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Day 11 – Hollywood sign and New Year in Anaheim with inspiration

31st December, today I checked out the hostel. During my stay in hostel I got to know two Thai girls and it was really nice having people to say goodbye to. They were really kind and friendly. They invited me to go to countdown with them, but I already had schedule for the day. I went to the airport to rent a car. It wasn’t a complicated process but the price surprised me a lot. On I reserved the car for 32 dollars, but in the end with the insurance, GPS and I guess tax it turned out to be 228 dollars. The difference was quite big. But then when I went out to get the car they told me I can choose one from like 10 other cars. It felt so good to be able to choose a car, I got a white one. It was so convenient, comfortable and it was a strong and easy-to-drive car.

I went to find the Hollywood sign. I got back to the place where last time I was lost and stuck since the public transport didn’t go often there. At first I went all the way up to the top, but since car cannot be parked there I had to go down. Going down I tried to find parking place but wanted to park where it’s near to the sign, of course there wasn’t place. Everywhere it was written “no parking” and I didn’t want them to tow the car away. So after going up and down the hill I finally parked the car and walked up near to the sign. The weather was sunny too, I kept asking myself for what I am doing all these. I really had to question myself for what reason I’m suffering so hard to have a picture of Hollywood sign. Fortunately the landscape paid off. Though there wasn’t a lot of green, the dried, yellow-coloured mountains made a really nice and breathtaking view. After having enough picture of Hollywood sign, I wanted to go to Universal city, but entering the place was too complicated with the car, so I left. In the end, last time I found the right hill, I just needed to be more hardworking to hike, then I would have a picture right beside the Hollywood sign.

I went to Malibu, as I heard famous people live there. Well, in the end I found a big fog and the beach with the hills were bare. It was literally soil everywhere, the colour was brown and yellow. The ambiance wasn’t friendly nor attractive to me, so I left. The weather was cold too. As I didn’t eat anything in the morning I stopped to buy snacks and coffee to make sure I won’t fall asleep. It was already 2pm and I still needed to go to Anaheim to visit a Buddhist master whom is my mum’s master.  From Malibu the road took 1 hour to get there. It was really strange that in Virginia the highway is full of mountains with green trees, forest (in summer), in California the mountains are so bare.

Somewhere beside the hill
Highway in California
Highway in Virginia

Arriving there I saw a woman with a child so I asked them if this was master’s place, they said yes and I asked them to let me come in. Turned out she was also from Hungary so we had a great talk. There were other people in the house too, turned out a young man also came from Hungary moreover I knew his family, the other people knew my mum. They welcomed me warmly and I got close with the litte girl I met when I came. Later master arrived home and he also welcomed me to stay. I was happy for not having to sleep in the car for that night as I didn’t book accomodation. There were so many food and they were delicious vegetarian one which wasn’t even salty (that’s my dream food) but for some reason I couldn’t eat a lot. I guess as I ate only once a day for more than a week now my stomach shrank and I can’t eat as much as I used to.

Warm New Year with inspiration

Around the evening people arrived and we all gathered for New Year. We could talk to master and he also gave us advice and lecture. Around 6 years ago when I first met him I didn’t understand anything from his lecture, today I managed to get most of the meaning and the message. I wish I didn’t book the other accomodation which is non-refundable so I could stay and learn more. Before New Year we had to make pair and say 3 things what we value in the other. It was kinda hard for me as I literally didn’t know anyone there, still I paired with the woman from Hungary as I knew the most about her since we talked a lot. Only few hours passed since I arrived but I felt like I was already there for a longtime.

At 00:00 we wished Happy New Year and hugged each other. I almost cried as I felt so warm for being in an unknown place with people who I only got to know few hours earlier but they accepted me and treated me like someone they had known for ages. After we all sat down for a meditation and mantra. Before I never understood this ceremony, and honestly even now I don’t really get it, but I enjoy it. The mantra brought me an unexplainable peaceful feeling. After the master asked all the young people about their plan for the next year and for long-term. I was surprised that they were around 18-20 but could draw up their plan and say it with determination. He explained to us that there is talent that we are good at and we need to focus on it. But only talent is not enough, we need passion to keep doing it. Beside we need commitment to continue. With all that we need mentor who supports us. On the top of all these we need to have a mission. Mission is what connects talent, passion, commitment and mentor all together. We need to find out how we can create value for the world and humanity, for what we are living. That made me think about what I should do after graduation. Shall I study one more profession or simply go for Master degree in Korean?

We talked until 2am and then went to sleep. I was really tired because of the whole day driving, talking but was totally glad that I could spend New Year with these people and gained more knowledge, experience and connection. Now I totally understand why this 2-week trip had to happen.

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