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How I rearranged my daily routine

I finally finished my thesis and submitted it on 22nd of April and I realized my real quarantine only starts now. For two days it was pretty strange for me since I wasn’t sure what to do with myself and how to spend my days. Luckily inside I always felt I wanted to do something useful. Thanks to that my blog finally have a logo.

I realized I need to have a plan so I don’t waste time. A proper plan what I want to accomplish by the time this whole period ends. So I made a list of the result I want to get.

In order to accomplish this I need to track my activites each day to have a clear vision what I spend my days with. I have just started tracking my days, where I write down at what time what I do. For this I was thinking whether I should write them in notebook or into excel. In the end I choose notebook as it’s more handy for me.

Everyday I make sure I do any of these activities:

I challenge you to…

Write down your goals

Quarantine period has lasted for more than a month now. Hopefully you already formed your new daily routine to spend your time wisely. But in case you still wonder what to do, I suggest you to write down goals you want to accomplish by the time we get back to our normal daily life. It doesn’t have to be big goals. Simple things like learning a new recipe, waking up at 7am….etc is fine.

The moment you get the goals, write them down. On you can find nice templates that you can customize to your taste that boost your mood to plan your days. The templates I used are also from there.

Plan your days – incorporate new habit

After you see the goals, it will be clearer how to spend each of your day to achieve them. You can find effective daily planners on as well. However you need to note that incorporating a new habit is not something that you get the result right away. You need to stay patience, make them a part of your day and do them constantly.

For example if you want to have a muscular body and you have never worked out a lot before, you can’t force yourself to do 100 push up right at the first day. 1st day you only do as much as you can handle. The 2nd day you increase the amount and keep increasing day by day. That way you can form a new habit and enjoy the process at the moment.

Track your activites

And lastly, track your daily activities to have a clear idea how you REALLY spend your day. After a week of continuous tracking you will see whether you need to change your daily habit and how.

I have also started mine and for the upcoming time I will share my tracked daily routine every week to see how I successfully formed it on my Facebook page and on my Instagram story. It’s going to be a challenge for me as well. But let’s use this lockdown period to our benefit and let’s improve together!

In summary:

  • Set up goals you want to achieve by the time quarantine is over
  • Plan your day that helps you to achieve the goals
  • Track your daily activities either in a notebook or electronically

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