First time facing adulthood as freshman

Yesterday I announced to write post series about how I started blogging. I’m going to start from the moment I got into the university and step into the world with one foot.

In 2013 I graduated from High School with a result that I knew I would get into university but not sure which one. I chose 5 places, Tourism in 3 different uni, English, French major. That time my brother asked me why I wanted to study language in Higher Education and told me to study Tourism.

Honestly that time I didn’t know what I wanted to study, I didn’t even want to go to university in Hungary. I wanted to study abroad, but I wasn’t confident with my English that time and didn’t want to invest 15.000Ft (55USD) to try it. Though the education would be free of charge, but the living cost wasn’t. Even though I knew I would work while studying but I didn’t know how to survive the first 2 months. Our financial condition wasn’t the best either. So I decided to study in Hungary and then go abroad to study for half year with scholarship. Then if I like it there, I will apply again.

Therefore I wanted to study something easy to get a good grade easily. Language has always been my strong subject so studying it should be a piece of cake. I didn’t listen to my brother. I didn’t even understand why I had to. It was my choice, my life, my career. Why do I have to let others determine my choice, my future? I changed the order of the majors I wanted to get in. English, French, Tourism.

When my entrance exams were done I knew it would be hard to get into English major and yes… in the end I got into French with scholarship. I didn’t know whether I should be happy or not. On one hand I didn’t have to pay tuition fee. On the other hand I wasn’t sure whether I could handle studying French for 3 years. Still I hoped for the best.

Summer came, and I told myself I can’t ask money from my parents anymore. I was searching for students job, applying for a countless one just to realize that I couldn’t as I wasn’t a student. I didn’t have valid student card as I was out of high school but wasn’t in university yet. I let it go. Finally in September I got a job in clothes shop of our acquaintance.

September came and my first day started. I took the class, where Hungarian teachers started the lesson in French. I was happy if I could understand the personal pronouns. When I had History it was taught by a French native teacher, I thought I was going to drop out. I didn’t even know how to talk on daily basis, but already had to study History in French.

I chose English minor to feel better, just to realize I had to give it up after one semester.

Beside the university struggle, I had personal problems. I had to get driving license, do jaw surgery and I enrolled in a dance class cost 200.000Ft ( 740USD) which lasted for only half year. All was money and due to the dance class I had a big fight with my brother. I even questioned who I actually was. (I will write further about these in the next post.)

Many problem aroused, I had to study on weekdays and work at the weekend. I was on the verge of nervous breakdown and wanted to give up everything. I wanted to travel somewhere all by myself. And in this situation I accidentally got a chance to go to the USA for the 3 months summertime.

“When you let go what you have to do and decide to do something you wish, the universe will conspire to help you making it happen.”

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