How does Washington make you feel?


What is the capital city of the United States America? At first maybe New York will come to people’s mind, as it is one of the most vital and popular city of the USA. But the capital is Washington DC, and as I spent 3 days in Washington in summer 2016, I will write about how this capital city made me feel and probably will make you feel while you are there.


Unlike to New York, it is not a crowded, busy city, at least not from a point of view of a tourist. When I was there, probably only the China Town area was more crowded than the other part. The National Mall area, where you can find a lot of historic monument connecting to American history, even makes you feel a bit empty since there are not many tourist there, comparing to other capital cities I have been to.


As I mentioned above it is a calm city, so for people who likes party and noise they might find Washington a bit boring, especially at night, as there are not many party at that time.  If you are at the center of the Washington, you won’t find a lot of people going back-and-forth, only a few tourist on the daytime. I was a bit surprised when I was there, because as a capital city it is not as vital as New York and I did feel a bit boring.

Broad and wide street

Unlike to New York, roads in Washington are wider and the buildings are not that near to each other. Maybe because the population in Washington (estimated in 2016: 681.170) is less than in New York (estimated in 2015: 8.550.405) or maybe because the city structure is different in Washington you don’t feel suffocated due to crowdy or narrowed streets. Instead in the center, around the National Mall, you might feel like you are in the middle nowhere as you can only see the monuments, the trees, the grass and the river. Also the distance between point A and B is big, if you want to walk, you might find yourself walking for hours before you reach your destination.

You get an insight to American history

At National Mall, every monument contains a part of American history, whether it is a contribution to the soldier sacrificed themself for America, or to a Prime Minister who made a huge influence to the country.  You can read Martin Luther King Jr’s quotes at  Martin Luther King Jr Memorial as well as Roosevelt’s quotes at his Memorial. A series of Smithsonian Museums are free of charge, so you can get an insight to American historical culture without paying a cent. In United States Holocaust Memorial Museum you can visually experience Daniel’s family’s (Jewish family) story during Holocaust. That exhibition made me realize how fortunate we are now and our current personal problem is far as bad as Daniel’s family at that time.

Authority is respected

Souvenir cap, T-shirt… all has the writing of FBI. Wherever you go you will find yourself facing with these letters. There is even an International Spy Museum, where you can find out the techniques and strategies of men and women behind the most secretive espionage missions in the world history. I haven’t been to this museum yet, but would like to, as I am interested in crime investigation, I believe this museum will satisfy my curiosity in this topic. If you are interested in espionage, investigation I recommend this museum to you, too. I have also always been interested in the work of police, but this was the first time in my life I felt it would be worth to be a police (in the USA), as their work and contribution is respected.

Politicians are respected

Doesn’t matter whether it is a Prime Minister, or a presidential candidate, as long as they appeared in politics, their face is everywhere in souvenir shop. I don’t take part in any side of political party, but I was surprised when I saw a magnet of Donald Trump, bobble dolls of Hillary Clinton or a calendar of Barack Obama. I got a culture shock when I saw these things in souvenir shop, because I thought these products can only be made with famous historical politicians not with the currents one, as it might arouse any annoyance.  But nothing like this happens in the USA, everything is evident.

This is why I respect the USA’s way of thinking, it doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you can contribute abundance to the country, you are respected.

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