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Day 4-5 – Another side of Vegas and Grand Canyon

Yesterday I didn’t do anything special, that’s why I write today with yesterday.

24th December – Lazy day

I woke up as usual around 4am, and laid in bed until 7am. I don’t understand why I always wake up at 4am by myself, but that’s quite annoying. Then I ordered room service, unfortunately I didn’t read the food description properly and didn’t realize that it’s full of meat without any vegetable. Still if I pay for it, I eat it.

Hot turkey sandwich

After I wrote 1 page of thesis, I went down to ask where I can buy fruit and I didn’t realize I had to walk almost 20 minutes to find supermarket that sell fruit. And they didn’t even have a lot of choice. As I walked outside of the Strips I realized Vegas is also just a simple city like any others. The area where it’s not a center of tourist attraction, doesn’t have a lot of building, or if yes they are under construstion. It totally looks like desert with road and some buildings. There weren’t  lots of people either. And of course everyone goes by car. I admit I was afraid a bit while walking in that area. I only bought tangerine and arriving back to the hotel I chilled out and only watched film. Then I felt I need to do something, also I wanted to buy magnet, so I walked to the Strips again. I also inquired how much a tour to Grand Canyon would cost. In the end I decided to go with tour (cost: 135 dollars)  instead of renting a car. Arriving back to hotel I tried to find another way to visit Death Valley, but I got tired with searching and planning so I just went to bed.

Outside the center

25th December – Grand Canyon adventure

Today is the day to Grand Canyon. The bus came to the hotel for me at 6:10am and took me to the office for registration. It was right before the sunrise so the sky was covered with red, yellow, orange, blue colours…. that was an amazing view.

After registration I got on the bus. It was quite weird but exciting experience that everyone went with someone, only I was by myself. On the bus I got to sit next to a Vietnamese family, but typical me didn’t expose that I’m Vietnamese too. The bus departed around 7:30am, after 1 hour we arrived to Hoover Dam, where we had 20 minutes to get on the bridge and take pictures.

Hoover Dam
Desert highway

Then the bus went for like 30 minutes, stopped at McDonald’s for us to have breakfast. I got quite shock that a Mc menu cost as much as a proper meal I have in room service. We had 20 minutes here to buy food.

Then the bus was headed to Grand Canyon, but before that we could also have lunch. The tour covered the lunch fee, so even if I was full and didn’t have appetite after the travel, I still had to eat something, so I just took salad, something easy. We had 1 hour there and then another 15-20 minutes to Grand Canyon South Rim. From the parking lot, it looked like a simple park, but walking in for a bit, the Canyon was there. At the first spot there were so many tourists, so I didn’t like it. It just didn’t feel exciting when a bunch of people stand there taking pictures and I can hardly move anywhere. We had 1 hour over there and I was surprised that just walking a little bit around that area already took that much time, and it’s not like I went somewhere so far away. The next stop was much better. There wasn’t too many people and looking at the Canyon, it felt endless, but it’s still not. You can see the limit, but it feels vasty. The whole national park is reallly big. We had another 1 hour here too and then headed back to Las Vegas at 5pm.

On the bus we watched movie ‘ELF’. Watching a Christmas movie, suddenly made me miss my parents. It’s not like we ever celebrate Christmas, but before at least I was at home. This time being in another country during the holiday when family gathers together made me realize I should spend and appreciate times I’m being with them more. On the way back I started talking to the Vietnamese man sitting next to me, turned out we were same age. It was nice to have someone to talk to and get to know new person in situation like that. I could more or less have more insight  about the Vietnamese community over there.

The bus arrived back to Las Vegas around 9:30pm and it stopped at Ballys, to let people stay there take off. Then it would take the rest back to the office and another shuttle would take me back to the hotel. I couldn’t wait for that, and I was tired too,  so just wanted to go back to my hotel.
The time for the whole tour was quite tight, and there were so many other parts I wanted to see at the Canyon, so I kept telling myself I should have rented a car and gone by myself. Initially I planned to rent a car for 26th and 27th, and on 26th I would drive to Grand Canyon, on 27th to Death valley. But during the road, I only sat and already felt tired, I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if I had to drive that much. And typical me, I would have to struggle with staying awake. After arriving  back to the hotel, I had no more energy for the next day to drive to Death Valley either, so I decide to have a rest on 26th. I know I should do and see everything I can during a trip, especially if I have time, but  I realized if I keep pushing myself to go to see this and that, while my health can’t tolerate it, all would turn out to be disaster. So rather than wanting to see everything, I stay calm and enjoy what I can and have. Grand Canyon is one of my biggest dream to achieve from my bucket list, so I should be happy to finally see it.

Arriving back to the hotel I started to write this post, but then the young, Vietnamese man from the bus texted me to meet. We met and had a nice talk for like 3 hours until 3:30am. I don’t know and I don’t think I can find any logical explanation why I trusted him enough to hang out, but my intuition didn’t tell me to avoid him. And of course nothing happened. That proved me one more time that it is worth listening to our intuition as it know whether we are in danger or not.

This was a long but eventful day knowing new places and new people! 🙂

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