Pisa and Cinque Terre

During our stay in Florence we took a day to visit Pisa and Cinque Terre. However the road wasn’t easy. But it was definitely worth to see them.

Problems on the road

It was raining in the morning. So I was really afraid if we could visit Pisa that day. I checked the weather forecast and it said the rain would stop in 1 hour. My mum also said this rain wouldn’t last long. I believed in it, so I decided to go. We went to Pisa by Trenitalia. From Florence it would only take 1 hour to get to Pisa. But 1 station before the destination the train stopped due to an accident and we had to take the bus to Pisa. The unexpected part started here, there were only two buses. And so many people needed to take it. It was sunny and hot as well. We had to wait but who know for how long.

I tried to ask the cashier for more information, but they only told me to wait. The waiting time was longer and longer and the people were more and more, since all the train going to Pisa was cancelled. We had to wait for more than 1.5 hours in the sun. There weren’t taxi. I had to call one, but it took 6 minutes of call and they still couldn’t send a car. Before I could finish the order my aunt, mum and nephew approached a bus. I saw we had a chance to get on it, so we had to make a way for us. The bus was full, me and my aunt had to squeeze to sit down so they wouldn’t send us down. The case was so big that even police and reporters came to the location. Everyone jostled the other to get on the bus.

The crowd after the cancellation of the train going to Pisa

Amazing Pisa

We finally got on the bus and it took almost half an hour to get to Pisa. I was so tired and exhausted, not to talk about the hot weather. I planned to stay in Pisa for 3 hours comfortably, now we only got 2 hours in rush. It took half an hour to walk to the Leaning Tower. We stayed for 1 hour to have a rest and eat our prepared food.

The tower and the scene around it were really nice. It was worth to go there. The tower was really white and huge. Depends on from where you see the tower, sometimes I feel as if the leaning angle wasn’t that big. From the information I found, now it leans at about 3.99 degrees. Beside the tower there were Pisa Cathedral and Pisa Baptistry. All the sights were on green grass at the square. There were so many people and I was also tired and felt hot, I didn’t go around to see the other sights. I only stayed at one place to enjoy the view of Leaning Tower.

We walked back and took a train to La Spezia. Fortunately our ticket is valid for 4 hours after the designated time. Which means my ticket was supposed to leave for Cinque Terre at 12pm. But I only left at 2pm and it was still valid. It took 1 hour to go to La Spezia and from there we had to change to another train to get to Cinque Terre.

Breathtaking Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre means 5 lands. It has 5 different towns all along the sea side from the mountain. We only went to second part, Manarola, as I think that was the most beautiful one. The train went inside the mountain. When we got to see the land, we saw the sea, more exactly ocean. It was so beautiful and refreshing. We finally arrived to our destination in 10 minutes.

We walked around the small town to see the colourful houses. There were so many downhill and uphill. Then we sat down at the side of the mountain to see the whole landscape. It was so amazing to see the sea water and the colourful houses on the hill. It made me feel like it was worth all the hardship on the road.

We stayed for almost 2 hours and then we went back by train. To our unfortunate in La Spezia, our train straight to Florence was cancelled. So I had to ask which other train I could take. We ended up waiting for an hour for the next train to Pisa. Because if we took the earlier one we would have to pay the difference. I already paid the price for the ticket so why did I need to pay for more?

We waited and then took the train back to Pisa. Then from there we changed to another one that went back to Florence. The only one thing that kept the soul in me was the landscape. From the train we saw beautiful green grass and mountain full of trees. It calmed me down during this stressful road. We arrived back to Florence at 9:30pm. We got home, took a shower and slept until whenever we wanted.

Interesting fact

On the train we never met a ticket controller. That means we could even go to another destination in Cinque Terre, not just Manarola. Unfortunately we didn’t have time, otherwise I would definitely visit the other 4 towns over there: Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso. (I advis

Even though there is no ticket controlling I still advise you to buy ticket, because you never know if you will meet one. Also in Florence you can only enter the train station Firenze S.M.N if you have ticket.

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