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How to travel and write thesis? – The beginning

After a break up, starting from 21st December I’m going on a 2-week solo trip to the USA and as I’m about to graduate from university, I need to finish my thesis by April. Since I didn’t really start to do it, I’m going to work on it during this trip.

How did this trip happen?

Origininally I was supposed to go and stay in the US for 39 days with my boyfriend, but we broke up 1 month before this trip. So I ended up booking another flight back home and accomodations. This is definitely not the best way to go and see the world as it cost me much more. That’s why I decide to make it productive and useful by working on my thesis and online course.

Conquering the fear

Before I also travelled solo but I was never scared of it, more exactly I was excited every time. But this time, when I realized I’m going alone, I was frightened, I felt lonely, I was lost and I was afraid because I don’t know what to expect. And it’s Christmas and New Year time too. Still I overcame this fear and instead of staying just for 10 days, I decide to spend my New Year abroad. I believe it will be exciting because this is the first time I will spend holidays all by myself in another country.

The challenge

This trip is literally a consequence of breaking up, and as I’m still hurt and sometimes miss my ex-boyfriend, I want to see whether travelling can heal me. I also wonder whether it is possible to study and travel at the same time. So during this 14 days, I will write a blog diary about how I arrange my day to go sightseeing and writing my thesis. I will also share how this break up affected me and how my mood and feeling will change during this adventure.

I’m excited what this trip will give me. If you are interested in this journey, follow my blog.

Blog post series:

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Day 9 – Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills, Grove and getting lost

Day 10 – China Town, Little Tokyo, Santa Monica and getting used to LA

Day 11 – Hollywood sign and New Year in Anaheim with inspiration

Day 12 – Getting scared like never

Day 13 – Ocean effect aka what I got from this trip

Day 14 – 4 harsh truth I learned from this trip

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