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How your crush can be your inspiration

In a time like now when social distancing is a way to save the world, you can’t meet people, therefore you can’t see your crush in person either. (Your crush is someone who you like but the other person doesn’t know about it.) You can scroll on his/her social media but the sorrow will go deeper as the chance of meeting him/her is next to zero. But there is way to make that feeling of missing useful by turning him/her into your inspiration to get things done.

This post is NOT about relationship like how to make your crush fall in love with you! It’s more about how to take your crush as a role model to give you inspiration to get things done. Therefore the other person doesn’t have to be someone you know in person but can also be your favourite … (famous person). The main point is that that person is someone who has achieved something that you also want to have. I will explain it through my experience.

Who is my crush?

First of all you need to identify who your crush is, what he/she does for living, what his/her hobbies are, what kind of person he/she is.

I like a man who is a freelancer. He always works hard on improving himself and he always keeps himself busy even in a self quarantine time. After days of just looking at his pictures on social media and trying to find all the content that he has posted, I decided to write him and asked how he spent his days to get some ideas what to do. It didn’t work out the way I wanted. But one thing was sure, he always has a way to keep himself productive.

If I want him to also pay attention to me, I should also be productive and use this time wisely instead of complaining about being bored. At the same time I also make sure that I do these activities for myself, NOT for him to like me. I analyze what he does in his everyday life.

He is a coach who helps others improve their communication skills. Beside that he teaches English and also have a charity project intending to help homeless people. Since my goals are almost similar to him, I can take this as motivation to stay focus on my planned tasks.

Speaking in front of a camera

My crush is a communication coach and that itself is a motivation for me to improve my communication skill. I joined a non-profit organization called Toastmasters where I can practice public speaking and leadership skills. The original reason I joined was because I wanted to start to create Vlog therefore I needed to learn how to craft my speech to make the message clear and short. Now the whole club moved online so the opportunity to practice speaking online is given.

Now I intend to improve myself in this field, speaking in front of a camera and gather enough courage to film myself and learn how to edit a video to make it appealling for the viewer.

Writing in different languages

Going along with speaking, writing is also important since the speech needs to be written down as a preparation. I’m taking this quarantine time to write more and trying to use variety of vocabulary in my text. At the same time I need to keep improving my language skills and the best way is to write and use the language itself.

Since my crush is a native English speaker who even teaches English, of course I feel the need to keep developing my English by learning more idioms, expressions that the native speakers use. It’s the same situation with Korean language, it’s not just because of my studies. Since I like Korean variety shows, music, series, I also work hard on improving my Korean skills by doing exercises, listen, watch and hopefully read more. Learning a language can be a long process and requires a lot of energy, but once you can overcome it, it will be rewarding. In my next post I will share some tips how to learn a language.

Doing a charity projects

My crush aims to help homeless people and he dedicates a lot of time and energy into this projects. My lifetime goal is to build a school from recycled materials in poor areas. Right now the only way I can start this project is to gain informations about how to recycle, environment and the building materials. I have a different website where I will gather all these informations, and later I aim to find investors who can help me with the project. This is another reason I need to improve my communication skill so to make the investors buy into the vision. My crush serves as a motivation to make me keep this goal in head and always work hard for it since he is also working hard on his projects.

Freelancing business

My crush is a freelancer working as coach who holds workshops and trainings. My long term goal is to set up my own webdesign business as well. Looking at him always reminds me that I need to keep practicing and mastering the skills required. Therefore as long as I have opportunity to help someone with their website or to design something I take it. At the same time I also develop my own blog and learn coding to do so.

Going out to the sun

In time like this, we can’t meet people. But we can still go out if the area doesn’t have a lot of people. Being in the sun is important now as we need Vitamin-D as well as fresh air to keep our immune system strong. Luckily I have yard so I can walk out there to have a little bit of sunbath. I don’t go beyond the gate unless I need to buy groceries. Before talking to my crush I didn’t even go out of my room. Now at least I dare to step out of the door and stand outside for a while to enjoy the sun.

If you don’t have garden, going out of the house to take a small walk in the neighborhood also works. Just make sure you don’t meet people, or if yes then keep the distance.

Finishing the thesis

All of the things above cannot be done until I finish my thesis and graduate as now it is the main focus. I’m pulling myself together to complete it as soon as possible so I can prepare for the final exam and (hopefully) gradute this semester. Looking at my crush and things to do above give me more motivation to finish my thesis. If you are also writing your thesis, now is the best time to get it done, don’t procrastinate it.

These are the five things (+1 which is mine) that my crush does and it helps me to move forward in my everyday life as well. If you also have a crush (let it be someone you know, or a famous person you haven’t met in person) take him/her as an inspiration to get things done. Find out what he/she does, which part matches with the goal you want to reach and think of him/her to take action and get the tasks done.

The most important part is that you understand, you do this FOR YOURSELF, NOT because you want to impress him/her to like you as well. As for the process I can only tell you how I do it to keep myself productive.

What are you doing during the quarantine? Let me know about it in the comment 🙂

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