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4 things to remember when you prepare to travel alone

Many of us want to hit the world and see breathtaking places but most of us don’t get to achieve that. Is it because we don’t dare to travel alone or is it simply because we don’t know how to prepare for our solo travelling journey. Here are 4 points how to prepare for your first solo trip.

I used these points to prepare for my first solo journey and I do recommend this to those who travel alone for the first time. This was my first time going to the world totally alone as an ordinary girl, I was freaked out, so I needed to know everything about that city the more detailed the better.

Know Where Your Places Are Situated

If you don’t know where the places are and how to get there you will get frustrated, so search on different websites related to that country like how to get from the airport to the city and back. I use Google Maps to search how to get around in the city as well as the public transportation map and tourist map. Before you get on the plane to travel take photos of the maps with your phone since you don’t know if you can catch wifi in that country. When you arrive there ask for a tourist map. It is easy to find your way around the city with tourist map and of course you can ask the locals too.

Go Through The Prices

You don’t want to get in a situation like you think the bus ticket or the price of bread is as cheap as at home and then when you are there you realized that it’s double. The financing part is probably the most important part to plan. It’s even more significant if you go to places that is famous for there high cost. For example I live in Hungary and compares to Budapest, the prices are double or triple in Paris.

So before you go to a country check the prices there: the transportation, the meals, the price of the accomodation.. etc. And when you make your financial plan always count more than it is, so you won’t get surprised when something is more expensive and if it is cheaper than you thought you will be happy when after your journey there is money left.

Find Your ACCEPTABLE Accommodation

A good tips: when you are searching for the accommodation DO NOT go for the cheapest one, unless it’s a place that you are comfortable with.

In my case I only stayed in Paris for a night and a day, so I booked the cheapest room for three people in hostel. I stayed in the hostel for 8 hours, slept 5 hours, the room and the bathroom were so tiny, the bed was uncomfortable and the fact that I wasn’t alone I couldn’t sleep well. So in the morning I got up as soon as possible and then I left right away.

For this reason I tell you DO NOT go for the cheapest hostel, but go for the one that can make you feel comfortable and is near to places that you want to visit.

Know The Weather Of The Country

When I arrived in Brussels in June, I was totally surprised by the windy, cold and boring weather there. The temperature was approximately 15-18 degrees. Of course I didn’t bring any thick sweater and since I am afraid of cold, it was really chilly.

So remember to check the weather of the country that you are going to visit and prepare for it, so you won’t be surprised by the time you get there. If you want to go for sure then always bring with you a flip-flop/slipper, comfortable shoes, a thick hoodie, comfortable trousers, a raincoat and socks.

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