How USA saved me (Part 1)

My last post was about my personal problems I encountered during my first-year at university. In this one I will write about the problems I faced at school, at work and how I ended up in the USA, a country that saved me. This post in one would be too long, that’s why tomorrow I will write about USA in details.

Hardship and solution all at university

While I had to solve money problems I also had to deal with school stuff. I got into French department at one of the best university in Hungary. Though I knew what I was going to learn wasn’t only language, but History, Culture, Literature, Phonetics, Syntax as well, I didn’t expect it to be in French. As I didn’t understand anything I kept falling asleep during class. Therefore my grade wasn’t the best at all. In one of the language class the teacher didn’t like me. He even asked me how I got into French department.

At the beginning of semester I applied for English minor, and during the break of one of my lesson, a guy went up and told us there was a summer program to the USA. He said he worked in the USA in a summer camp for 3 months and told us if we were interested we can register on their website. Best timing. I really wanted to travel somewhere all by myself. So I noted the name of the agency: Camp Leaders. At home I searched their website and registered on it. Few days later they called me for orientation. When I went there, I was afraid as I didn’t know what to expect, but I met an acquaintance there from my childhood. He also applied. After the orientation I was interviewed to test my English and they asked me if I wanted to sign a contract that day.

I knew I had to do a jaw surgery so I didn’t dare to agree right away. After few weeks of considering I signed the contract and my application began. All was online. I had to complete my application, write down my skills, and motivation letter. I also had to ask for references from 3 people, who had to be my teacher or boss. I asked 3 of my teachers from Primary and High School personally. I was so stressed and hoped they would fill it out as soon as possible. When they finally did before New Year, I felt much easier and grateful.

Being helpless at work

After 3 months of looking for a job, I finally had one in Asia shopping center. I worked at clothes shop of our acquaintance. The first day was already hard. I had to welcome the guest, introduce the products to them, accompany them, pay attention to make sure they didn’t steal and organize the shop to be in order. If there were no guest I still had to stand, tidy and pay attention. The work was much harder than I thought, and I was scolded everytime I was shy or slow. I spent my weekend standing and working there from 9am to 7pm. The work didn’t last that long as I had dance class on Saturday. Later I was asked to go back there again since the owner didn’t have enough people. I wasn’t in situation to be picky about job as I needed money so I endured it. I worked there from September to December. Every weekend was a nightmare to me.

Pushed myself to be better

First semester went by and I barely passed all my exams. And bore the unpleasant experience at work. I ended my first semester with a jaw surgery. And one week after the second semester started.


For the next semester I told myself I had to study better as there was a basic exam. If someone didn’t pass that exam, they cannot continue their studies there. I also wanted to prove to the language teacher that I wasn’t stupid.  I studied hard and by the end of second semester I got 5 in his course. He praised me a lot. I didn’t know what to say about him. When I was bad, he even treaded on me, but the moment I got straight 5 in his class, he praised me non-stop. As for the basic exam, the teacher knew that I would spend my summer in the USA and even warned me if I didn’t study French well, he would fail me in second year. Still I passed the basic exam.


Meanwhile I decided not to work in clothes shop nor any physical student job. I decided to tutor children. Luckily my mom found me 2 kids of our friends, who just came to Hungary at that time. So I was asked to teach them Hungarian. My first time teaching and I realized Hungarian language wasn’t just hard to learn but hard to teach. I had a quite hard time with both of them. But at least my earning was good, and it wasn’t a heavy physical work, but rather a work that more or less related to my studies.

Honestly the only one thing could keep me going forward was the trip to the USA.

But application to the US camp didn’t went as easy as I thought. I was scheduled for an interview to a camp, but I didn’t pass. I editted my profile, wrote more about me, my skills and experiences. In May I had another interview. And luckily I was accepted. One week later I flew to the USA. But just to make it easier, one day before my flight I had a driving test, where I passed for the first time. I didn’t get the driving license yet, as I didn’t have time to do it. The next day I was already out at the airport. First time leaving alone for a long period, I was excited but also a bit scared. Luckily I went with 2 another Hungarian girls. We had to transfer in Paris and New York to arrive to Saint Louis. There a camp staff took us to the camp. And the summer began at Sherwood Forest Camp.

Looking back to what happened in 2013/2014 I realized if that time I hadn’t faced all these hardships, today I wouldn’t have written this post. Hardships exist and they will always do. The main point is how we look at them. That time I wished myself to be more skillful, smarter, more extroverted, more talkative, more initiative. I kept blaming myself why I was helpless. Today I appreciate I had that period, because that was what pushed me to keep improving. And to find out what I really want.

The next post tomorrow will be about my US trip in details.


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