Namsan Seoul Tower & DMC

During IYF we had outdoor activities, in which we visited Namsan Seoul Tower, Changdeok Palace and DMC (not DMZ). As we were transported to these place, and the entrance was free for us as well, I don’t really know how to get there or how much are the entrance fees. So for these informations I will link the relating websites, so you can find and check them out easier. Since I wrote about Changdeok Palace before, I will complete that part in the same post.

Namsan Seoul Tower

Namsan Seoul Tower is on the Namsan Mountain situated near to Myeongdong. You can only walk up there, however the distance is not that far. Arriving to the overlook point you can see Seoul with its river and mountain. Comparing to Baegundae, here you can see things a bit more clearly.

Going up to the tower is not free of charge. However, the elevator is really nice as on the top you can see that it takes you to the universe. From the observatory deck you can see Seoul in 360° panoramic view through a glass. You can buy souvenirs and candy there. We stayed for 1 hour and then came down.

Near to the tower there is a hanbok rental shop as well. The shop is decorated with ancient scene, so you can take pictures in hanbok as if you lived in the ancient era. We had a dinner nearby, in buffet restaurant. The view from the restaurant was amazing. We stayed until sunset, so it was very satisfying.

At Hanbok rental store

Namsan Seoul Tower is place for lovers. So you will mainly see couples there. You can find many love locks there and even a big heart made from metal. But don’t let this keep you away from visiting it. If you don’t want to climb a lot to see the panoramic view of Seoul, Namsan is a best place for you. It is also really worth staying until night, so you can see the nightview of Seoul which is really beautiful.


Stands for Digital Media City. It is situated in the area of the broadcast stations and the digital technology companies. Here there is a place where you can experience playing games while wearing VR glasses. You will feel like as if you are in the game as well. From outside, you can see the game and how the player plays through a screen, but you cannot feel what the player feel. I played a roller coaster game, where I only had to sit and hold a handle in front of me. When the game started, the chair moved around, but due to the VR glass, I felt as if I was really sitting in the roller coaster. When the scene fell down without being on a rail, I really thought I was falling as well. I ended up screaming like a crazy. When the game ended, I felt really dizzy and my legs were trembling. There are others game too. Some of them you have a controller to play with, some of them you experience the same way I did.

At DMC square

On the square, there are some coffee shops, cosmetic shop and restaurants and companies.

Useful links:

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Restaurant: Season’s Table Namsan Seoul Tower (buffet)

Hanbok rental


DMC general information:

About DMC

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