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Day 14 – 4 harsh truth I learned from this trip

3rd of January, this day also came. Today I packed my suitcase in the morning after waking up and started to arrange my work at home. I left the hotel at 11am and went to the bus station. I realized there was a Vietnamese restaurant there, so I had breakfast there. The smell of Pho, rice noodle, was so good I wished I ordered that, but ate vegetarian Bún instead. Then I went back to the bus station. It was the Beach Transit Bus which I supposed to take when I came, but the bus stop was out of service. I wanted to confirm whether it was really like that or I just simply got shock after reading the first line as I didn’t find any information related to that on the Internet. But this is going to stay as mystery as I got off earlier to catch shuttle bus to the airport.

I arrived to the airport at 1pm and had to wait until 4pm to check-in. I started to do my homework in Korean, writing a text about travel. After checking-in I went to the gate and continued writing. I felt thirsty and had a headache, so I ended up only surfing on my phone. I felt I wasn’t ready to go home yet, but of course I have to. I would be more than happy if I really could stay in the US for a month more, after all I have ticket for that too. But responsibility is responsibility I have to go back to work as I promised so.

I transfered in Stockholm, the flight took 12 hours. This time I slept a lot on the plane. I also watched 3 movies. Around 1 hour before landing they gave us a sandwich with cheese. Of course cheese, I had a stomachache again. I had 17-hour layover in Stockholm. At first I wanted to book a hotel near to the airport and go sightseeing. But Stockholm was already dark at 4pm the time I landed. Looking at the darkness I didn’t feel like going anywhere. So I booked a hotel right at the airport and paid 121 euros for a night. I guess I maximized all the luxury during this trip. But I didn’t mind, at least I could take a shower and sleep comfortably. This is one of the most important lesson I learned during this trip:

You pay for the comfort

I have read and listened to speech where it was about how to travel cheap or free. Of course I was excited for the idea. Little did I know for that I need to give up comfort. I would need to hitch-hike, stay in other person’s house or hostel or even at the bus station (I did it all though), I would have to work for the free accomodation and food.
That means whatever you do, you will have to pay the price of it. Either with money, your time or with your hard-work.

Yes I felt bad for paying more than 2500 dollars in two weeks. But if I look back what I got in return I can’t complain. I lived in luxurious hotel with private bedroom and bathroom. I ate fancy food. I took taxi and arrived to the accommodation in comfort and safe. I went on tour where I could sleep on the bus, take picture whenever I wanted. I rented a car and had a freedom to go anywhere.
For the service you pay. It’s not expensive or cheap, it’s a price. If you feel bad, work hard and earn it back. Next time look around more carefully and find a way to have same quality with less money.

Room in Vegas
Rented car I could chose

Everything was/is created by human

Before I always wondered how come that everything shines in luxurious room, but in the ordinary one nothing. After I worked in luxurious resort in Virginia as housekeeper I realized why. A housekeeper spends an average 7 minutes (if they are fast) to wipe, scrub the bathroom, dust the furniture in 1 room. During the day they have around 15 rooms, that makes 105 minutes (1 hours and 45 minutes) a day just to make everything shine in the room.

Therefore all the staff working in the hotel deserve respect. I know the feeling of spending 120 euros for a night. As a guest I also feel like I can carry it high if I have spent this much. I could have left the room with all the trash, given servers hard time, complained about this and that to have free stuff. But the price I pay is for the service I get, not for my attitude.
It’s the same in everywhere, not only in hotel.  Las Vegas is famous for its hotels and casinos representing wonders of the world. But those buildings didn’t appear out of nowhere, human created it.

Dancing fountain at Bellagio

After I realized I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of this trip without people working on creating it (and the same in reverse, all these wouldn’t be well-known if people didn’t use it) I started to respect human being more. Every human being doesn’t matter from where, what age they all deserve the respect and equal treatment.

The nature can last long, if we take care of it

While I was going on tour to Grand Canyon, the driver turned on tour guide to let us know more about the history of the national park and how they preserve it. I don’t remember any specific details, but I realized they had to put in a lot of effort to keep the park. At the ocean there were signs saying “take care of the beach, throw the trash in dustbin”. We can also read many news about only because of a picture an animal die, a tree is destroyed.

The nature won’t be able to stay alive if humanity doesn’t take care of it. We can visit Grand Canyon because there are people who check and take care of it. The ocean can only stay clean and clear if people don’t throw trash in it. Animal, trees, arts would last long if human had enough common sense to see the consequence of their action.

Grand Canyon
El Segundo beach

Yes, human deserve respect and so the nature (including animals). As human being who is more developed we need to have the sense of responsibility to take care of our environment too. Nature can only last long for the next generation to admire it if we take care of it ourselves now.

Patience takes everything

Before you decide to do something give yourself time to think carefully. This trip happened because I was in hurry to get the cheap flight ticket and wanted to make sure I see my boyfriend at that time as soon as possible. The result … The same with the 3 points I mentioned above. If we don’t want to have immediate solution we can always make a better choice. For example:

  • Trash can be kept until we find a dustbin to throw it. The beach would be cleaner.
  • Cheaper way to travel with the same comfort can be figured out if we can spend more time on finding way to do so. Before I decide to take taxi in Las Vegas I could have called the hotel as they provided free airport shuttle.
  • All of the misunderstanding and confusion can be solved easily and simply if we step back and treat the other as we treat ourselves.  When I had to call customer service to solve my card problem, I was freaked out for not being able to withdraw money, but the representative from the other side, they handled the situation with calm behaviour, so I also calmed down thanks to them.

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