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Seoul is a diversified city where you can see modern, tradition and nature at the same place. At first I thought there was nothing interesting in it, but after visiting I realized 3 days weren’t enough to see everything. Here are some places I think it is worth visiting. Some of them I haven’t visited yet, but really would like to.

Buddhist temple

Entrance of Bogeunsa
White lanterns in Bogeunsa

There are a few famous Buddhist temple in Korea. The architecture is really unique. Even if you don’t follow Buddhism, it is still worth a visit to one of it. You can escape the busy, noisy city world just by staying in one of the temple for a few minutes. Some of the temple provide temple stay, which means you can stay in for 1 or 2 days to experience the temple life. I visited Boguensa, but there is Jogyesa and Bongwonsa and many others as well.

Temple stay information

List of temples in Seoul


5 biggest palaces that were built in Joseon dynasty can be found in Seoul. Kyeongbokgung is the largest one, while Changdeokgung is part of UNESCO heritage. If you visit any of the palaces I recommend you to visit the garden as well. As far as I know, in Kyeongbokgung you can visit the garden with no addtional charge. In Changdeokgung, you need to pay 8000 won to visit the secret garden which is more than just visiting the palace that cost 3000 won. Moreover you need a tour guide to go in.


5 Palaces


It is a main gate of Kyeongbokgung. You can find Sejong king’s statue here. I haven’t been here yet, but I heard at night it is really beautiful due to the lights.

More information

Hanok Village

One of the most characteristic trait of Seoul is that it can keep its culture. Hanok, traditional house is a must-see place in Seoul. Beside visiting, if you have a chance I recommend you to have a meal in one of them or even stay there. You can experience the traditional world of Korea.

In Seoul there are two hanok village: Bukchon and Namsangol. Bukchon is near to Kyongbokgung and Namsangol is near to Namsan mountain.

I have been to Bukchon hanok village and going toward the hill you can have an overlook of diversified Seoul.

Bukchon hanok village

Namsangol hanok village

Namsan Seoul Tower

Place that is famous for dating. It is on Namsan mountain. From here you can see the panoramic view of Seoul with its river and mountain. You will also find many love locks just like in Paris.

General information about the tower


If you wish to get out of the busy city and want to have a bit of adventure, climbing Bukhansan is for you. Its highest point is Baegundae, standing at 836 metres. Climbing up takes at least 3 hours and going down is about the same. So allow yourself at least 6 hours to climb and enjoy the view from the top.

More informations

How to climb

Myeongdong, Namdaemun, Dongdaemun

Dongdaemun History and Culture Park

These 3 places are mainly shopping places. If you want to shop on budget, I recommend you these places. You can find many traditional stuff, such as lucky pocket. You can also taste street food here, like kimbap, omuk, tteokbokki.

Dongdaemun is famous for its unique design of the building. Also there is a hill nearby from where you can enjoy the view.

Places, restaurants to visit in Myeongdong

Namdaemun market



Seodaemun Prison Histroy Museum

It used to be a place where Japanese soldiers tortured and later executed Korean Independence Movement followers. Seodaemun Prison History Hall was built in remembrance of Seodaemun Prison, and to salute the Korean patriots. Over here you can have an insight of Korean history.

General information


A shopping district and a place for night clubs. Big entertainment companies like SM, JYP and Cube are here. Many people wait in front of the company with a hope that they can meet the stars when they arrive. It is also a tribute place where you can dance to Gangnam style. Buddhist temple, Bogeunsa is also situated in the area.

What to do in Gangnam


K-star road, where you can find your favourite K-pop band’s doll. You can also spend time to find your favourite star’s favourite coffee shop. As I far as I know, Cube entertainment also have Cube café operated by them, so you might see them over there. It is also a place where you can shop world famous brand such as Gucci.

What to do in Apgujeong

Banpo Bridge

The bridge is located near to Express Bus Terminal station. It is a park for doing sport and having fun. At night it is really nice to enjoy the wind and see the nightview of Seoul beside the Hangang River. There is a Rainbow fountain from the bridge. It is best seeing at night when you can see the lights as well.

Operating hours of the fountain


Itaewon is a place for foreigners. It’s a culturally diverse district where you can find food from different countries. The clothes here also made with bigger size than the size of Asians.

More information

Why you should visit


You can find traditional shop, goods and teahouse here. Jogyesa temple is also in this area.

More informations


It is a youthful place with many shops, restaurants, street performance.

More information

What to do in Hongdae


Korean Demilitarized Zone. It is a border of North and South Korea. You can only go there with a booked tour. Since Seoul is not far from the border, you can book a tour to go there during your stay.

How to visit DMZ

Finding tours


Among of these places I haven’t visited Gwanghaemun, Itaewon, Insadong, DMZ, Gangnam yet. But I really want to go there to see. Therefore I can only link you the websites relates to it. I only crossed by Hongdae to eat. In Gangnam area I visited Bogeunsa temple, but I haven’t been to the shopping district yet.


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