Paris for 18 hours straight

As my aunt and her grandson came to Budapest, me and my mum decided to take them for an Europe tour. But I I planned and booked the tickets, hotel. So for the next blog series I will share with you where we go, what we do, see and the experiences I gained during the trip. Today I will share how the first stop of my plan was, in Paris.

Paris’ tourist attractions

We left for Paris on 11th of July at 6:45am and arrived at 8:50am. After arriving to Paris Beauvais airport we went to Porte Maillot by shuttle bus. It took almost 1.5 hours. I booked the shuttle bus ticket for 4 people in advance, as it is cheaper to book, but only 3 tickets were sent to me so I had to explain to the driver that I only received 3 tickets. When we got into the city from Porte Maillot we got on the bus 82 and went to Eiffel Tower. We still had our backpack and it was really heavy. We flew with Ryanair and I was afraid it would be complicated to bring luggage as I only bought the basic fare. After hours of taking pictures at Eiffel Tower we headed to our accommodation.

On the way we were a bit confused which way to go and a woman asked if we needed help. My family was surprised how nice she was. Having a bit of rest we left again at 4pm to see Notre Dame and its inside. The line at Notre Dame was really long. I thought it would take for hours to get inside but after 15-20 minutes we were already in. Then we took a bus to Louvre and walked through Garden of Tuileries to Place de la Concorde. My aunt wanted to see the Grand Palais, so we walked there before taking the bus to Arc de Triomphe.

Through the underground we got to the center of Arc de Triomphe. Then we took the metro to La Défense, a modern area of Paris. We wanted to stay until it got dark and to my surprise it got dark at 10.30 pm which was pretty late. My aunt wanted to see Eiffel Tower at night so we waited. It was finally dark at 11pm so we took some photos then headed back to the hotel at midnight. We arrived back at 00:30, everybody went to the bed.

Basically since 6am to 00:30 we either travelled or walked to sightsee. We had only like 2 hours of rest. By the end of the day we were really tired and my leg almost fell apart. But it was really different this time.

Changes after 3 years

3 years ago in 2015 I was also in Paris and I got to see the whole Paris in 12 hours. The only impression I had that time about Paris was that it was dirty and crowded and people couldn’t drive. It was still the same this time. But somehow I felt more comfortable this time. I realized how well they made the monuments such like Arc de Triomphe. I could feel the hard work people put in to create the details. The same with Eiffel Tower. During daytime it has nothing interesting. But at night when the light is turned on, it is really beautiful.

The fact that I can see Arc de Triomphe and Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel at Louvre in one line from Grand Arche at la Défense, still makes me fascinated. This prove how well the structures were built in old times.

But what still made me frustrated was the ticket machine. It doesn’t accept banknote, only coins and card. This time I was willing to use my card as I didn’t have enough coins and didn’t want to spend my time to change the banknotes. But I had a really hard time with it, that I will tell you in the next post.


When you arrive to any cities, get a tourist map where you can see where the tourist attractions are. If needed a public transport system map is easier to orient. They are well-made so it is really easy to go around with them in the city.

All the tourist attractions can be visited by metro line 1, the yellow one, except the Eiffel Tower and Sacré Coeur.

Bring enough Euro coins with you if you don’t want to use your card to buy public transport tickets.


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