Solo travelling

Day 1 – 24-hour flight

The 24-hour flight

My first day. I caught my flight in Budapest at 9am to Istanbul, the flight took 2 hours. In Istanbul I had to go through an addtional checking process to the USA. They asked me information like where I came from, if I have ESTA and they checked all my stuff. The plane departed late and the line was so long, I was afraid that I can’t get on the next plane in time. The next plane went to Washington, as originally I would meet my ex-boyfriend there. The flight took 11 hours, my leg started to die. I got 3 hot meals, all had cheese, so it was quite heavy for me, since on flight I never have appetite to eat.  I couldn’t really sleep either, only watched film during the whole route.

Arriving to Washington, I had to go through a border check, where they checked my passport and ESTA. They asked me how long I was going to stay here and where I would go. The line was long too, and I had to go up to the departure part to check-in for the flight to Las Vegas. As I was there before, the place was similar until I went up to the departure part. Suddenly I was lost, as I never flew from Dulles Airport before. I asked the way to the check-in desk and when I finally checked-in my luggage, I had to go through another security check. Worst is that my stomach started to hurt because of the heavy food on the plane, so that was another plus stress to all. When I finally arrived to the gate I felt much easier. Then the flight to Las Vegas took another 5 hours. So with 18 hours flight and 6 hours of waiting to transfer, it added up to 24 hours. I thought I was going crazy.


On the plane I had so many thoughts going in my mind mostly because of my ex-boyfriend. I couldn’t believe that he left me alone like this, while we only had to wait  another 1 month. I kept asking myself what wrong I did that I got this kind of treatment. Couldn’t hold back the tears and trembling with anger this quote came to my mind: “If they treat you like an option, leave them like a choice”. I decided not to think about him and let it go.

Then I started to think about my problem. To me this is a big problem, but when I think global, I realize there are people who suffer even more than me right now. In that big picture my problem is just a tiny part of it, that helped me to calm down a little bit.

And of course everybody was hurt at least once. The main point is not that we were hurt but how we face and solve them. Until we don’t heal our own wound, we will keep hurting others or even ourselves. There are quotes that say
“Until a man heals himself he’ll be toxic to every woman who tries to love him.”
and “Until we don’t learn our lesson, we are going to make the same mistake again and again.”
I guess this is one of the reason that I’m being treated like this. All these thoughts went on my mind during the whole flight. From being angry and desperate, I calmed myself down by reflecting on what I have done and trying to understand my ex-boyfriend’s behaviour and all these situations.

Finally arrived

Arriving to Vegas at 2am on 22nd (9am in Hungary), the view compensated all the hardship I went through and these slot machines make me curious in trying them. Even the airport was equipped with many of them. Now I have to wait another 5 hours at the hotel until I can get my room, hopefully at 7am. Waiting in the lobby I write this blog diary and check my thesis, the part that my teacher has already corrected.

Tomorrow I am going to sightsee, I will post more picture about the city. 🙂

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