Solo travelling

Day 3 – Las Vegas casino and nighttime

I woke up at 4am but only got out of bed at 7am and I ordered room service to have breakfast again. The meal was huge, so it was enough for the whole day. In the morning I successfully wrote 1 page for my thesis and then I tried to work another thing, but I was so full and felt sleepy. In the meantime I got sick so I also needed to go to pharmacy. In the hotel I went to the casino area wanted to try them, but the security stopped me and told me to show my ID. I was surprised and didn’t really understand the situation and then she asked me:

S: Are you even 21?
M: Well, yes. (with a wondered face)
S: Show me your ID! You know you look like 12, don’t you?

I laughed at her and then asked how these slot machines worked. She realized I was 22,  laughed it off and then she explained to me thoroughly how to play on machines. I only put 1 dollar each time to play and in total I lost 13 dollars. All I got back was penny. I realized why people get addicted to gambling so easily. As the first round is not succeed you feel the need to try another one with the hope that luck will find you and you earn back your money. I found myself keep wanting to put more and more money in to earn back the lost one until I got tired of it. In the end there is no easy way to earn money. Either you put hard work in it or you need to wish for a big luck. However it all comes with price.

Around 2pm I was so bored that I decided to go out and look around. This time I went to see the other side of the Strips, from Bellagio to The Venetian. What I only didn’t like is the moment I enter the hotel, either the strong smell of parfume or the smell of smoke hit my nose, that was unbearable. Anyway it was breathtaking. Caesar Palace was so big and fascinating, that wherever I went my eyes were wide opened. 

The Venetian
Caesar Palace
Caesar Palace
Caesar Palace

I wanted to see the nighttime of the whole Strips, I went to Luxor and from there walked all the way back to The Venetian. The street doesn’t turn into party place but it is full of dancing music. As I listened to them I felt like dancing a lot, but it would look weird. All the light was turned on, many people were outside, the city turned to be much more vivid than in the daytime. I stopped at Bellagio to see the dancing fountain.

New York
Dancing fountain at Bellagio


France, Egypt, Italy, New York, Hollywood and the other famous brands all in one place. I could see and feel all the hard work, time and effort people have put into this city, to make it look fabulous. That proved me hard work pays off well. 

All these experiences made me understand why my relationship had to stop. Simply because life wanted me to experience and learn more.

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