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Day 10 – China Town, Little Tokyo, Santa Monica and getting used to LA

Today in the morning I was kinda lazy to wake up as I was woken up at night so I wanted to sleep as much as possible. But when I stay in hostel I always want to stay outside of it as much as possible so despite of not wanting to wake up I still left around 10am. After buying bubble tea, I got on the metro and went to Chinatown.

Little Saigon market

I thought there will be a crowd, but surprisingly there wasn’t that much people. Still of course Chinatown is Chinatown the shops are near to each other, the way they decorate the goods looks dense. There was a lot of Vietnamese too. So a lot of Vietnamese restaurant and shops were there. Even a market was named Little Saigon. Here I ate Vietnamese bún and drank sugarcane drink (nước mía). I walked around then I got on the metro and went to Little Tokyo. The big difference could be seen. The streets were more organized, the shops weren’t too close to each other. There was a Japanese market too, where they decorated it really nicely. You can buy all kind of cosmetics, origami, and of course food. There was a wishing tree too, where people can write their wish on paper and then hang it on the tree.

At Little Tokyo
Wishing tree

After this I decided to go to Santa Monica. It took an hour to get there by metro. When I arrived to Santa Monica the weather suddenly turned really moody and cold. At the beach there were like 7-8 people who put a show about dancing, I was really curious about that so I stayed to watch it all. I was amazed by their talent. When they asked money for the show they also asked where that person come from and they made a joke about that. I couldn’t exactly understand what they said, but it wasn’t insulting, more likely to show  how many people from different culture were there and they expressed their gratitude for supporting them in strange way. I still didn’t like that they ask for money, but I have to admit it was brave and fair that they made it clear for what they performed. The pier at Santa Monica looked nice and it was vivid. There were food, souvenir shop, arcade and Ferris-wheel. But it was really cold and windy. I didn’t go near to the sea as it was cold. I still have few more days, so I’m not worrying about that.

The end of route 66
Santa Monica beach

Going home I took the bus which went straight to my hostel. The bus passed Santa Monica, Beverly Hills. It was getting dark so I could see nightview of Beverly Hills. It was really beautiful with the lights on. All the light on decorations on the trees, on the streets were turned on and with the weather turning cold, I felt the Christmas-New year ambiance. Despite the first impression of LA, now I start to like it more.

I arrived back to the hotel, took a shower, did laundry, packed my suitcase as tomorrow I’m moving to the beach and now I’m writing my diary. Yesterday I managed to write 1 and half page of thesis so today I continue to write it after this blog.

I don’t think tomorrow I will have Wifi to be online, so Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you all will have a prosperous new year with many success and happiness! 🙂

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