Solo travelling

Day 2 – Vegas daytime

I arrived to Vegas on 22nd at 2am and fortunately I could check-in to my room earlier at 5am instead of 7am. After getting a room I took a shower and wanted to go to sleep, but the sun was already rising. So instead of sleeping I talked to my friend. She is a friend I met at the hotel and as we talked, the topic drifted to my ex. As we discussed that problem in me, I started to get better and didn’t really think about my ex more.

Then I was really hungry as I didn’t eat since I got on the plane to Vegas, so I ordered room service. That threw back the time I still worked as room server. The food was literally enough for the whole day. Then I went out sightseeing.

Las Vegas in the daytime it’s lively as there are many tourists, shops and hotels representing the famous attractions of each country.  But the distance is crazy, just like in every other cities in the US. On the map I thought my hotel from the Strips would take only 5minutes walk, I think I had to walk like 15-20 minutes. There are a lot of bridge or underground that I needed to go through in order to get to the other side of the pedestrian road. On the daytime there are more cars than people. I’m curious how it change in the nighttime as I heard that the streets turn out to be a party place.
I left my hotel at 10am and in 2 hours I could only visit half of the Strips. I went all the way up to Luxor, back to Eiffel tower. I guess going to Vegas is enough to see all these famous attractions 😀

Eiffel tower
Walk of fame (Vegas version)
MGM Lion
Cola & M&M’S
New York & MGM

The weather was sunny and cool. It wasn’t exactly cold but not warm either. I wore thick coat, scarf and hat, people wore simply a coat, maybe scarf and sunglasses. I felt like a weirdo, but I can’t stand that it’s warm in the sunshine and cool, bit windy in the shade.

After I tried to buy a bracelet with my card, but failed, I started to try all of the ATM machine to withdraw money, but all was declined. I even went to the bank to ask  them solve it, but failed. So in the end I had to call the paycard customer services to solve the problem, and it turned out the card was blocked since the day I booked this flight to Washington. I hope now it will be resolved. But I spent almost 2 hours just to find out what happened with the card. With that I was too exhausted to go anywhere, plus I didn’t sleep since I arrived to Vegas, so I stayed in the hotel to have some rest. I tried to read sources for my thesis, but the tiredness told me to sleep first. I slept almost 10 hours and woke up at 4am on 23rd. At 7am I ordered room service again, the amount is crazy. It would be enough for the whole day again.

Today I decide to go out in the afternoon, so I can see Vegas in the nighttime too. Until then I am going to start to write at least one page for my thesis and look around in the hotel.

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