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Day 9 – Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills, Grove and getting lost

As yesterday I searched the places on the map and took picture of it, today I found my way easier. I woke up at 7am and left at 8am. First I took the bus 20 wanted to go to Rodeo Drive, until I arrived to the terminal and realized I got on the wrong bus. I asked the driver where I could take the bus going back, he laughed at me but he understood that I was far away from home for holiday. He showed me where to wait for the next bus and even gave me a transfer ticket that I can use for the whole day. I couldn’t believe it, my pass from yesterday expired which means I should refill it, but this man helped me out by giving me a ticket for the whole day. I could only use it on bus, so on metro I still had to buy 1 ride ticket, with that I spent 3,75 dollars for the public transportation today, instead of 7 dollars. I’m really thankful to the bus driver! That showed me kind and good people do exist!

At Rodeo drive

It took me 1 hour to get to Rodeo Drive where there are lots of famous brand shops. From there I went along the Beverly Park and I found the Beverly Hills sign. Along the way it was really good to see green, tall palm trees. I tried to take selfie but the sun shined right into my eyes. It was so hot.

Palm trees
Beverly park

The next spot was the Grove. It took me almost another 30 minutes to figure out the way until I gave up and asked a man for direction. He kindly showed me the way, then after walking like 10 minutes I found the bus station and decided to take the bus instead of walking. Los Angeles is a big city, I can’t just walk everywhere like in Las Vegas. Arriving to the Grove there were so many shops. Eating, drinking, shopping clothes, souvenir shop and markets. At farmer markets you can eat and buy souvenirs. It feels like Christmas market in Hungary. There was a big Christmas tree and Christmas songs were played. Sunshine, 26 celsius degree and Christmas tree were weird combination to me. Not to talk about Christmas songs when it’s hot. But of course they cannot change the weather, I guess for the local it’s normal.

Christmas tree with dancing water
The Grove

Here I ate in cheesecake factory. I didn’t eat anything proper since yesterday. I ordered Veggie burger and Cherry cheesecake. The burger was good, but I couldn’t finish the cheesecake. I guess sweet dessert is not for me anymore.

Cheesecake factory
Veggie burger
Cherry cheesecake

From there  I wanted to go to Universal city, Wisdom tree and Hollywood sign. I hardly got on the bus 222 to go up to Barham/Forest Lawn just to find out I can’t access nor see the Hollywood sign. I didn’t even see the Universal city either not to talk about Wisdom tree. After walking around there to figure out that was a private property for renting out appartments, I decided to go back, but the bus didn’t come even after 20 minutes. So I walked back on the way the bus came and when I finally got out to the drive-way I missed the bus 222. I had to wait another 40 minutes when another bus finally came and took me back to Hollywood Highlands. Actually I could see Universal City sign from the bus stop at the drive-way, so I guess I just needed to walk up there somehow to reach the destination. But it was already 4pm and since it was getting dark soon, I just wanted to get back to the hostel as soon as possible. I will visit these sign after I rent the car.

Where I got lost

From Hollywood Highland I took the metro to go back. Of course I was lost again after taking off the metro, but fortunately I arrived back before it was dark. Since yesterday evening I kept hearing the siren, today I found out it was siren of fire department. I wonder what’s happening that they have to go everywhere with siren on.

Now I’m writing this post and then I will write at least one more page for my thesis. I didn’t write yesterday, today I have to get back to the routine, so I start small.

Tomorrow I will visit Chinatown and Little Tokyo to eat good food. 🙂

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