Historical and fascinating Rome

We flew from Vienna to Rome on 18th and stayed there until 22nd of July. In the ancient era Italy used to be one of the strongest country. Therefore there are many historical monuments left there that visitors can see. That’s why there are many tourists as well. From the pictures I was amazed by its fountain, but the reality was a bit different.

Day 1

We arrived at 4pm and got to our apartment by minibus from the airport. I was so tired after many days of running so that time I didn’t have more energy to find a route more. So we wanted to go to our apartment by taxi but a man told us that there were minibus that took us door-to-door. We took it. We arrived to the apartment. The flat was so beautiful. The design and the colour suit really well. We loved it. That day we only stayed at home to have a rest.

Day 2

The next day on 19th we went to see the Piazza Venezia then visited the Fountain di Trevi. That fountain was remade in Las Vegas and even there I was fascinated by it. Now I could see it in person and I was amazed by its architecture. However the number of visitors were incredible. You could see only people everywhere. Then we visited the Colosseum and Forum Romanum. We didn’t go inside, only took a walk around it. There were so many people and waiting for the line would take 1 hour. The weather was so hot and sunny as well. After taking a walk around it we wanted to go to another sightseeing place. It was just 12pm. So we decided to go to Vatican. We took a metro B from Circus Maximus to Termini and then changed to metro A to Ottaviano – San Pietro.

There were so many people as well. The sellers wanted to make us buy “Skip the line” ticket to go inside the St Peter basilica and Sistine chapel. The price was 35EUR per person so we didn’t buy it. We only went to St. Peter’s square and took some photos of the basilica. We also walked to Castel Sant’Angelo. They were all near to river Tevere. We stayed at the Vatican for a while as we lost each other. Then we went home by bus 23 and tram 8.  That day we only stayed at home as everyone was exhausted by the sun and heat.

Day 3

The next day we decided to stay at home until the weather cool down. So we left the house at 5:30pm. We wanted to go inside the Vatican but we missed it as we took another route to get to Vatican that was 1.5 hours. So we walked to Piazza Navona to see the fountain of 4 rivers. Around a tall column there were 4 statues that represent the 4 big river in 4 big continents.

By the time we walked back to Vatican it already got dark and we could see the river and the Vatican with its light. They were amazing. Vatican with its lights reflected its power. I could feel how powerful it was, just like when I see it in the picture or film scene. We went home after.

Day 4

The next day we decided to wake up early to enter the Basilica early. We arrived there by 6am and waited until 7am to go inside. It was glorious. Then at 7:45 the cupola was opened so we climbed up. It was 520 steps in total. But it was worth. From up there you could see the whole San Pietro square, the area around it, Vatican Museum and the Vatican itself. Vatican is a separated country. You can see the garden and the place where the Pope live. It is surrounded by the wall as if it is a forteresse. You could see the difference from Vatican and Rome. Rome is full of houses and cars, but Vatican is only green area with only one building. We stayed up there for 1 hour then went back home to have breakfast and pack up.

We only rented the flat for 3 days until 21st. But our planned changed so we decided to stay untill 22nd. However the flat didn’t have more place for that date so we had to move to another place which was near to Tribune station. So we went there and took a bit of rest until we left for Spagna to see Spanish steps and another fountain over there. We took a small walk, ate pizza and went to Villa Borghese.

I was so tired and didn’t feel myself either due to the early wake up. The heat also killed me. So after staying a bit in Villa Borghese we took the bus 495 to go back to our accommodation. We only had a rest and then slept until the next day.

Interesting fact

  • Just like Vienna, there are no inspector on trams or buses. You can enter the vehicle anywhere and validate your ticket at a machine, but no one check whether you have validated or not. However, in subway, you need to validate your ticket so the door opens and lets you go to metro. (We tried to go by buses and trams, rather than metro). I would still suggest you to buy tickets so you don’t need to stress. You can also walk, since all of the attractions are in walking distances.
  • In summer Rome is hot and is full of people. Be prepared with water and sunscreen.
  • Almost everywhere has a drinkable water fountain (especially in Vatican), so take a water bottle with you all the time.
  • Public toilets cost money. Where I was they usually cost 1 EUR.
  • The Italian speaks English, but not a lot. If you speak any neo-latin languages such as, Spanish, Rumanian, French, it can help you to understand them.

From my point of view, Rome is beautiful due to its fountain and their background. The Vatican is also interesting. There are many small and narrow streets that makes this city even more exciting. But in summer the heat is really strong and it is crowded. Due to many people and the heat I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted. I think Rome is more worth visiting in spring or autumn.

Useful links

Public transport fares and tickets:
You can buy tickets either at newsagents, tobacco shops or at the subway station. However, the vehicles are always full and everything in Rome is in walking distance, so in my opinion it’s better to walk in Rome, of course only if you don’t mind.

Different public transport map:

Tourist map: (free PDF download)

Fountains of Rome and their short history:


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