How 2018 passed – there is always good in a bad event

One year has passed and it’s time to go through and reflect on the last year to head into the new year with clearer mind. This is what happened to me in 2018.

I started blogging

More exactly I started blogging actively. I have had my blog since 2016, but I didn’t have idea what to write about. At the end of 2017 my boyfriend that time decided to end the relationship when I had a flight ticket back to him for one month. That sorrow was the reason I started to blog more actively. It worked like a therapy to accept, reflect and get over the heartbreak. Who knew a sad event would help me to share my experience and visions to the world.

I started New Year in Los Angeles at a Buddhist master’s place

Instead of one month I decided to spend only two weeks in the US visiting Las Vegas and Los Angeles. At new year time I rented a car to drive around. My mum’s Buddhist master lived there, so I decided to visit him. In the end I got to spend New Year’s Eve at his place with many other Vietnamese people. I even met people from Hungary. It convinced me that the world is so small. The night went on with a lot of useful lesson that helped me to define my long-term goals.

I participated in Korean speech contest in Romania

Though my Korean language knowledge wasn’t good, I still applied for this speech contest as I really wanted to challenge myself. I didn’t win the contest but I learnt a wise lesson. Winning is important but it’s not everything. The road leading to that point is more meaningful. I had a chance to use Korean in real situation. I had three days where I had free food and free nice accommodation. I got to visit a new place which was basically for free. It’s not the goal that is important but the process until there. I learnt to cherish every moment of it.

I went to a wedding in Poland

It was a wedding of my parents’ friend. They came to Hungary once, so I know them. The funny part of this was that I planned to go there with my mum, but due to some family issues she had to stay at home. At the end me alone went there to represent my family and congratulate them. It was a bit unexpected but once again I got to meet the Vietnamese abroad, had free food and accommodation, visited a new place. Moreover it was a time period I had a lot of work up to the point I didn’t even realize I was working 7 days a week from morning to evening while writing my thesis. This trip made me realize we should slow down for a while to enjoy the life.

I graduated

I will never forget how I decided to go to university. I only wanted to apply for a scholarship to study abroad and try myself whether study abroad would fit me. In the end I didn’t apply for any. I even changed major which lead to the fact that I spent 5 years at university instead of 3 years. That 5 years was hard, but now looking back it was the most memorable one. I joined a non-profit organization where I could hold trainings and had a chance to do public speaking. I worked in the USA for 3 summers. I went to Romania, Korea thanks to the uni. Things that I wanted to do or try university helped me.

I went on Europe tour visiting France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Austria

My aunt and nephew came to Hungary for a month. So I took them on a trip around Europe visiting 9 cities in two weeks. It was one of the most challenging things I ever did. Planning the trip, booking accommodation, doing a tour guide job and handling all the situations along the road. It wasn’t easy but in return I got new experience how to organize a trip as well as handling people’s behaviour.

I participated in International Youth Forum in Korea

It was a spontanous program announced by my university professor. I applied for it but didn’t have much expectation. Miraculously I was accepted. It was an one-week program with 180 participants from 52 countries around the world. Everything was covered and the flight ticket was refunded until a certain amount. It was one of the most useful and joyful one week with many up-to-date knowledge not only about the world but about the different cultures as well.
Not to talk about I arrived 3 days earlier which I could spend the way I wanted. In a humid, hot weather I decided to climb up to a 836 metres high mountain, where I was convinced that we can achieve anything as long as we are determined to.

Cat also climb 836.5 metres to see the view

I travelled to Dubai

My layover to Korea was in Dubai. So I decided to spend there few days before going back to Hungary. It was another challenging solo trip solely because of the hot, humid weather. But the accommodation I had was the best one. The room was just like the one in Hilton, with private bathroom. The view from the room opened to the Palm Island. And the price was affordable. Besides, I was convinced how hard work can build up a modern city in the middle of the desert.

Ocean view from my accommodation

I went on a business trip to Vietnam

My university gave me a chance to participate in Education Fair held in Vietnam. The unexpected part was that I went alone representing the whole school. I was even ill that time and was left speechless when I knew this. However, the work ended much better than I thought. In 4 days I visited Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. And in such a short time I got to meet my friends and relatives. It was a short but productive trip.

I started Master studies

Just because of a promised opportunity I started the master studies. However, after the first semester I kinda questioned the worth of it. It was the hardest semester I ever had. After 17 years of going to school, this was the first semester I had to study even during autumn break. When I arrived home at 7pm I still had to study. No question that the level is much much harder than during bachelor year, but I can feel that my Korean language skill got better and it gave me more motivation to keep improving myself. Besides I still enjoy the opportunities university have.

As you could see, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There is always a bad in a good and good in a bad event. The main point is to find a good in everything. By going through our last year we can see what mistake we made and learn from it. That way we can start the new year with more consciousness and wisdom. Changing what needs to be changed and keeping what works for us.

Happy New Year to all my readers. Thank you for being here! 🙂

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