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How cheap is Pristhina?

I visited Pristhina, the capital city of the new country, Kosovo. It was an interesting experience going to a place where there are many rumours about its safety. But one thing is for sure, it’s safe to travel to Pristhina. Though the city is not modern yet, you can feel the ambiance of its own culture and history. Another best thing is the price. It’s so cheap to be there. Here you can see why. I travelled there with my mom, so the prices below are for two people.


We stayed in a guesthouse not far from the city centre. Around 18 minutes walking, according to Google Maps. We had a separate room with private bathroom. In the guesthouse there was a kitchen where we could cook as well. For two people for 4 nights, it cost 72 EUR.


We flew with Wizzair, low-cost airline. It was a return ticket. We paid in Hungarian Forint, therefore the price for one person was around 18.5 EUR, so for two was around 37 EUR.


From the airport to the city centre, there is no public transport. Therefore taxi is the only solution. The taxi without taxi meter charged us 25 EUR. The taxi with taxi meter charged us 15 EUR. So it’s advisable to ask if the taxi has taxi meter or not. If not, don’t get on it.
In the city center, due to the big snow, we had to take a taxi. Going 2,4km we were charged 1.90 EUR. We took a taxi twice so it was 3.80 EUR in total.

Bus fare

There are buses in Pristhina. One way cost 0.40 EUR, which you pay when you get on the bus. We took a bus twice and for two people, so in total it’s 1.60 EUR.
However, the bus system is funny. You only see the bus stop, but you don’t know which bus stops there and where it goes. Because the bus stops don’t have name. On the bus, you only see what number it is, but you don’t know where it exactly goes. So it’s advisable to ask the bus driver where it goes.


In the city centre, you can see many shoe shop. Usually they expose it in front of the shop. If you buy there, one pair of shoes can be as low as 13 EUR. The quality is fine as well.


We bought ingredients to cook and eat at the guesthouse. We bought pasta, tomato, spinach, mushroom, chips, candy. All of them for 4 days were 11.35 EUR in total.

Food (in restaurant)

A 30 cm pizza cost 3 EUR. A burger cost 5,36 EUR. A traditional food of Tave Veal cost 8.40 EUR. A salmon cost 11.30 EUR. I even gave them a tip of around 3.3 EUR in total.


I hardly found a souvenir shop at the end of the Mother Teresa Boulevard. A magnet cost 2 EUR there. I bought three magnets and a postcards. All cost 7 EUR. Then we bought 6 boxes of traditional sweets of Kosovo in the supermarket (Albi market), each cost between 1.50 – 2.50 EUR. At the airport the same sweet cost 4 EUR. So it’s advisable to buy gifts in the city.

Museum tip

We visited the Etnographic Museum, which was free of charge but we could give them a tip. So I gave them 10 EUR, since the museum was small, but interesting and we had a guide too.

If you count it all and look at the price of each item, you will see that Pristhina is not an expensive place. In 4 days we spent 259.11 EUR, which includes the airplane ticket and the accommodation as well. It’s around 130 EUR for 1 person. Therefore it’s advisable to visit Kosovo until the price is cheap.

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