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Finish your undone project

As the situation of pandemic is getting more and more serious, we all should contribute by staying at home. Many companies already sent their employees to work from home, schools are closed down and teachers are preparing to teach the students online. Working and studying take up at least 6 hours, sleeping 8 hours. 10 hours left. We wonder how to spend those time.


My HAVE TO activites

Writing thesis

Practice languages

As this is my last semester at university, I have to write thesis. When I have at least 3 hours free continuously, I write the thesis. If I only have less than 3 hours time (due to online teaching) I search for the sources, read them and trying to organize my thought as well as getting inspiration and ideas. I’m trying to write at least 1000 letters everyday.

The other part is to improve my Korean language skill. As a student majoring in Korean studies, I can’t proudly say that I speak the language fluently. Now I have time to revise the learnt grammar and practice them. I download the exercises, mainly TOPIK exercises and while doing them, if I don’t understand a grammar structure I look for it to understand the usage.

Of course no matter how hardworking I am, I can’t spend all of that 10 hours to study and write thesis. More exactly I’m struggling to do so. As I mainly stay at home, I feel extremely lazy doing anything related to school. Therefore I wrote a list of the things I plan to do after graduation. Then I focus on it. No matter how lazy I am, I decide to do at least one productive activity a day. If I don’t feel like studying, I should at least read in Korean, write blog or watch films either in Korean or the topic should relate to my thesis or do one in any of these:

Probably you also have some ideas what you have always wanted to do but due to the everyday activities you couldn’t even start. Now is the best time to start. Here are some ideas:

Write a book

Create Vlog

If you have always wanted to write a book but could never find time to do so, now is the best time. Since you are stuck at home (for your and the world’s safety) you can find more than enough time to sit down and create your dream story.

Since ebook is an option now, you don’t have to worry about publishing. In addition, it’s a good opportunity for you to learn new skill as well, since marketing ebook online also requires learning.

If you are not really a writing person but more likely a speaking one who likes to create Vlog, then it’s also a good time to launch your first video series. Find a special, unique theme that shows your personality and as long as you are persistent you can be successful in it.

If you don’t have a previous video editing experience it’s also a good time for you to learn so. Many tutorials are on Youtube and blogs.

Learn new skill online

Start your dream project

To be honest online teaching is not a new method. It already existed and became trendy at least for 2 years now. I learnt webdesign online as well. Of course I don’t say they are all cheap, but since it’s becoming a competitive industry, you can always find one with a reasonable price and quality curriculum.

Program coding is not a cheap course, I still could find one with an affordable annual payment without time limit of when to finish the course at Codeberry. (If you sign up through my site, you get 15 USD discount.)

Beside that Youtube has almost all kinds of tutorials and teaching platforms like Udemy, Teachable also have good offers.

Opportunities are all given. 

Let it be a startup, blog, online course or anything, you can start it now. Since you don’t go anywhere and have free time to do some research, you can carry out your dream project. 

One of my biggest life goal is to build a school made from recycled material. After watching a video about a girl from Zanzibar making bricks from the wine bottle waste, I also got the idea to build a school with the same method in remote areas. On one hand it is helpful for the environment, on the other hand the children in those areas can have the basic education. 

In order to do that, I decide to find informations about how to help the environment and I will collect them in a separate website. Once I finish setting it up, I will promote it.

Now is the best period for you to make your dream project come true.

Keep yourself fit

Set up your healthy menu

Since we are stuck at home, doing exercise is limited. Which is not healthy either. According to the news, in this period we have to strengthen our immune system, so beside taking Vitamins, we should also move enough. 

You can start doing simple exercises at home like sit-up, push up, yoga. You can find many of them on Youtube or another sites as well. 

In addition, if you have garden, you can always do gardening. With that you also create a beautiful backyard to enjoy, especially since sunny weather is coming.

If not, then deep-cleaning your house will also keep you fit, since you have to move around a lot. You can finish your day with easy stretching, so your muscle can relax. At the same time your house is well disinfected.

Our eating habit is as important as sport. Make sure you set a certain regular time when to eat everyday. Experts also say it’s better to eat 5 times in small portions rather than 3 times in bigger ones. 

The other part is what. Since you might not move around too much, eating vegetable and fruit help you better with digestion as it contains fibre.

I’m also learning how to create a better diet, so I’m also doing research and reading about it. Parallel with this, of course I need to learn how to cook. This is also a good time to learn that since there is nothing better to do anyway. Moreover our health should always come first.

Here are some tips, I can recommend you to do. I’m still in process of organizing my day in order to be able to do all of this. Like it or not, the pandemic might last for months. Instead of sitting and scrolling through the social media, there is always a better activity to do. Time will flow anyway. It all depends on us how we spend it. Since now we have to stay at home (for our and the world’s safety), use this time productively and carry out all the things you have always wanted to do but couldn’t. Or finish the one that you have started. 

Hope you have a productive day! 🙂

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