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How much do you need for 4 days in Korea?

This post is about my expense in Seoul. Since the main reason I went to Korea was the International Youth Forum where they provided everything, my expense was only for the 4 days before the forum. From 13th to 17th August. All the prices are in WON.
1 USD ∼ 1112 WON.

Public transport ticket

Total spent amount: 36.750 won

From the airport I had to buy a single, seperate one that cost 9000 won. I went by airport bus 6008 to the city. For the public transport, you need to buy T-money card that you reload. When you use it an amount (around 1250 won) will be deducted.

If you buy a single journey ticket, you will also get a card and it is refundable. Once you see a refund machine just put the card in and you get 500 won back. For the T-money card you also get refund of the amount that is on the card and the cost of the card which is 2500 won. You get refund up to 20000 won. If you have more on the card, you need to find an office where you can get refund.

T-money card can be purchased at vending machine or at GS25 stores or any stores that has the sign of T-money. At the store the cost of my card was 4000 won, while from the machine it should be just 2500 won. So it’s better to find a vending machine that sells T-money card. Note: not every vending machine sells T-money card.
More about T-money card, click here.


Price for 4 nights: 77.000 won

It was a guesthouse called Dadareum Guesthouse.


  • Flower ice cream (in Myeongdong): 6000 won
  • Drink: 25.500 won
    Drinks are from coffee shops like Gong Cha. A bubble tea and other drinks cost on average 6000 won.
  • Street food (in Namdaemun): 3000 won
    Where I ate, 1 kimbap cost 1000 won and omuk cost 2000 won.
  • Fruit: 7000 won
    I bought fruit from a street shop. The owner didn’t understand English and I couldn’t express myself in Korean, so in the end I just accepted whatever price he said. You can probably buy fruit cheaper than 7000 won.
  • Food: 27.400 won
    A meal (e.g.: bowl of Bibimbap) cost around 6000-8000 won in a smaller restaurant. A complete set for more than 2 people cost from 18000-30000 won or more. I ate bowl of Mulnaengmyon, Soybean soup, Bibimkuksu and Bibimbap.


  • Lucky pocket: 2000 won
    1 pocket is 1000 won.
  • Magnet: 11.500 won
    1 magnet cost around 3000-4000 won
  • Comic book: 7900 won
  • Entrance to Changdeokgung: 3000 won
    (For the secret garden the price is 8000 won, which includes the palace as well. You need a tour guide to access the garden. I didn’t go there.)

Total: 207.050 won ∼ 186 USD 

This is an amount for minimum spending and for only 4 days (flight ticket is not included). If you want to shop or eat more authentic food, you will need to spend more. However, you can find goods for pretty good price in place like Myeongdong, Dongdaemun or Namdaemun.

For the accommodation, I recommend you to live near to the place you want to spend the most. Seoul is huge. If I sightsee for 6 hours then 3 hours is for travelling. So if your accommodation is near to places you want to see, you can save on public transport ticket. Good accommodation takes time. Look around the websites to find a value for money accommodation.

Here is a link from where you can book a place to stay with reduced price:

For local’s apartment, experiences: ( If you use this link, after signing up, you will receive Ft9,000 (∼US$32) off of your first trip that worth Ft21,000 (∼US$75) or more. I will get Ft4500 (∼US$16) travel credit to finance my accommodation while travelling.)

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