fell asleep in the middle of the film. Later I was so tired that I just slept and didn’t even want to eat anything.

When we board the plane we got some paper to fill in. The purpose of arrival, health questionnaire and declaration of goods bringing to the country. It was like in the USA. I arrived to Seoul at 5:30pm. We had to go through customs. It seems Koreans take disesase seriously. We had to declare if we had any disease or not when we enter the country.

Arrival card
Health questionnaire
Travel declaration form










My accommodation was in Yeongdeungpo. Google maps said I had to take bus 6008 and then change at the Yeongdeungpo market station. I found the bus station outside the airport. Bought the bus ticket from the vending machine where it only accepted card.

Bus ticket from the airport

The bus took more than 1 hour to get to Yeongdeungpo. Checking Google maps, I thought if I got off at Yeongdeungpo station I can just walk to the my accommodation. However I got lost in the neighborhood. Even walked into a dark, small street where people looked scary to me. I was so lucky nothing happened, but I ended up making a round and arrived back to the starting point. Then I asked the direction from a woman. But she didn’t know the road. She asked another woman. I talked to them in Korean, but I didn’t always understand everything. I was so glad they were patient to me. They knew I was alone, so they took me to the bus station and told me which bus to take so I could go to Saruga Shopping Centre, which is near to my accommodation. I finally got to the station and walked to my place. I was so happy to see the guesthouse.

Seoul is so hot and the humidity is high. Walking 2 minutes makes me suffocate. I wonder how it will be on the daytime.


If Google maps shows you which bus takes you to your destination, listen to it!

Ask the locals, if you are lost!

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