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Day 8 – How not to sightsee in Los Angeles

Yesterday after waiting at the bus station for 10 hours I finally could get on the bus heading to Los Angeles. Of course it didn’t go smooth. I didn’t know I had to check-in my luggage so right before getting on the bus the worker told me to do so. When I was about to put my luggage in the bus, the same person told me to give my ticket to the driver. I felt so blunt. The bus departed and went all along the highway from where I could see the Strips. I already missed Las Vegas. A bit later I fell asleep and couldn’t move until I arrived to LA.

Shock in LA

The road lasted 7 hours, I arrived to LA at 8am. I wanted to walk to the hostel, but the neighbourhood scared me and I didn’t know the right way so I took taxi. It took 15 minutes to get to the hostel and I paid 22 dollars. It was too early to check-in, but fortunately the owner let me check-in early. I took a bath right away and then went out to sightsee. Of course without any exact plan and map. I walked to the main street and was dumbfounded as I couldn’t figure out nor the way nor the public transport. Fortunately there is a metro station nearby, going down there I bought a TAP card for 8 dollars, which works as ticket. I asked a man there how to get to Hollywood and he showed me to take the red line metro.

I went all the way up to North Hollywood, but didn’t see anything special, instead I freaked out. Then went back to Universal studio station, just to find out I need to get on the shutte to see something else more. So I went back to Hollywood Highlands, where I found Walk of fame and a bunch of people. A guy stopped and gave me his CD about his song saying he tries to become famous. Then he asked for tip. I was surprised but for some reason I didn’t want to make a mess, so just wanted to give him 3 dollars, then he asked if he could have 2 dollars more. I started to get annoyed , but still gave him. I guess I should have given back the CD and told him to get out.

Walk of fame

With the hope that I would find something interesting I walked along the way down, but nothing caught my eyes. The weather was extremely hot too, I thought it was summer. There is a shopping center from where the Hollywood sign can be seen. I saw that too. I even saw a man earning money by putting people’s name on the star sign on Walk of fame. Well, I guess earning money is eventually not that hard. You either give a CD and ask for tips for no concret reason or just glue a name on star sign.

Hollywood sign from far
Hollywood Highland

And then I tried to find a way to Beverly Hills until I got tired with everything. Everywhere is people and seeing their behaviour made me annoyed. I guess it’s partly because I was hungry and sleepy too. So I went back to the hostel. Of course typical me, I was lost the moment I got out of the metro station. I wanted to eat, but didn’t feel like sitting in anywhere so I went to the store to buy water and ramen. And they charge 10 cents for plastic bag too.

Fortunately I can cook at the hostel so making a ramen was easy. Then I searched the map and tourist attraction of LA. I calmed down and felt more organized after searching the way, public transport to get to places. I was too tired to do anything so I felt asleep until 6pm. I woke up, had a bath and then I’m writing my blog diary.

So how to go sightseeing in LA:

  • Have a plan
  • Have a map
  • Eat before you go
  • Have enough sleep before you go
  • Prepare yourself for the crowd
  • Have a cap and sunglasses
  • If someone wants to give you something, he/she wants something back in return
  • If someone asks money from you and you don’t want to give, just leave and move on

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