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How much does a Europe trip cost?

So my Europe trip came to an end. The trip took place between 11th and 28th July. However the part I organized was from 11th to 25th of July. So in this post I am going to share with you the expense of this trip for 4 people. 3 adults and 1 child. It was a trip of 14 days and we visited 9 cities: Paris – Versailles, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Venice. All the price are in EUR.










The number in bracket shows the number of nights we spent in each accommodation.

The price includes all the city tax, VAT, and cleaning fees in case of apartment. In Rome and Florence we stayed in apartment.

It would be much more logical to have 2 nights in Amsterdam and then go straight back to Brussels Airport. But the price of hotels in Amsterdam was too high, so we could only afford 1 night.

There are two Rome because our planned changed, so we stayed in Rome for 1 more night, but unfortunately the apartment we stayed before was fully booked. So we had to find another one.










This is the transportation between cities. Originally I planned to fly to Paris and then go to Lyon and from there to Vienna, back to Budapest. Then later go to Italy with the whole family. But I realized I had graduation ceremony in Budapest so this plan had to be cancelled and I had to come home earlier.

Fortunately at Ouibus the cancelled ticket can be redeemed for another route. So that’s why we decided to go to Brussels and Amsterdam, where I redeemed this ticket.

Since flying from Brussels to Budapest would be the cheapest solution, we had to go back to Brussels from Amsterdam. The ticket I booked on Flixbus was suddenly changed to Antwerp but I couldn’t cancel my hotel booking in Brussels for that night, so I had to buy another ticket back to Brussels. I cancelled and redeemed that ticket. But I had to pay the difference which was 30,91 EUR. That’s why you see the ‘+’ sign there.











Paris-Versailles: Paris is divided by zones and each zones need its own ticket. I only had ticket for zone 1-3, but Versailles was in zone 4, so I had to buy another ticket there.

We stayed in Rome for 4 days, but we only had ticket for 1 day. So next time when we had to use metro we had to buy another single tickets. 4 of us had to buy 2 tickets for each and that makes 8. 1 single ticket costs 1,5 EUR. So this makes 12 EUR. (In the next post I will gather the websites where you can check the tickets and fares of each cities.)

I checked the shuttle bus’ price from Brussels to Charleroi airport and it would cost 56 EUR for 4. There wasn’t a big difference comparing to taxi and we could go comfortably so I chose the taxi. But it dropped us in the parking lot which was a bit further from the airport entrance. The bus drops you right at the entrance of the airport.

In Rome I was too tired to find a way back to the hotel so I just ordered a minibus instead.









This is an expense of the food in total during our trip. Thankfully we stayed in apartment in Rome and Florence so we could make our own food. Therefore we could save on it. My mum also paid for the food which is around +300 EUR (I forgot to put it in the table).

When we went to churches, for example Notre Dame, St. Stephen’s Basilica, we donated some euros. I don’t remember the exact number but it should be more or less 8 EUR in total.

Public toilet costs everywhere. Usually they are 1 EUR or less.

In Florence we did shopping at the street leather market. In total we could bargain the price down to 282 EUR. It consists of 17 scarfs, 8 leather bags.

If you add the totals it will be 3993,10 EUR. That means this trip would cost 998,28 EUR for 1 person.


I can’t really tell if this price is a lot or not. But sure it could be much cheaper, if I didn’t forget the graduation ceremony. Here are some tips for a better plan.

  • When you plan a trip for yourself or family, think thoroughly if you have any event in-between. Count with that!
  • Make a list where you want to go!
  • Organise your trip in a way that you don’t have to go back-and-forth. But make it a straight line!
  • Look around the website and compare them for a cheap price!
  • Tourist attractions in European cities are mostly close to each other. So if you don’t mind walking, walk instead of taking public transport.
  • If you decide to buy ticket. Think how much you will use them. If you know you will definitely use public transport more than 5 times, buy 24-hour ticket. If you stay for longer time in one city, consider buying 48- or even 72-hour ticket. But if you only use vehicles once or twice, then just buy single ticket.
  • Sometimes more means less. Count the total price of the trip before you book any ticket.
  • Book tickets that you know you can cancel or redeem. It gives more flexibility to change.
  • Staying in apartment or hostels provide you possibility to cook your own food. You can save the food expense by making your own food and taste the local food few times in-between.

Planning takes a lot of time and effort. This plan took me almost 2 weeks to plan, consult with family, search and book. But with a careful plan you can save money and see everything you want.

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