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Day 6-7 – Leaving and summarizing Las Vegas

Day 6 – Preparation

As yesterday I only slept 3 hours after coming back from Grand Canyon, I decided to take another lazy day. This is my last full day at the hotel, so I started to arrange and pack my suitcase. After eating a fancy breakfast, I went out to do laundry.

Salmon and shrimp cocktail

Arriving to the laundromat I was totally lost with all the washing machine in different size, drier and I just couldn’t figure out how this worked. I asked the worker there, where I can buy washing powder and she showed me a machine where I had to put quarter dollars in to get the product. After that I looked for washing machine and ended up paying 4.5 dollars. I noticed there were smaller sized machine, which cost less and would be more than enough for my amount of clothes but I was like, ok this is a learning fee. The machine washed my clothes for 29 minutes and then I put it in the drier for another 45 minutes, only because I set the first 27 minutes as low warm. Of course my clothes didn’t dry. Waiting at the laundromat I felt sad and lonely again, as I was thinking about my ex. Going back to the hotel I had to let my emotion flow out to release the pressure in me. Luckily it worked 😀

I went out to find walgreen to withdraw more money, as I realized the hotel ATM took too much transaction fee, than walgreen or cvs ATM. I walked up to the Strips again, at first I could withdraw money easily, the second time I couldn’t. I had to wait for the next day to use it again. I arrived back and started to count my expense and I got stressed again for spending too much. After an hour of stressing and overthinking I calmed myself down by saying I will earn this back. No worries!

Then I sat down to write my thesis. It was hard at first, but I was thinking about my purpose of coming here and about the challenge that I already announced, I decided to gather my energy and write at least 1 more page. I managed to write 4 pages. It was incredible since for 3 months at home I hardly brought myself to write 3 pages, here in 6 days I managed to write in total 6 pages. Then I planned my course and started to edit a video about Las Vegas. I don’t know when I will get done with it, but working on it. Around 9:30pm I was done with all, and started to pack my suitcase. I went to bed around 10pm.

Day 7 – Leaving and reflecting

Today I’m leaving Las Vegas. I asked the hotel to let me check-out late, so in the morning after ordering another fancy room service breakfast, I finished packing and wrote 1 more page of thesis.

Steak and eggs

Around 12:30 I checked out. I guess I have lived a really luxurious life here in Vegas as my room service fee was 120 dollars for 5 days. Leaving the hotel I walked straight to the bus station. On google maps it showed it took 1 hour by walk. I made it in 2 hours. The weather was hot and sunny too, it didn’t feel like it’s the middle of winter at all. I could see the rest of the Strips and once again I was amazed by Vegas. Although it’s a popular city, there is no big crowd, that fact itself won me. It’s vibrant and full of energy but didn’t cross the limit, I mean I can still take the intense vibe in. It consists a lot of culture with its different hotels and casinos. There are a lot of tourist too. Honestly I can’t even tell who the locals are. All the decoration, the water fountains, the trees and the big mountains around the city, all are fabulous.

Dancing water with rainbow

But of course in life everything has 2 sides. The center of tourist attraction is beautiful but outside the center is another world. I wrote before about the other side of Vegas. It’s a part where they are either renovating or building something new. The places are full of construction, the buildings are not that modern or there is no building at all, the neighbourhood simply feels creepy.

I walked through all these part, looking at the place already gave me goosebumps, looking at the people I got scared even if they only say Hi to me. Either bringing all my stuff made me nervous or I simply got paranoid. When I saw the bus station I felt relieved and I stayed there from 3pm to 1am the next day, as my bus left at that time.

Reflecting on 2017 and planning 2018 with Yearcompass

I wanted to work on my laptop, but felt it wouldn’t be a great idea to show my computer, so I closed my last year and planned my next year with yearcompass. I received the notebook from Láthatatlan Egyetem (Invisible University) where I’m doing volunteer work. I have to admit it’s a really effective and productive way to reflect, rearrange events happened this year and to plan the next year. There was a part where I had to write down things that I still need to let go and forgive. I wrote forgiving and letting go my ex-boyfriend. I didn’t know it would be that hard to let him go as I still feel he owns me. But I also realized keeping him don’t do any good to me either, as he probably doesn’t care. I could feel the weight in my chest and every time I looked at the sentence I cried. I pushed myself to let it go, but of course feeling is not something you can tell to disappear and it will. After thinking of it for 15 minutes I moved on planning my next year. I wrote down all what I want to have and that helped me staying motivated.

Yearcompass, to arrange the last year and plan the next one

I also realized that there are so many good, positive things happening around me, but why I kept making myself sad by focusing on the negative ones. So  I turned my focus on how much I achieved in these 7 days. Just the fact that I’m alive and could stand up again is a blessing, beside this I can name at least 10 more. So instead of thinking about one bad event that my ex left me, I turned my focus on the positive and supportive facts that I have or have achieved.*

I realized I am luckier than I think and I’m really thankful to all of you! 🙂

*Note: I hope you also write down all the positive things you have or have achieved that makes you feel better and keep that with yourself so it gives you strength and energy during tough times.

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