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Day 13 – Ocean effect aka what I got from this trip

Today I didn’t do anything. I woke up around 8:30am and left the hotel at 11am for El Segundo Beach. Listening to the sound of the ocean was really calmy and comfortable. The sun was shining and it was really hot. I also walked up to Manhattan Beach where people were surfing. From there I walked around and tried to find souvenir shop or place where I can buy gift but didn’t find anything. As it was really hot I went back to the hotel to take a shower and have a rest. Around 3:15pm I went out again because I wanted to see the sunset. The weather cooled down and I felt cold. I stayed out at the beach for 2,5 hours only to see the sky darken. It was awesome to look at the endless sky and ocean and how the colour change as well as listening to the sound of the waves. As if magic happened, my problem didn’t bother me anymore. I still think about my ex, but I don’t feel sad nor sorry about it. The endlessness showed me that there are still many opportunities ahead. I need to wait and stay opened when the right time comes.

Thinking back about this 2 weeks adventure, it was unbelieveable. 2 weeks didn’t pass fast nor slow but it was all eventful. Everyday I did the best I could do, I didn’t waste time. When I was at master Hang Truong’s place and told people that I was travelling alone, all of them were surprised and they couldn’t believe it. Today as I had time to sit at the beach and reflect even I couldn’t believe I made this much.

  1. I flew 24 hours
  2. I visited Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon (these 3 are on my bucket list)
  3. I stayed in luxurious resort
  4. I ordered room service and ate fancy food
  5. I saw an amazing dancing fountain at Bellagio in nighttime
  6. I saw rainbow at dancing water
  7. I talked to person on bus going to Grand Canyon (I never initiate the talk unless I need something)
  8. I tried casino
  9. I was mistaken to be 12 years old
  10. I drank Margarita while watching film on my laptop and fell asleep the moment I finished the drink
  11. I called customer service many times to solve the card’s problem
  12. I stayed overnight at the bus station to save money
  13. I stayed in hostel where I got to know more people and the place was comfortable (I usually hate hostels as I have to share the room)
  14. I got lost and was totally frightened
  15. I dared to ask for help and received it from strangers
  16. I ordered taxi to my hotel everytime I arrived to a new place (didn’t intend to, but in LV it was past midnight after 24-hour flight, in LA the neighbourhood scared me, in El Segundo the bus was out of service, I was totally lost)
  17. I saw the luxurious center and the scary outskirt of a city
  18. I saw a street performance and gave them tip
  19. I drove among the bare mountains without any green grass or tree
  20. I fought my way to see the Hollywood sign
  21. I met master and received lecture and advice from him
  22. I met new Hungarian and Vietnamese people
  23. I found out there is Vietnamese town in California
  24. I saw the ocean
  25. I stayed out, even if it was cold, to see the sunset
  26. I experienced sunshine and hot weather in the middle of winter
  27. I wrote 11 pages for my thesis (the main part is done, I need to structure the text and find more information to have enough details)
  28. I wrote blog diary about solo travelling and announced my blog (I kept procrastinating it before)
  29. This trip healed me
  30. I gifted myself 2500 dollars for this whole trip (flights, accomodations, food, rented car, bus tour to Grand Canyon, some souvenir)
  31. I got to travel totally alone for longer time period (before my real solo travel only lasted 4 days, and 1 week when I stayed at my friend’s place abroad)

So many things happened both good and bad in this 2 weeks. Though I had to spent a lot I felt every penny was worth it. It is said spend money on experiences, not on objects. It’s so true. This trip gave me many experiences, challenges and memories that I can build up from. Now I believe that everything happens for a reason. This trip was a reason I had to break up. I had to learn more about the world and myself.

Honestly I appreciate this break up. I fell really low. But thanks to this I had time and opportunity to achieve things on my bucket list that I have always wanted to.

If you feel down, I recommend you to:

  • Write a bucket list; write down whatever you want to see, do, experience (don’t hold back anything, even if it seems impossible)*
  • Accomplish one thing among of it
    (if you feel down, do something that you love or want to do)

The moment you accomplish it, you will feel more energetic and motivated as you realize you don’t have limit, you can do whatever you decide to do. (The only limit you have is YOU!)

*Do things that are legal and don’t hurt anyone

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