How USA saved me (Part 2)

In the part 1 of this post I talked about what happened to me at school and work. In this one I’m going to share how USA made me appreciate everything I hated before.

Positive experiences in the USA

I arrived to the USA on 31th of May 2014, to Sherwood Forest Camp, where I spent my summer. Me and two Hungarian girls were welcomed warmly by the staff at camp. They were waiting for us and greeted us as if we knew each other for years.

It was already evening and the supervisors wanted us to have a rest so they put us in a separate room. We were fine until we saw a huge rat running at the window. We were so scared that didn’t dare to say anything, but we couldn’t handle sharing a room with an animal. We had to speak up and even the supervisor were surprised so they brought us to the staff cabin, where we shared room with another counselors.

The next day we introduced ourselves at breakfast then our supervisor from kitchen told us our task for the summer. We worked in the kitchen so we had to make sure the food was ready to serve and everything around including the restroom was clean. When my boss told us what we had to do, I could barely understand anything from it, even though I had always been good at languages. Of course by time we all knew our work.

After 2 or 3 days the first campers came for 7 days. It was already challenging for us to prepare and to wash dishes. The kids were at age of 7or 8. When they left they took us to the town to shop and play bowling. The staff were mainly from United Kingdom and Mexico. But everyone was really kind. They talked to us, explained to us everything. They knew English wasn’t our first language, so they didn’t mind repeating their sentences.

We went to the zoo and then came back. We prepared ourselves for the upcoming boy camp where we had to take care of the meal for 126 campers. On the first day we had to do many thing so fast that we were all exhausted. Not to talk about we didn’t have day off at all, only sometimes we didn’t have to do dinner. The director knew we were working a lot, so sometimes he even came in to help us.

Though the work was hard and waking up everyday at 7am wasn’t that fun, I realized I didn’t think about the money I would earn, but I focused on doing a precise work to make sure the kids had the best food. Money wasn’t the priority to me. Maybe because I knew how much I would earn in total, or maybe I didn’t go there because of money in the first place. Either way it is much better to work not because of money, but because of the value of my work.

We had to share bedroom, bathroom, so privacy didn’t really existed. Sometimes we even see mouse, snake, spider beside our bed. There was no strong wifi.  And the food were mainly made from conserv. Still, I didn’t miss anything from Hungary. The only one thing I missed was rice.

Usually things that we use and have everyday, we take them for granted until the moment we don’t have them anymore. Then we realize how important it is to us. Rice is a normal food for me, and I don’t really like it. But when I didn’t have rice only bread, potato, I realized I cannot live without it.

So I learned not to take anything for granted anymore, but to try to make the best out of the moment I have.

Lesson learned from children

The day of talent show came. It was held at the stage outdoors. After work we went there to see and on the way I heard a rap. I thought it was Eminem’s song played from computer, but when I arrived I saw one of the camper was on the stage rapping. I was so surprised. Almost every kid went up to the stage to perform something. Doesn’t matter how talented they were, the moment they went up to the stage they received a round of applause.

That was when I realized it doesn’t matter how good you are. The moment you dare to stand out you are a winner. Those kids knew what they wanted to do and they went for it. No shyness, no hesitation. Just do it.

Working with children opened a whole new world in front of me. I also had a dream, but I was scared to go for it. Then I realized every child has their own dream. Usually kids don’t know if things they want to do can or cannot be done. They just go for it. Therefore as an adult we need to support them. When we support they will also find out what their talent is. Then they will just automatically grow. But the first step is to start it.

That was when I realized if we can raise children well, this world will be a much more wonderful place. Let them try everything and help them realize what they love to do. Then support them to achieve it. If they do what they like, they will be happy. And the more happy people this world have, the better this world would become.

Today we live in a stressful world where almost 90% of the population are burnt out, stressed. In my opinion a part of it is because they cannot fulfill their goal, dream. They don’t live for their dream, they don’t even live their life, because they think they cannot earn enough money with it. However I believe if we do what we love, we can also find a way to earn a living with it. The question is: Are we willing to work hard to achieve it?

Crowd at Times Square

2 and half month passed by then I travelled to Chicago and New York for 2 weeks. Everything was fine and modern. However looking at the high building and skyscraper for so long time made me feel suffocated.

Then the day of going back home came.

After flying more than 10 hours, I finally arrived back to Hungary. The moment I saw the Hungarian words I bursted into tears.

I made it.

I left for 3 months and I came back. I realized I wasn’t as useless as I thought. When I looked at the buildings in Budapest I felt much fresher and not as suffocating as in New York. So even if Hungary isn’t the richest or best country, I appreciate it a lot.

Regarding my family, I appreciated them more. I didn’t look at them as if they were my enemy. My bedroom that I had been sharing with my parents since my childhood, I liked it more. At least there wasn’t mouse, snake there.

My English got much better. It was even harder to talk in Hungarian than in English.

Soon semester started and I felt a big motivation to study hard for a good result. I knew I wanted to go back to the US so I decided to study well and then find a way to move there. I also found 3 different works. Working in Asia Center, and as a financial advisor and teaching English to a child.

Things turned to be better. I knew I had more opportunity. And if I want I knew I could achieve more. I started to love life again.

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